Three years after the introduction of the experimental and tainted COVID-19 jabs, a shameful collection of Big Pharma-funded mainstream media outlets are doing their darndest to set the story so the massive influx of serious adverse events following the deadly jabs appears unremarkable. These outlets are betting that society will fall for their smoke-and-mirrors tactics and fail to realize that the rise in heart attacks in the young, the explosive uptick in cancers, Long-Covid, and other illnesses are without hesitation directly tied to the mRNA gene-damaging shots. The latest in the scheme is a February 5 column by Dr. Faith Coleman in StudyFinds titled, “Young adults are having heart attacks more often—What’s causing it?”

Forget that even the CDC admits that myocarditis and pericarditis after COVID-19 “vaccines” are a real (but they insist rare) thing. That fact doesn’t spark the slightest bit of curiosity in Dr. Coleman. Instead, as she points out the alarming increase in heart attacks and other forms of heart disease among young adults aged 20 to 50 in 2020 and 2021, Dr. Coleman makes no mention of the COVID “vaccines” heavily forced into humanity’s arms during late 2020 and all of 2021 anywhere in her article. Comparable to living in a believe-what-you’re-told dictatorship, Coleman announced what is causing the “disturbing trend,” declaring, “There’s evidence that these heart conditions are the consequence of poor food choices and lack of exercise.”     

Seriously? While poor food choices and lack of exercise are a real problem for many, claiming they are behind the present rise in heart attacks in young Americans is irresponsible and makes no sense. And it does nothing to explain the myriad of athletes that have suddenly dropped dead after receiving the COVID-19 jab. If the deep state agenda prevails, it’s easy to see where their DEI-based food and exercise heart-related declaration will take us. Eat these bugs, synthetic meat, and mRNA vegetables to save the planet. Oh, and the air quality is acceptable today, so permission is granted to go outside for a walk. Sigh. 

Nonetheless, if there is anything truthful in Dr. Coleman’s article, it is that young people are indeed dying at a record pace. Yet, those pushing the shots in our arms have repeatedly denied this truth. Canadian physician Dr. William Makis MD has painstakingly kept those of us paying attention informed of the unprecedented surge in mRNA sudden deaths, often among young athletes. Just today, Makis reported that there have been seven basketball-related sudden deaths in the past two weeks. He added, “All seven deaths appear to be cardiac related and unexpected, and three deaths occurred on the basketball court.” 

Yet, conveniently, according to an analysis published by the American Heart Association (AMA) last November, the overall incidence of sudden cardiac death among athletes has decreased over a 20-year study period through 2022. “The incidence rate for sudden cardiac death among NCAA athletes decreased, on average, by 29% every five years in the 20-year study period,” the AMA insists. However, the AMA added that, despite the overall decrease in sudden cardiac death, they still see persistently high rates of sudden cardiac death for specific subgroups of athletes. Insert DEI here. Similarly and on cue, Bill Gates and NIH-funded McGill University (among others) promptly chimed in at the same time to dispel the “pervasive hoax” that young athletes have died suddenly after being vaccinated. And they referenced the AMA’s study in the journal Circulation as their source.

Despite the shenanigans of Big Pharma’s media puppets, the rise in heart-related incidents in young Americans is undoubtedly connected to the COVID-19 jab, and VAERS data quickly establishes that to be the case. As of January 26, 2024, OpenVAERS indicates 1,626,370 COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports, with 21,431 listed as “Heart Attacks” and 28,122 as “Myocarditis/Pericarditis.” Again, as stated on OpenVAERS, those staggering figures represent adverse events since the introduction of COVID-19 “vaccines.” And along with the heart-related incidents, there have been 37,100 deaths and 69,629 permanent injuries since the tyrannical push of the deadly jabs. It seems utterly impossible for Coleman to ignore the jabs. For context, a simple search in OpenVAERS for “heart attack” from ANY vaccine from 1999 to 2019 reveals just 14,184 cases.

Like a dutiful protege playing the game, Dr. Coleman recklessly avoided the unavoidable role of mRNA jabs in the rise in heart attacks. Instead, she shared that the most significant risk factors for young adults are high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, and diabetes. Interestingly, many of those diseases could very conceivably be linked to Pfizer’s demonic and over-prescribed billion-dollar statin medication, which was recently debunked as being less effective than toxic Oreo cookies in lowering LDL cholesterol. Alas, the statin ruse is finally unveiled. Now, on to the deadly mRNA jabs. Thankfully, most of the comments on Dr. Coleman’s article supporting the deceitful COVID narrative suggest the COVID-19 assault on humanity jig is nearly up. Bringing the conversation back to a much-needed state of reality, here are a few highlights:

February 6, 2024, at 3:59 am

“Seriously? They’re gonna pretend to be puzzled as to why? Just shot up in the past 3 years out the clear blue? Nothing else other than diet and inactivity is the cause? Newsflash, how about the mRNA shots crammed down kids throats? Pfizer must fund these guys.”

February 6, 2024, at 4:55 am

“Do people really not know? Look up Tucker and Dr Weisman from like a month ago. Seriously, it’s like 2 different humans today: those that know and those that don’t cause they only hear CNN and “doctors.” Wake up!”

February 6, 2024, at 5:05 am

“Hahaha….Unreal! U guys understand that they are just playing with the dates, like 2020, so its looks like it started earlier….U can comprehend that, right? Simply the greatest crime ever committed on Humankind. U understand that some of those “Vaccines” (hahaha) are banned already all over the world? Mutating BioWeapon, will be here Forever. Thanks Dr. Anthony Mengele Fauci. Enjoy it America!”

February 6, 2024, at 6:01 am

“Glad to see so many readers here in the comments section are awake and know when they’re being gaslighted by the media.”

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