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  • Episode 330: COLLATERAL DAMAGE

    Ice Cube and Tucker Carlson Go Viral Over Vaccine Choice; Jefferey Jaxen Reports Reveals it’s not All Roses For The Weight Loss Wonder Drug, Ozempic; Massachusetts Moves against Medical Freedom; Biden Wants to Make the Pandemic Preparedness Office Permanent; Former BlackRock Portfolio Manager, Edward Dowd, joins Del with some of his most shocking data yet, which suggests the collateral damage from the Pandemic Health Response. Guest: Edward Dowd
  • Episode 329: CAUSE AND EFFECT

    ICAN Electrifies At Freedom Fest!; ICAN Press Publishes Controversial New Children’s Book, “I’m Unvaccinated and That’s OK!”; Jefferey Jaxen Reports on New Fauci Emails That are Highly Incriminating; Former Pussycat Doll Star, Injured By COVID Vaccine, Speaks Out; Veteran Vaccine Injury Doctor Wants Solutions. Guests: Dr. Shannon Kroner, Jessica Sutta, Dr. James Neuenschwander
  • Episode 328: SOUL OF LIBERTY

    The mainstream is losing comedians on COVID as Dana Carvey and David Spade tackle Fauci’s Sales Approach; CRISPR gene editing tech takes us into uncharted territory with new applications for food, insects, humans, and no understanding of the long term effects; Trans Women ‘Chest feeding’ babies?; Biden Admin shot down by Federal Judge; ‘Dirty Jobs’ Star Mike Rowe joins Del for a captivating conversation on common sense, risk taking, education, the heart of America, medical mandates, and more. Guests: Jefferey Jaxen, Aaron Siri, Esq., Mike Rowe CORRECTION: In the 2018 case study text referenced during the show, "The patient's first follow-up visit occurred at 1 month. On physical examination, she was able to express droplets of milk. The domperidone dose was increased to 20 mg po qid". Jefferey stated that 'po qid' was three times per day when the correct way that dosage is interpreted is actually four times per day.
  • Episode 327: PANDEMIC OF LIES

    Del recently gave a presentation exposing the real pandemic, a pandemic of lies surrounding vaccine safety and policy in the U.S. which The HighWire and ICAN have been investigating since its founding. COVID may have opened your eyes, but this talk, given in California at a fundraiser for the group PERK, and now being presented to you, will help you learn why COVID was just the tip of the vaccine safety iceberg. #PandemicOfLies #Vaccines

    Jefferey Jaxen reports on the fall of Mainstream Media, and the push for Digital IDs in the US and abroad takes a new turn we predicted years ago!; Then, ICAN Lead Attorney, Aaron Siri, Esq., presents the damning facts of America’s systematic failure to uphold its federally mandated duty to the public to assure vaccine safety, in a presentation you’ll never forget. Guest: Aaron Siri, Esq.
  • Episode 325: BURDEN OF TRUTH

    Joe Rogan Calls For “Hotez vs. Kennedy Jr.” Debate, Pot Grows to $2.6M; Jefferey Jaxen Reports - FDA Ignores Undeniable Evidence pilling up over COVID Jab and Myocarditis, and introducing Walensky’s Heir to CDC Director’s Chair, Mandy Cohen; Former Trump White House COVID Task Force Member gives incredible inside look into what was going on inside the administration’s embattled public health response. Guests: Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Dr. Scott Atlas