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  1. Tyson is an idiot… gut instinct is nature gift… gut instinct see things before hindsight… people with shitty gut instinct took the depopulation injections… and people with strong gut instinct can see something is not right…

    1. Tyson ego so big, he cannot see common sense. Injecting known poisons, toxins, chemicals, SM-102, Graphene Oxide, nano technology, metals, etc,,, do not create “health”. Let Del talk already, Tyson all about Tyson. Big ego, big bull shitter. He is probably all booster up also if he “followed the (Fake) science”.

    2. Degrasse Tyson is in a bubble and cannot see the problems and corruption of what is called Science, especially as it relates to big Pharma and regulatory capture. He trusts the system that’s in place to function as it should. blissfully ignorant of the influence that money plays in the “consensus” that he champions. My takeaway from this interview was that he’s never listened to the other side of the debate. Well done Del! Getting Degrasse Tyson to take the “I’m just an astrophysicist” posture was as clear of a defeat as you could have gotten.

  2. advertising works because it keep repeating the lies… and people are condition to watching TV and lies each and everyday for hours on end…

  3. lol, the universe doesn’t follow Newton’s law; how arrogant. you sit in one place looking through a tube, and telling mankind how things work. It is like a frog in a pond teaching the animals of earth about the ocean, mountain, and land etc… they don’t even know what is going on on the face of earth and they have the nerve to talk about shit off earth, the nonsense…

  4. Tyson needs to find God/Creation/the Power of Nature and the power of our innate immune system. And, some common sense. Injecting poisons, toxins, chemicals, SM-102, Graphene Oxide, nano technology, metals, etc,,, do not create “health”. I chose not to give my power/body away to “science” that profits off their jabs and has an Agenda that I do not agree with based on lies. People were not dying of CV, they were dying from the treatment. We still don’t know where CV illness was coming from, or at least I am not convinced it was what they said it was. Possibly sprayed in ChemTrails. Since I have nothing nice to say about Tyson, I will stop here.

  5. Open invite to Mr Tyson: Go visit my 10 year old grandson that had massive brain and organ damage from the MMR vaccine. He was healthy, normal, talking, walking at at 18 months until that day at the Peds office where he received this vaccine. That night, he went into a coma and was in hospital for most of the next year. My daughter now lives in poverty as she has to stay home and care for him. Tube feeding, diapers for life, behavioral issues, etc. You are insulting to me, and my family. My entire family has suffered from this vaccine injury and pharma left us hanging. The suffering has been immense. – Grammy

  6. Mr Tyson, now that 2/3 of the population is fully jabbed. They are now shedding/emitting something that are negatively effecting the unjabbed: bleeding in women, headaches, nose bleeds, etc. How do you support this if you think since I put others at risk for spreading something for which I do not have. I am not a walking virus factory, the jabbed are. They are now spike protein mfgs. Watch “Dying Suddenly” and put your ego/bullshit aside.

  7. When patients get the Boosters here at work, they get sick a week later and then we have an outbreak of Covid. That is true science., The jabs are causing the illness and effecting others.

  8. How about common sense Tyson? Do you know what is in the jab? Can you name the ingredients? What about the very safe and effective cures for CV like Ivermectin? HCQ? Vitamin D that were being suppressed. Doctors lost their license to practice if they used these safe and effective cures. They wanted to push the jab, push the fear, for $$$$$ and to inject humanity with nefarious reasons. Like connecting to the Cloud, read Modernas website.

  9. Thank you Del for this interview. It truly showed me what Clowns our “Physicists” are. They have lost all common sense. I agree with comment above, this man is a Clown. A dangerous Clown. I commend you for doing this interview. Thank you Del for all that you do to expose the vaccine fraud. They are not Safe or Effective. None are.

    1. Congratulations to The Highwire on 6 years and THANK YOU for all you do!
      Don’t know why you give Tyson so much respect, he’s a pompous egotistical idiot!

  10. What happened to you Del? You didn’t even debate the guy, basically you gave him a chance to defend himself and take back things that he originally said. Wtf?

  11. Tyson’s two points of argument were scientific consensus and social contract, both of which are tenets in eugenics, the beliefs of which were already tried and finally condemned in WWII. The consensus of the world is that we don’t want to do that again. Science or no science, Tyson does not deserve a a stage for this issue.

  12. The whole farce of this is “If it’s scientifically established” . Oh you mean like “The Atom is the smallest particle in the Universe” Established until it’s proven otherwise??!!

    1. He says there is a “system in place” to test vaccines….oh except the emergency authorised ones. HE’s A TOTAL JOKE!
      Del, you really shouldn’t have put yourself through that! Really and truly!
      He’s incredibly deceived! Arrogant and deceived!

