The HighWire Protocol

Last Modified: January 16, 2024



The HighWire Protocol represents a return to the highest standard of ethics in professional journalism by placing the power of verified, accurate information directly in the hands of our stakeholders: the viewer. By strictly adhering to the five core values below, we strive to earn our audience’s trust and deliver on the promise of Informed Consent. We believe that when equipped with accurate and verified information, the enlightened public is a key player in justice and the foundation on which our democracy is built.

The HighWire Protocol framework is built on five core values:

1. Accuracy

The HighWire exists to pursue and communicate truth. The statements we share must be evaluated against context, assumptions, and potential bias to ensure that the information we share which represents itself as fact, is fact, to the best of our knowledge.

• Guests and contributors share their first-hand experiences and accounts.

• We assemble teams of fact-checkers to verify what we are reporting on - including consultations with scientific, medical, and legal advisors Our team values accuracy over both speed and format.

• We strive to refrain from reporting on something we have not had adequate time to independently investigate.

2. Integrity

As we investigate current events and trends, we diligently look into the subject with a well-rounded approach until we are confident we have a full understanding. Our reporting is done in context and we keep our sights set on pursuing truth above all else. In an attempt to bridge a communication gap or barrier between expert and audience, we will distill information, but this is done with care as to still reflect the reality (facts) of what we are reporting.

• The information we share comes from the source - whether that is a story, experience, scientific study, or FOIAs obtained by our legal team at ICAN.

• As our investigations unfold, we share what we know and what we find. We do not stifle or omit any data or information that may be considered inconvenient or contrary to any specific position or idea.

• We do not broadcast or report on facts, theories, or claims that we cannot verify.

• While we work to distill information in a way that can be understood by the general public, we strive to present information in context and ensure that the summary does not oversimplify or misrepresent the science or evidence underpinning the claim.

3. Independence

Our primary commitment is to the viewing public. In a world of paid for media and corrupt lobbyists, our commitment is to the truth. We are not directed or swayed by an agenda-driven parent company, organization, or donor.

• We are committed to bringing in professionals, stories and individuals the mainstream media often ignore.

• We cannot be bought by any sponsor, donor or parent company. We are donor-funded but neither donations nor public opinion influence content.

• Because independence is a core value, we are able and willing to explore risks and uncover what others will not.

• Our reporting will never be influenced by a sponsor.

4. Accountability

As we investigate and report the topics and claims we cover, we share each piece of evidence with our audience. This unprecedented step ensures that our core values will be adhered to, and that the HighWire is transparent with our viewers. We are committed to answering questions brought up by both our viewers and the general public. We do this to the best of our ability while acknowledging there will be times that we need to make corrections and revisions.

• After every show, we will deliver the videos, citations, publications, and other documents it relied upon to develop and publish that story, directly to our subscriber.

• We will provide information across social platforms. We will maintain frequent interaction and coverage of rallies/events that are a culmination of your interests/concerns.

• We are committed to chasing down every credible lead to bring the truth to our viewers despite the potential of negative public opinion.

5. Transparency

In our never-ending effort to communicate truth, we commit to be forthright. We will be truthful when it comes to sharing source documents, and how we are holding ourselves to the standards outlined in this protocol.

• Our journalists are held to the highest standards in journalism outlined in this protocol.

• Our interviews with both experts and guests are not scripted, ensuring they are able to fully share their perspective and experience without censorship.

The HighWire Protocol

1. Pursue stories in line with ICAN’s mission to ‘eradicate man-made disease.’

2. Leverage our 5 core values in investigating, researching, and producing potential stories for The HighWire.

3. Present content which fulfills the mission and role of ICAN as America’s Public Health Watchdog, and meets the criteria of the Protocol’s Core Values.

4. Correction of an error(s) or misstatement made in an episode of The HighWire, shall be corrected in a following week’s episode, or no later than 4 weeks from original airdate of said error.

5. The following Monday after a new episode, we will provide links to all sources including but not limited to: scientific studies, articles, journals, legal documents, other publications, news articles, on-the-record testimony, video, eye witness accounts, etc., which production staff relied upon to inform the stories which make it to air.

(The HighWire Producers reserve the right to protect select sources and whistleblowers who wish to remain anonymous)

By following this protocol, we are able to deliver accurate, fact-based news to the public while fulfilling the mission of The HighWire to put the power of such information in the hands of the viewer. While these values reinforce each other, there are times they are in tension. We strive to consistently evaluate these checks and balances and believe that in doing so, our ethical standards will be maintained while provoking ongoing discovery and discourse in the fight to get the truth out to the masses.

The HighWire Protocol provides a guiding light, ensuring the path we take - “The High Road” - is forged in truth and open discourse, for the purpose of informing the masses.