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  1. a patient cure is a lost of future profit… they don’t want to cure anything, it is about making $$$ from depopulation; that is why they want vaccines in your foods… killing mankind while making money at the same time…

    1. Interesting when discussing Australia’s health ministers- Brett Sutton Chief Medical Officer for Victoria is the brother-in-law to Jane Halton – chairperson of CEPI – you know, the brainchild of Davos and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Just one if the many twisted ironies of the civid debacle.

      1. Interesting when discussing Australia’s health ministers- Brett Sutton Chief Medical Officer for Victoria is the brother-in-law to Jane Halton – chairperson of CEPI – you know, the brainchild of Davos and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Just one of the many twisted ironies of the covid debacle.

  2. humans the only species dumb enough to blocked it on breathing, poisoning themselves with injections, locked themselves up, beat and killed people for their own health… no animals on earth is that stupid…

  3. Tyson infuriated me. The lives of the vaccine injured and the brave who tell our stories are not “click bait”. Our lives matter and what there is to be learned from our experience matters. I have never felt as marginalized as this man made me feel. He demonstrated no respect to the minority in community or belief.Very tyrannical perspective. How many times did he say “consensus”. He says “concensus” as if it is equivalent with truth?!?! Hesaid just because an expert goes against consensus, that this doesn’t mean the expert is correct. That door swings both ways Dr Tyson. Just because they are the consensus, doesn’t mean they are correct either. History is full of what the “consensus “ once thought was true, was later proven false.

  4. The Tyson and the Del,
    The Tyson and the Del,
    Hi-ho the derry-o,
    The Tyson and the Del…

    My critiques on their debate (see comments for part 2):

    — Tyson: “…the first time someone took an average of numbers was after those (models)…” <– not true. Simple daily life requires us to consider number averages all the time. It just wasn't promoted as a systemic model or used in a model-based way for any *system* until after the other forms of math were established. Humans have actually been doing this for all of their existence on local levels.

    — "Objective truth…established by the methods and tools of science" (not the same as absolute truth, I would say a synonymous coining would be "universal truth"). I both agree and disagree with this, because science can't show everything and machines can cherry-pick or only operate within their programming while ignoring all other truths and realities. A much better example of this kind of truth is described very well in "Elements of Soul" by Sam Adettiwar (martial artist/quantum physicist). He explains how it can be true that there is a sports team named "The Broncos," but it is not a universal truth because a deer or rabbit does not know what "the Broncos" means; however, a deer or rabbit or human all will bump into a tree the same way, so the existence of that tree is universal/objective truth because life experiences it regardless of what it is called.

    — Tyson: "Galileo broke something that was not established through scientific inquiry." <– not true. Galileo was going by work of people who came before him just like every scientist does. Hypatia, to name one public figure…

    — Tyson: "…I've seen the data on the lives (vaccines) have saved…" <– they have yet to prove any vaccine has saved any lives. One of my posts is a thorough example in analysis of why that's true: https://www.facebook.com/Dexus/posts/pfbid0pijTRnBcLmVWyahJKktXTmCdVuYfyKq1JNi18KbRbZ4bNvBBrNfPdshCbDLdSCvel

    — Tyson: (on mutations) <– not seeing the whole picture because cross-reactive immunity from T/B cells and naturally acquired antibodies are both exponentially more efficient and effective than any vaccine or pharmaceutical product.

    — Tyson: "(MMR) *IS* (great)…except for some people." <– No, Neil, waning efficacy after 2 months is NOT great in any way shape or form when there are so many people injured by the MMR. ?

    — Tyson: "…so you don't have to have the conversation with me!" <– when you're making a film that's likely rife with misinformation, Neil, YES WE DO NEED TO HAVE THE CONVERSATION WITH YOU!

    — Tyson: "…either (CDC) couldn't convince their peers (to do the study), or there's a diabolical force preventing it from being known." <– actually, Neil, as someone claiming to have a scientific mind, that's petty 2-value logic. Use 4-value logic and the answer is obvious: both.

    — Tyson: "What I don't see/hear people in your space asking themselves is: if there was never a vaccine, what would the world look like today?" <– uh, then open your friggin' eyes and ears, Niel, and get out of your echo chambers, because we've been screaming how much better it would've been for a couple years now!

