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US to end COVID vaccination requirements on May 11 for foreign travelers, federal workers

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  • Episode 279: A FAMILY AFFAIR

    It’s a family affair this week, as Del welcomes his tribe to The HighWire stage, to unravel the mystery of how a one time Emmy award-winning Producer from CBS became ‘King of the Anti-Vaxxers,’ and the family life that shaped his future.

    Guests: Norma Bigtree Groverland, Jack Groverland, Syntysche Groverland, Rev. Shad Groverland

  • Episode 278: RADICAL TRUTHS

    They Lied! Are You Surprised?; Paxlovid Problems; Farmers Lead The Fight Against Agenda 2030; Injunction Stops U.S. Air Force; Are You A Radical?

    Guests: Pierre Kory, MD, Aaron Siri, Esq, Maajid Nawaz

  • Episode 277: COVID RELAPSE

    Big Success At Freedom Fest; Masters of The Covid Disaster; Mask Mandates Signal Covid Relapse; Exodus at CDC, NIH; Unvaxxed Woman Wins Fight for Transplant; Have You Been Chosen?

    Guests: Leilani Lutali, Jaimee Fougner

  • Episode 276: TURNING THE TIDE

    Del Steps Out On A High Wire…Literally!; Turning The Tide in Vegas; Natural Immunity Wins Again; All-Star Docs Hit the Freedom Fest Stage with Del

    Guests: Valerie Durham, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Richard Urso, Dr. Pierre Kory


    At the ‘Better Way Conference’ in May, Del asked the forbidden question: “Do Vaccines Have a Role In the Better Way Forward?” Watch the full debate everyone has been asking for, then don’t miss Del’s candid follow-up interview with Geert.

    Guest: Geert Vanden Bossche, PhD, DVM

  • Episode 274: LIFE AFTER LOCKDOWN

    Life After Lockdowns and Mandates Paints a Destructive Picture For Our Children; This Side Effect of Covid Vaccine Should Have Every Man’s Attention; Take Control of Your Own Health, Live the Fab Life

    Guest: Dr. Fabrizio Mancini



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