  13. Tyson is a total blowhard. He interjected some sort of caveat every time Del provided strong, compelling, data-driven points to support his stance. Clearly he is too arrogant to ever accept that maybe he got it wrong on things he has said regarding vaccines. He conveniently declared he’s not a medical expert when challenged by Del. But that didn’t stop him from making the comments he did on various podcasts.

  14. While Del and so many others were having their channels deplatformed, myself and SO many others were being ignored and fired from their jobs, even evicted from our homes (in my case), simply for trying to get our peers to open their minds to another perspective. Such a discouraging, embarrassing traumatic moment in history:(

  15. I kept waiting for Del to make the clear, unambiguous statement that the COVID consensus is not scientific. There is the establishment narrative and their is no debate. The so-called consensus is manufactured and sustained by rewards, punishment, and propaganda. I would like Neil to have had to agree or disagree with that exact point.

  16. Science doesn’t speak. Scientists, with a pre-conceived world view (which ultimately is a faith belief in one shape or form), interpret data in light of their faith.
    Consensus of scientists ultimately caused the death of Ignaz Semmelweis, when he was committed to a mental institution for recommending that doctors should wash their hands after handling cadavers.
    If consensus of scientists is the basis of formulating public policy or scientific “fact”, and the scientists already have a “religious” world view, then the religious world view is the foundation of the consensus. With continual and incessant programming of evolution, which violates the natural physical laws, such as more time creates more complexity,
    Neil deGrasse Tyson is a THEORETICAL physicist, and theoretical physics is neither testable, nor repeatable, and since that foundation of theoretical physics is based upon assumptions, etc. even math can be erroneous, based upon an erroneous mathematical construct. Dr. Tyson has been quoted on the subject of gravity saying, that we are “…96% stupid”. Why? for the gravity construct to work, they must assume an entity called “dark matter” which is created in imagination, with no empirical proof or evidence. It is more “blind faith”, and more “supernatural” than the idea of a creator called “God”.

  17. No Neil, science isn’t done by consensus, politics is. It should be clear to anyone who’s taken a serious look at all the evidence on vaccines, that the “consensus” that vaccines are “safe and effective” is bought and paid for. One should never, ever, rely on consensus to decide matters of fact, especially when an issue involves unprecedented levels of profit, as we see in the vaccine space with the pharmaceutical companies. Tyson is a pompous ass who obviously has not done his homework on vaccine issues, but thought he could just “wing it” and come out on top. One of the early indications he was ill-informed was his statement that vaccines had saved a huge number of lives – actually, there is little evidence that vaccines have saved lives, and when we consider the lives IT has cost, as well as the destruction of lives worth living (the life-long suffering of the vaccine injured AND their families who have to care for them), it is highly doubtful vaccines have done net good. I’m a bit disappointed in Del for conceding that the biggest problem with the measles vaccine is waning immunity. I couldn’t disagree more – the biggest problem with the measles, and all of the vaccines, is the damage done by them. All of the maladies we vaccinate for are of minimal threat to modern populations benefitting from modern sanitation, water treatment, refrigeration, hygiene, etc. One other comment – even the Ioannidis stats are gross overstatements of risk because (1) he used official numbers skewed by the enormous incentives for hospitals to call everything “covid” and (2) incredibly effective methods of prevention (e.g., vitamin D and vitamin C) and treatment (e.g., HCQ and ivermectin) were suppressed. Nobody had to die from this cold.

  18. The very tragic inevitable outcome scientifically or not is that one day he is going to meet his maker and his arrogance is going to be in full view. Eternity is a very VERY long time.
    Astrophysics is demonic! It’s a total denying and disproving that there is a maker. Things just don’t appear out of nothing. That is scientifically impossible!

  19. Consensus is now his new talking point, which is useless. Then he asks Del if his proposal was peer reviewed, even though the consensus is moving toward what Del is saying. He isn’t listening to Del, he’s just trying to find the semantics to try and derail him. He’s not an honest actor. If consensus is the key, then the consensus of the VAERS reports should show Neil that the mRNA vaccines were the most dangerous experiment on humankind.

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Del’s invitation to Neil deGrasse Tyson for a “debate and a beer” was answered when the celebrity Astrophysicist and Executive Producer of Shot in the Arm, came into our studio. Neil and Del sat down for a discussion-turned-debate on science, the scientific method, COVID, vaccines, and Neil’s new documentary targeting Del, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and the medical freedom movement. Did Del and Neil get to have that beer? Don’t miss this ground-breaking interview.