  5. That was a good interview with Neil. Great place to start if some of the facts he encountered sinks in – it may take a while. There are much deeper shifts in perception of science than Neil is ready for. Already there is a valid peer-reviewed unified field theory (Nassim Haramein) that upends relativity and Newtonian physics – both of which have fundamental flaws and data issues. So, real science has yet to hardly get started!

  6. Corrupted medical ‘science’ (really funding for profit) is only one aspect of the new scientific paradigm emerging. If interested I have collected some links and summary comments. see https:// ufsolution.wixsite.com/unifiedfieldsolution/home

  7. BRAVO!!!!! There is one scientist that just got red pilled, it is clear he had no idea of what he was talikng about and is now totally imbarrassed to be associated with that B.S. documentary! His concensus was wrong and cost lives. His consensus was NOT based on science. His consensus was not based on the scientific method!!!!!! Bravo Del- you lined him up perfectly!!!!

  8. In Canada there was a court case in alberta where Dr Deena Henshaw (Albertas chief medical offcer) tetified. In her testimony she admitted ‘THE CONSENSUS” was never based on any science- just popular opinoin of the a-holes in the room!!!! SO MUCH FOR YOUR B.S. CONSENSUS!!!

  9. Since NDT is not a medical professional, as he continued to point out, he should keep his unqualified opinions to himself. There is no need to mimic the non scientific suggestions of what he refers to as the consensus.. It is not his arena. Stick to the cosmos Neil.

  10. Well done, Del, as usual, though you were in peak form! So articulate and ready with knowledge! Bam! Neil won’t be adding me to his fan base. He certainly only dug himself in deeper. Clearly, he prefers the sound of his voice over all others. He was at his best when he was driving the conversation. His “consensus” argument was nauseating when he made it clear that he is always about the consensus, even if the consensus is wrong. Bravo, Del. Neil, … nevermind. ??‍♀️

    Happy 6yr anniversary! Hard to believe it has been 6 years! It has flown by! Bwellbhappy, All!

    Hi, Jeffrey! Your work is amazing! ♥️

  11. Congratulations on keeping your cool with this shill. He has abandoned his scientific reasoning when it comes to this world order takeover. It is obvious that he has been promised a place in their future. Freedom is about choosing a path after careful analysis of all the options available.

  12. This was painful to watch. I had to come back to it after reading some of the comments. Love that Del Bigtree ‘Brings it!” He has the receipts. Tyson has ego. Gonna pray for the ego guy.

  13. Tyson does not seem moved one bit by the reality that the “vaccine” creates asymptomatic covid carriers which completely blows his claim that one owes it to one’s fellow human beings to get the shots! His contention that one fulfills the social contract by getting the vaccine is NOT TRUE — but the opposite is true. If you received the shot and are now an asymptomatic carrier — you are a danger to your fellow humans who are at risk. He seems so intelligent. I don’t understand why he doesn’t get it. Such a loss.

    But was it predictable he would be dense about this? And he shows this when he claims that Consensus Science is the best measure of validity — because all through history The Consensus defends the OUTGOING paradigm (starting with Galileo, who was made a criminal/heretic for his findings and conclusions because it did not agree with The Consensus.) I tend to see that The Consensus can be just an ideological position.

    Tyson is also disingenuous when he keeps saying he is an astrophysicist not a medical professional but feels free to tell people they have an obligation to take medical shots to save Grandma in a social contract. (As a Grandma, it appalls me to think my grandchildren would take Tyson’s claim seriously and destroy their own health with these shots expecting to save me. Doesn’t he know he is AN INFLUENCER?)

  14. The truth is this- if you are wrong about Pluto, it truly doesn’t matter. However, if you are wrong about encouraging someone to put an experimental jab into their body you may have blood on your hands. Admitting that you are wrong in this instance does have consequences. This is why, despite all evidence shown, he maintains his reluctance to even consider that he may be wrong. His actions may well have had consequences to someone who believed him in this instance when he chose to side with one argument that he was utterly unqualified to speak about.

  15. I wish Del had pushed on what a consensus is, how many peer reviewed studies equate to a consensus, because the date Del often uses comes from multiple peer reviewed studies, so why can’t they be considered the consensus. I think the reason is that the regulatory agencies and the media decide what the consensus is.

