Distinguished gastroenterologist Dr. Sabine Hazan spoke at U.S. Senator Ron Johnson’s (R-WI) recent roundtable discussion titled “Federal Health Agencies and the COVID Cartel: What Are They Hiding?” Listed as a speaker to examine “Corruption of Medical Research and Federal Health Agencies,” Dr. Hazen shared eye-opening details regarding how her groundbreaking findings on how COVID-19 vaccines wreaked havoc on the gut microbiome were censured and silenced. Likewise, she shared how her research emphasizing the efficacy of specific treatments like hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, and Ivermectin against COVID-19 was also swept under the rug.

Dr. Hazan explained that the microbiome—the microbes in our gut—is essentially our immunity, and when studied, it tells the story of COVID-19. Certainly seems like something worth knowing. A practicing gastroenterologist for the last three decades, Dr. Hazan dove right in when the pandemic hit. Her laboratory, Progenabiome, was the first to document the entire sequence of SARS-CoV-2 in the stools as opposed to the PCR test. She pointed out that microbiome research through the stools presents the whole picture of the virus instead of the PCR, which is merely a tiny piece of the virus. Again, this information appears super critical.

Right off the bat, Dr. Hazan and her lab discovered that the virus lingered in the stool for up to 45 days. That finding seems pretty significant, yet Hazan explained it took six months to publish the discoveries “at a time where everybody needed to know that it was in your stools.” Her lab also showed that COVID-19 in the stools was killed by hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, but the drugs also killed the gut microbiome in the process. Thus, she added vitamins C, D, and zinc to protocols using those drugs. She submitted her studies and protocol information to the FDA and put them into clinicaltrials.gov “in full transparency to help doctors more effectively treat COVID.”

On April 2, 2020, no doubt due to her incredible knowledge of the data at hand, the FDA gave Hazan an exempt letter informing her that she did not need to do a clinical trial on hydroxychloroquine, Z-Pak, vitamins C, D, and zinc as a COVID treatment or for hydroxychloroquine, vitamins C, D, and zinc to prevent COVID. Not so fast, Dr. Hazan’s exemption was denied a short month later, with the FDA informing her she must do full-on clinical trials. Underscoring how her critical work was controlled and censored, Hazan told the roundtable:

“By then, the media created fear around hydroxychloroquine. It was impossible to recruit. This drug was safely given for years for arthritis and lupus with no problems. My clinical trials companies were also banned and censored from advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Remember, I do clinical trials for a living, and never, as a clinical trial doctor, have I not been able to advertise to recruit for a trial on social media.”

Why wouldn’t the FDA immediately want to know and share with the American people effective treatments for COVID-19? That question alone has shattered many Americans’ trust in the taxpayer-funded agency tasked with protecting the public’s health. The glaringly obvious and sinister motivation made Big Pharma billions and must be further exposed. Clearly—if a safe and effective treatment for COVID-19 had already existed, the FDA would have had no power to issue an emergency use authorization for the experimental, gene-damaging mRNA COVID-19 jabs once they were ready to go. That would’ve meant no vaccine mandates and less justification for the 24/7 mainstream media broadcast of fear-based propaganda.

Indeed, Dr. Hazan’s research would have made COVID-19 less threatening. Despite the setbacks, Dr. Hazan, who has conducted over 200 clinical trials for pharmaceutical companies, including vaccine studies, persevered and continued to collect stool samples. In a significant discovery, she noticed that patients with severe COVID-19 were missing a critical microbe for immunity called Bifidobacteria, vital in mitigating COVID-19 severity. Importantly, her finding suggested a clear link between the absence of Bifidobacteria and severe COVID-19 outcomes. This discovery undoubtedly implicates a potential mechanism for further research and intervention. But her work was ignored. Expanding on the critical role of Bifidobacteria and efforts to keep it quiet, Dr. Hazan shared:

“[Bifidobacteria] represents your trillion-dollar industry of probiotics. In fact, when you turn the bottle and see the ingredients, it says Bifidobacteria. It is present in newborns. This [explains] why your newborn did not have a problem with COVID-19 from the beginning. It is absent in older people—the process of aging is loss of Bifidobacteria.

