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More young Americans are dying – and it’s not COVID. Why aren’t we searching for answers?

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  • Episode 316: ICAN MAKES HISTORY

    ICAN Secures Religious Exemption From Vaccination In Mississippi in Historic Legal Win for Medical Freedom; Jefferey Jaxen Reports on the Censorship Industrial Complex, which Has Stooped to New Lows, Then Science is Starting to Show Why the Antidepressant Epidemic is Destroying America From Within; New Study Suggests COVID Vaccine cuts vital bifidobacterium in half. Study Author & Microbiome Expert Joins Del In-Studio to discuss; A New Zealand Pastor Spoke Out Publicly Against Lockdowns and Mandates. Now He is Set to Serve Months in Prison While Govt Admits Overreach and Mistakes. Guests: MaryJo Perry, Lindey Magee, Aaron Siri, Esq., Billy Te Kahika, Sabine Hazan, M.D. #ICANLegal #ReligiousExemption #Freedom #MPVR #Mississippi #Censorship #Misinformation #SSRI’s #Antidepressants #Microbiome #FreeBilly
  • Episode 315: FIGHT OF THE FATHERS

    Last week’s interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson went viral, with cuts of the interview garnering millions of views on social media, and even making it onto America’s most-watched Mainstream News Network; Award-winning Musician Dedicates Music Proceeds to the COVID Vaccine-injured; Jefferey Jaxen Reports on the gender transition pipeline in Schools and hospitals, the failing Green Agenda, and Mouse Study Emerges Suggesting Spike Protein distributes Throughout the Body; The Father and Brother of Julian Assange, a journalist jailed for 4 years in ‘UK’s Guantanamo Bay,’ are fighting for his freedom; Finally, new science reaffirms early treatments and will save millions of lives, if it isn’t suppressed. Guests: Brad Skistimas/Five Times August, Ernesto Ramirez, John Shipton, Gabriel Shipton, Dr. Pierre Kory

    The W.H.O. just rolled back its stance on vaccinating children for COVID, an approach the FL Surgeon General has been attacked incessantly for taking from the beginning; Jefferey Jaxen Reports on Western Australia, a place among the worst places on earth for draconian COVID vaccine mandates, who are now suffering meteoric adverse events and excess death. Coincidence?; Revisiting Sweden; New Poll Shows Major Parties Even on Vaccine Injury; ‘Spellers’ Takes Top Prizes At Phoenix Film Festival!; Two universes collide in a head-to-head discussion/debate between Del and Celebrity Astrophysicist and Science Communicator, Neil deGrasse Tyson, which spans science, the scientific method, COVID, Neil’s Film, ‘A Shot in the Arm’ targeting the Medical Freedom community, misinformation, vaccines and MUCH more. Thank you for supporting SIX YEARS of The HighWire! Guests: Joseph A. Ladapo, M.D., Ph.D., Neil deGrasse Tyson, Ph.D.
  • Episode 313: UNDOCTRINATED

    Has the Medical Freedom Movement Become the Most Influential Voting Block in America?; On The Jaxen Report, Jefferey details The VAERS Exposé and CDC’s knowledge of the hell they were about to unleash on the world; Controversy at Cochrane, as the once-esteemed organization is now throwing its researchers ‘under the bus’ in favor of the the opinion of a NY Times Editorial writer?; An Academy in Florida would not fold under pressure to vaccinate teachers, mask and isolate students. Hear from the couple that founded the Centner Academy, and how the children have thrived while most other schools were caught in the COVID’s crosshairs; The International ‘Crowd Resilience’ Tour is coming to America, and Del’s got all the details! Guests: Leila and David Centner, Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg, Dr. Ryan Cole
  • Episode 312: BANKING ON OUR FUTURE

    Banking Crisis On The Horizon?; States Mount Opposition to Federal Digital Currencies; German Network Profiles Vaccine-Injured HighWire-Style, German Health Minister Folds; This Doctor, and A-list Celebrity are on a mission to create the ‘home life’ for adults with Autism, and other special needs; Positive Development on HPV Vaccine Mandate Bill in CA Guests: Catherine Austin Fitts, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Dr. Jerry Kartzinel, Amy Bohn
  • Episode 311: DARK SECRETS

    Iconic Figures Warn About Artificial Intelligence; Pandemic Madness Spawns New Bills, Both Good and Bad for Freedom; The Son of Legendary Filmmaker Oliver Stone, Shines a light in the Dark With New Docu-Series 'Best Kept Secret' Guest: Sean Stone