  16. What a moron! No Scientific method was ever used to safety test these experimental vaccines,unleashed on an unsuspecting world population,who were lied to .The ‘consensus’ was a collusion between vaccine manufacturers ,corrupted health organizations and corrupt government.
    There was zero scientific process involved.It is unbearable to listen to this Tysons arrogant posturing dribble

  17. Del, thank you for the interview with Neil Degrasse Tyson. I commend you for your patience. This interview was painful to watch because NDT is such a poor listener and his ego so large. NST clearly hasn’t done his research around vaccines and vaccine damage and ought to stick with astrophysics. Such a condescending man.

  18. I initially posted a comment on the “debate” between Del and NTD. I mentioned that I could only take 10 minutes of it and spoke of the Scientist in a not too favorable light. Nothing derogatory. It was taken down, So The Highwire is censoring now? Shame on you.

  19. Mr. Tyson stresses the need for consensus, well consensus among Lemmings is, run to the cliff then jump into the sea and drown!
    That’s odd coming from a Scientist.

    1. You’re correct about NDT’s obsession with the consensus. Consensus to my mind are like groupthink tanks that think that only they can decipher data when the truth is far from that.
      I know that this is ridiculous to point out but Disney gave us the wrong information about lemmings. They don’t jump off of cliffs. The lemmings in that film were pushed off the cliff to their deaths. One of our first “misinformation” blather by the mainstream media.


  20. If Neil believed what he’s saying about consensus, he never would have questioned that Pluto is a planet. We never would have known that bacteria caused infection. Nothing would ever change because there is no going forward if you only believe what the majority believe because it’s always one or few who change the consensus.

    1. He is talking about how consensus incorporates new data. So the opposite of your point. That the consensus is a guide and always open to update and change, but tends to to refine as time goes on. This in no way supports your contention that he’s in any way condoning sticking to a consensus as settled truth and not moving forwards into new discoveries. That’s more the territory of religion.

  21. Congrats to the Highwire, 6 years of truth telling! Del did a great job vs. Tyson. Something tells me he’s a little shaken after his interview on the Highwire. Who knows, perhaps Tyson will come into the light, but I doubt it. His ego seems to big to see the truth.

  22. OMG The facts should be made clear hmm no wonder there is vaccine hesitancy , the lies and lying by distortion and omition are still lies. Ultimately people need to think for themselves and use logic one does not need to be a doctor or scientist to do that. Your instinct is never wrong however we need to be grounded enough to listen to it.

  23. And just to be clear it was our instincts and logic that told us something is not right here. thinking of Carol Burnett in Annie. Her instincts told her something is not right. Look at France Germany London. We need to continue to speak loud and clear . Nice suits guys. thank you for all you guys do. From Canada

  24. I think this guy likes to hear himself talk and tell the world I am smarter than anyone No thank you. I can think logically for myself and no jabs for me.

  25. I am thinking he is an atheist. God’s word is true, do not add words to his word. Proverbs 30:5-6. I really do not like this guy. He just seems to full of himself.

  26. I’ve never seen so much smoke dispersed around one’s position since the old WWII movies of the destroyer escorts that did the same thing to protect the convoy.

  27. In the eighties, UK TV had Tony Miles, Britain’s first Grand Master chess player, play the nation on a popular tv show where he would move first if he won the toss for white, and visa versa. Then the move from the public that had the most votes was the move taken. A true consensus!
    Miles never lost a game playing against the consensus of Britain! That Mr. Tyson is a checkmate against your position of consensus.
    As much as you tried to BS Del your Gate has been opened wide!

  28. I have the same thought after watching Dr. Tyson as when I watched the first interview with Alex Jones – that I am a hypocrite for judging each: first, for judging Alex Jones for saying that he had had a kind of psychosis that made him overly paranoid and secondly, for judging Dr. Tyson for smugly looking at Del as if Del were a click-bait hungry bad guy.

    I’ve been smug and I’ve been delusional. I had friends tell me the truth and stick with me when I refused to see it. And I benefited from their love- they stood by me and gave me the benefit of the doubt even when I got deep into conspiracy mindedness.