We published a paper, the Lost Microbes of COVID-19. It took eight months to publish. If you follow the Bifidobacteria like I do, you will notice, and we did notice, that vitamin C actually increases Bifidobacteria, [which] is why vitamin C is important when taking care of viruses. [We’ve] all experienced taking vitamin C for a cold.”

Like vitamin C, Dr. Hazan and her team noticed that Ivermectin also increased the Bifidobacteria within 24 hours of taking it. “Why Ivermectin?” she asked, explaining that when you examine what Ivermectin is, you understand it is a fermented product of a bacteria similar to Bifidobacteria. In fact, she explained, they are “in the same continent of microbes, like brothers and sisters in the microbiome.” That’s very interesting! Yet, with all the controversy and censorship surrounding Ivermectin during the pandemic, Dr. Hazan said she knew it would be too controversial to flat-out publish. So instead, she published a hypothesis stating that “what I was observing on the frontline treating patients with COVID-19 was that their oxygen saturation was increasing from Ivermectin, maybe because Ivermectin increased Bifidobacteria.” Dr. Hazan shared with the panel that even her hypothesis was canceled, noting:

“The hypothesis on Ivermectin was the most read hypothesis in the pandemic and it was retracted after eight months of being up. When we cannot make a hypothesis, this is not science.”

In December 2020, as the dangerous COVID-19 jabs became a reality, in addition to treating patients with COVID-19, Dr. Hazan began collecting stool samples from patients at home who went to the hospital. She asked them if she could get stool samples before and after they got the COVID-19 jab since nothing was known about how the new mRNA technology would affect the microbiome. Considering the power of the gut-brain connection, having this information seems paramount. It should be no shock that Dr. Hazan found that the mRNA vaccines killed the Bifidobacteria. Noting that if doctors can’t publish data, they cannot find solutions to fix problems, she shared:

“I knew I would never be able to publish this because it goes against the narrative. So, I submitted it to my college, the American College of Gastroenterology, and presented it in October 2022. The abstract won a research award, beating 6,000 abstracts from academic centers like Harvard, Mayo Clinic, and MD Anderson. [My] abstract got the attention of 18,000 GI doctors who all of a sudden started realizing, ‘maybe killing bifidobacteria is why I got COVID after my vaccine to begin with.’

Worse than that, another abstract we presented was the persistent damage of Bifidobacteria from the vaccine. What is going on here that the vaccine continues to kill the Bifidobacteria? At the same time, we presented a link between loss of Bifidobacteria and Crohn’s disease, loss of Bifidobacteria in Lyme disease, and loss of Bifidobacteria in an invasive cancer.

It is nearly impossible to publish data that goes against the national public health narrative.”

Wrapping up, Dr. Hazan conveyed that before COVID-19, she performed clinical trials for Big Pharma, including vaccine studies. Why not with this experimental gene-damaging “vaccine” that was forced upon humanity? Some of the drugs she tested never made it to the market because they killed people. She remarked that in clinical trials, doctors follow guidelines that allow the industry to provide safe drugs. Yet, these guidelines were not observed during the pandemic, “and because of that, everyone is affected.” Disappointed, she noted that science is a story that evolves, and COVID should have been a moment when humanity joined forces with doctors needing to come together. Experiments allow us to see medicine and give hope to skeptical patients, challenging the current state of knowledge. Dr. Hazen closed, remarking, “Having an open mind must be allowed if we have any hope of moving science forward. What I saw in this pandemic was not science.”

Following her speech, which should leave all Americans feeling frustrated, angry, and hoodwinked, Sen. Johnson asked Dr. Hazan to name who she thinks sabotaged her research, to which she aptly replied:

“It used to be that pharmaceutical companies were working with the doctors. Now, unfortunately, pharmaceutical companies are captured by the price of their stock. Venture capitalists own the pharmaceutical companies, they own the clinical research organizations, they own the site, and they own the institutional review board. They own the advertising and the marketing. They influence through the media. And so, unfortunately – it’s a loaded question – but it’s a big market. And what we saw during this pandemic was the price of the stock mattered more than the price of a life.”


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