    Here’s a 53 minute documentary (2004) of how I reluctantly and inadvertently uncovered a truth about my idol (The Persecutor, circa 1973.) Despite the Russian crew wondering if I would care about the truth, I always cared about the truth. Sometimes it appears someone doesn’t care when they do.


    I respect Del for his willingness and ability to ask for, invite, and have these conversations about what’s true.

  29. We would be in a better position if there had never been a poison shot . God designed our immune systems and the government did not want to let it work.

  30. Cochranes Studies. We still know very little about the vaccines or the consequences of them. The rights of the individual out way the rights of the unknown and many. What if your kid got vaccine injured? Whats good for the goose is good for the gander . Not the other way around. People are smart enough to put information and discern facts and figure things out. when left alone they listen to their instincts and become grounded in truth. And there is universal truth facts etc. the shots are very dangerous the facts are clear if there was no issue why the lies and why are listening so much to those that are making huge money on this stuff. Many times the government has been wrong, therefore the people always must have the final say as an individual l

  31. Some time ago, in a european country, the “scientific” consensus were comprised of nazi propaganda. Those who suported those ideas back then are criminals.

    1. I agree and would go as far as saying, I believe those same nazi supporters are the same exact companies and people/relatives that are committing the crimes against humanity today.

  32. Looking for “truth” Mr. NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON? Here is my two cents’ worth: We all go through life on different pathways. As a result, we accumulate different experiences. We – I mean those of us who can think freely and independently – draw our conclusions from our own experiences. Those conclusions will never be exactly the same, therefore, we may never be able to see anything the same way. As for scientific facts, we have seen how corruption can distort even the most solid evidence.

  33. Del it has taken me a while to watch this whole segment and i am an avid follower and supporter. Wow , you did good, thank you from NZ for standing up yet again.

  34. With respect to COVID, what was established was political consensus or a narrative. If you’re dealing with a supposed novel virus and novel technology/injection then the scientific method required to establish what Neil calls scientific consensus did not have time to be established. I’m not sure how he can genuinely claim that the process he relies on even took place? I wish he was pushed on this more.

    I also wish the idea of some scientific disciplines being more susceptible to bias and corruption was drilled down further. Could they have publicly reached common ground that medical research suffers from extreme bias and also that because we are all bio-individuals, the consensus holds less weight when it comes to the social contract? We all react differently to lifestyle and medical interventions so making choices based off of averages ignores valuable data provided by the N of 1.. …

  35. Interview was pretty good but this guy will not budge. How he doesn’t understand that blocking thousands of doctors from providing information has kept from getting a proper “consensus” is frustrating at best. My kid got measles twice when in daycare from shedding. No big deal at all which is the majority of cases. Same with chicken pox . Vaccines is all about the money they make not about proven results., This guy should not be making statements he has no , admittedly, no background or knowledge about.

  36. It is painfully frustrating for me to scream at my computer, when Degrasse mentions the lethality of the virus. HOSPITALIZED PATIENTS DID NOT DIE OF COVID. HOSPITAL PROTOCOL KILLED AS MANY AS 86%. I did not pull that stat out of the air. Dr. Mercola published it. Dr. McCullough & Dr. Marik have stated they believe that 85% of virus patients could have been saved by early treatment, who by extension wouldn’t have ended up in a corrupt hospital system.
    CARES Act money was distributed by CMS, based on percentages they designed, per state. Because the hospitals can’t have different treatments based on Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance or non insured EVERYONE was mandated to take a poisonous failed Ebola drug, Remdesivir. If you are lucky enough to refuse it and they don’t sneak it into your IV, you generally get Baricitinib. Both are always combined with heavy sedation, Lorazepam, Precedex, Midazolam, Morphine, Fentanyl, etc. The database at the Covid-19 Humanity Betrayal Memory Project currently has almost 700 stories published, while the volunteers struggle to manage the influx of the victims. Since the March 25th rally to honor the victims awareness has grown that we were lied to. The virus was deadly because the hospitals were incentivized to refuse early treatment and optional treatment. Vaccines mandates are built on the numbers of the dead. These facts change the perspective of the lethality of the virus, which is treatable. But if it is treatable, then the vaccine is not needed, thus no EUA. Which leads to deadly corruption. In the case of Pfizer, when the Brooke Jackson hearing was held the attorney for Pfizer said that Pfizer had supplied the “demo that the DoD ordered”. Why is the DoD ordering our medical products? Particularly when the contracts date back as far as 2015. All of these tidbits change all of the data points that DeGrasse relies on.

  37. I’m so sick of pompous “scientists” who don’t even care about all of the former vaccine researchers who quit because they were disgusted by the lies and deceit they were forced to do in order for the big bucks to come from Fauci, the investor-owned CDC, and the investor-owned WHO. After watching this Neil deGrass episode, I’m thoroughly through with the fake science Fauci and the CDC have forced upon us. deGrasse doesn’t even care that there is no oversight on the decisions of America’s for-profit health monopoly. May his pompous conscience rot in hell for his putdown of all of the innocent victims that have suffered while fudged science has created more billionaires than ever before.

  38. Great job with this most challenging interview. I hope NDT walked away and gave it some real thought. I hope he will step up and advocate for true science. Del showed amazing poise and self control. I wanted to reach through the screen and throttle NDT. Del’s approach may be more effective 😉

  39. Neil deGrasse…this guy’s ego is so massive, it’s interfering with his critical thinking skills.
    His BIAS is directly connected to the thickness of his wallet.
    Fyi…I had much more to say…however everyone else has pretty much said it already…no point in adding more piss to the puddle.

  40. His attitude is exemplary of the defense of “What you Know you know” without acknowledging that he knows there are things he Does NOT know. At one part of Del’s interview, this scientist throws out a disclaimer that he’s not a doctor. OK, so he can acknowledge that He Doesn’t Know some things, but immediately disregards that, by his stance of blindly accepting what he calls the majority consensus on which he blindly accepts. So to HIM, it’s “logical” (?) that we too, should just as blindly take these worthless shots solely on “consensus” derived from partial information formed and put forward by those with the most horses in the race. In my opinion, this guy is a true egomaniac.

  41. The time to claim one is unqualified to comment on a subject is before one publicly, adamantly, and dogmatically comment on the subject. The time to say one isn’t the appropriate guest on The HighWire is before accepting the invitation. Did Neil DeGrasse think Del was inviting him on his show to talk about astrophysics?

  42. You can’t discuss objective facts with someone whose position is based emotion. Paraphrase from Edward Dowd. Who is, BTW, excellent with statistics.

  43. Del, you held your own admirably and graciously (as always) n spite of a barrage of condescending barbs by a contentious,closed-minded guest. Neil DeGrassed PhD — not a good look on your part. Tsk tsk task DeGrasse. .

  44. Neil is literally painful to listen to. He sounds so condescending every time he interrupts Del over one stupid word because he can’t actually rebutt ANYTHING Del says! He is a prime example of worldly knowledge vs Godly wisdom. He thinks he has a whole lot of the first, and completely lacks the latter.

  45. I seriously can hardly watch this Neil guy talk ! What a total Bozo !!! The fact anyone cares what this guy has to say and is incredible to me . Probably the most boring interview ever . Guy keeps differing to outer space when ppls lives have been destroyed! Cancel this person forever plz ! I can’t stand looking at him another minute ?

    1. Ha! Exactly, I painful forced myself to sit through this guys b.s. And hardly any eye contact!! Who is Tyson talking to? It is shocking he’s become any kind of Authority.

  46. oof, so hard to watch. Warrior-like patience on Del’s part for his ability to stay on point while being so rudely, loudly, and constantly interrupted by this guy, who because he lost this debate so badly, felt the need to remind Del he is not a medical doctor and Del needs to debate one of those instead….. cringe-worthy.

  47. Neil believes in consensus the way it bothers him that others believe in god. He uses it for an excuse, to tear down anything his opponent says in a debate. I carefully listened to why he though consensus was basically king as far as truth, and it just didn’t hold up. Del, you did a great job responding to this guy from many angles. I know it’s hard to not know where the conversation will go and to plan for all the different ways. But I WISH you brought up the consensus of tobacco. There was a consensus that was heavily influenced by industry. Neil’s big hangup is that he can’t believe consensus can be very much influenced by industry.

  48. One problem with the debate is that medicine is a science, when it is a practice, how can a science be wrong 50% of the time and not know which half is wrong. I think NDT has been very successful playing a scientist on TV, but he has clearly shown his belief that propaganda is truth and should be seen as the truth for all of the species.

  49. I find it interesting Del mentions The Highwire has a team of international scientists to do the filtering of information…
    Yet, the West Australian segment where the Premier is talking about the hospitals being over run is not put into correct context.
    Del mentions either there is vaccine injuries or it’s “long ‘Covid'” as Mark McGowan suggests.
    The reality is, neither is correct. I must be an international scientist myself, since I have better insight.
    I don’t know about in the U.S. or in other places, but in Australia, how ‘overrun’ a hospital is, is based on the number of “beds” available. Interesting term they use “beds”. Because “beds” doesn’t mean physical beds to rest on, it means the number of physical beds being managed by staff. And each nurse, etc. can only logistically attend to x number of beds. So if there is a health care worker shortage (such as if many quit or were sacked due to mandates), this equates to less “beds” being managed. This is where the shortage / over run came from. But the authorities would never want to admit that soooooo many health care workers were refusing to get the poison jab, for if a trusted, intelligent health care worker wasn’t willing to get jabbed, why would the rest of the non-medically trained population?

    Are you ready to employ me yet?

  50. N.D Tyson is fishing for sound bites probably so they can misrepresent Del in this upcoming doco.
    What Tyson really means by “consensus” is the establishment status quo. I would have liked to know how he defined or measured the consensus.

  51. Del Bigtree, you are my hero. This interview is the best thing I’ve seen in years. I’m in awe of how you managed Neil here. You puffed him up with kind words, and he was so petty he could not think of a single kind thing to say back to you. In fact, he was borderline belligerent near the end, and you held it together anyway, Del. Amazing. I aspire to have discussions with people around me just like this. Several times throughout the conversation, Neil contradicts his own previously stated understandings. For example, I’m pretty sure that eugenics was a consensus for a while–does that consensus make eugenics true? I’m pretty sure it was a scientific consensus for almost 100 years that OBs were NOT accidentally killing birthing mothers because they delivered babies without washing their hands first. In fact the entire science community ostracized Semmelweis and derided him for telling them they were killing women in labor simply because they were not washing their hands between patients. Truth based on consensus is a very weak grasp of truth. Neil also tries to make the argument that just because a pharmaceutical company or government has skin in the game does not make the end result of the clinical trial or study untrue. Fair enough, but the same can be said from the opposite direction–just because there is a scientific consensus at the time does not mean that it’s the indisputable truth! Neil, there is only ONE TRUTH. ONE. All TRUTH is indisputable, but much of science is not TRUTH since it changes over time as we make more discoveries and continue to ask questions and design studies to try to answer those questions.

  52. Thee most painful interview to listen to. Tyson canNOT stay on a real topic or speak directly to the questions. He is so off target and wasted so much time. I only watched hoping, just hoping he’d actually get to the point. The guy is just controlling the subject and avoiding direct answers. Simply painful and boring to listen to that guy. I now have no respect for him. So I can’t agree that this is the way to debate, conversation, or dealing with differences.

  53. Del did a Fabulous Job in the interview with Tyson. Del is always sincere, to the point, and stays on track! I hope Tyson watches this and can hear his own mistakes, contradicting, interrupting behavior, and how he kept side stepping giving a direct answer.

  54. Neil deGrasse Tyson keeps repeating “consensus” “consensus.” What he fails to acknowledge (or maybe he doesn’t realize) is that consensus can only be reached AFTER serious debate in any given field. Have any individual medical researchers and/or MDs in his so-called “consensus” group ever once publicly debated medical researchers and/or MDs whose findings have prompted concerns about the immediate and/or long-term dangers of mRNA injections or the lack of “safe and effective” proof by pharmaceutical studies or by our tax-paid “regulators”? If not, then these voices of “consensus” are merely representative of opinions or beliefs, not a valid consensus.

    Del did an amazing job, using concrete documentary evidence to prove statements he knew would be otherwise questioned. Ultimately, I’m proud of both for openly sharing their views and allowing others to publicly hear them side by side.

  55. How different is relying on “the consensus” on what the science says to relying on what “the priests” proclaim what the Bible says (it was only in Latin at the time and only priests knew Latin)? Didn’t we surpass a time where only a certain group of people have the knowledge in order to spoon feed to the masses? I think that it’s time for everyone to become a scientist. We can create community science labs across the world that is open to those that want to study anything that they are curious about. That may be the only way forward for us all. No more limitations. Bring back the libraries.

    1. So, NDT is the new host of Cosmos. Carl Sagan was the original host for that show back in 1980. Here’s a paragraph from The Demon Haunted World (I’m in the process of reading this book now)…
      “One of the great commandments of science is ‘mistrust arguments from authority ‘. (Scientists, being primates, & thus given to dominance hierarchies, of course do not always follow this commandment). Too many such arguments have proved too painfully wrong. Authorities must prove their contentions like everybody else. This independence of science, its occasional unwillingness to accept conventional wisdom, makes it dangerous to doctrines less self-critical, or with pretentions to certitude. Page 31.


  56. From a child (Carl Sagan) who was fascinated by the World Fair back in 1939 by parents who didn’t have a scientific back ground. Perhaps we should bring back the World Fair to inspire new scientists?

  57. Peer review just means that someone who thinks like you do (or is paid by the same source) has reviewed your work. Best way to be fooled that your right. The best review comes from outside the discipline. What a condescending so-and-so.
    He says a lot of nothing intentionally in an incredibly insulting manner. A useful patsy for the globalist agenda.

    1. Consensus, consensus, consensus. It can’t be consensus when ALL scientists views aren’t included. The censored scientists may swing the ‘vote’ on consensus.

  58. Well done for exposing this terrible man, Del.

    The ego on deGrasse Tyson is ghoulish. That a scientist with such self-appointed genius can state he is only interested in consensus, where nothing else matters, doesn’t even meet kindergarten IQ. This is exactly the kind of fraud that has given such a strong voice to nefarious individuals who massively profited on this lab created crisis, and the purposeful built by pharma therapies that have resulted in mass killings and permanent injuries.

  59. I lost all respect for Neil deGrasse Tyson. He looked totally ridiculous with his eye twitching and eye rolling. A “consensus scientist”? I don’t recall ever hearing that term during my time as a graduate student. To me he came across as a fool. He kept avoiding questions by either stating he was on the side of “the consensus, answering with a question, or saying he wasn’t a medical professional. He came across as completely closed minded.

  60. Also lost all respect for Tyson. So arrogant and blindsided. Bravo Del, thanks for enduring this painful ‘meeting’ So infuriating his arrogance when so many people are suffering. Thanks Del for speaking the truth always. Feel so good that I am a regular donor. Makes me feel warm inside that in a small way, am also supporting the truth

    1. There are a number of articles on the web showing that in 2018, Neil deGrasse Tyson was accused by four women of sexual assault, or “misconduct,” and at least one rape.
      Tchiya Amet’s verbal account of her drugged rape by Tyson is on Youtube.
      NDT has a lengthy explanation on his Facebook page, which naturally dismisses these accounts – and they were eventually successfully brushed under the rug by FOX, NatGeo and his employer at the time, The American Museum of Natural History.
      Why are these men in positions of power or celebrity, rarely held accountable for their abuse of power..

  61. Under no circumstances whatsoever would I ever agree to or condone mandated vaccination – or any forced medical intervention at all.
    That “social contract” notion is total BS, and only opens the door to further authoritarian control.

  62. I appreciated an earlier comment about Tyson’s having to hold his beer with both hands. His comment about the beer’s unusual chill — “33 degrees”, seemed a little strange, too. I’m reminded of Eric Clapton’s relating his severe adverse reaction to the Astrazenica “vaccine”. He had been rendered, at the time of the interview, completely unable to play the guitar and had also to wear gloves before touching anything unusually hot or cold, since in handling such a thing barehanded, he would have to endure the discomfort of that sensation for the rest of the day. For admitting that he had suffered from the shot, Clapton added that he had had to endure a consensus of shunning by the music industry.
    I quit hospital work during a mini epidemic of Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP), a diagnosis I had not seen before the pandemic of mandated injections. Tyson does seem like the type who would have a hard time admitting any adverse reaction to something performed according to “scientific consensus”.

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