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Episode 353: 1986: THE UNTOLD STORY



  1. Thank you, Del, Jaxon, Arin Siri, and all involved that make the High Wire Show so excellent and in-depth-factual journalism! Thank you Del also for your great added work for RFK Jrs. campaign as his director of communications! His run for President will take big miracles to attain, in the current breakdown of the U.S. democratic process, freedom of speech, freedom to choose, etc. May we create those miracles so R.F.K. can be the next president of the U.S.!

  2. Wow she poisoned her child… He fought against it with everything he could and she still forced it on him. I can’t imagine the guilt I’d feel.

    1. Wow, what a nasty comment. She trusted her doctor, who was complicit in this, like we all have done. She trusted the evil news media who spews out lies 24/7, even back then. Every time you go to your doctor and take what they prescribe you are poisoning yourself. That potato you just ate treated with Roundup, same thing. This lady was a pioneer for children. How about you?

    2. You should be so grateful to Barbara Loe Fisher for being brave enough to admit this horrible experience and committing her entire life to educating parents and protecting other children so they will never have to go trough what she and her son went through. Vaccine injury was unheard of in that era and thanks to her… YOU knew better. You should be ashamed of yourself for your comment.

  3. Changing the definition, censoring, same old same old Rothschild, Rockefellers families that DO NOT CARE about health, just their cash cow…WE KNOW WHO IS RESPONSIBLE for billions if not more deaths

  4. Thanks for all you do. Remember, EXEMPTIONS! Safe, Legal, Free!
    No shot No School is a LIE!
    Parents that would choose not to
    Vaccinate don’t know how to enroll
    In school without them. Have a show on how to go about getting EXEMPTIONS!
    Thanks again

  5. POWERFUL interview! What a journey she has been on. Leave it to politicians to “F” it all up for their own benefit. What a mess! Having been a fighter myself, feel her discouragement and betrayal.

    My 1st child stopped breathing after her 1st dose of DPT. By the grace of God, I didn’t lose her. That was in 1984. Her Dr felt it was the Pertussis component. At the time and going forward I always wondered how he knew that. He knew and I wasn’t informed? He was trusted and I looked to him for guidance. I was told they would leave the Pertussis component out after that. I believe I was lied to bcuz the components are all one. Not seperated out. At her injection sight, it would always get extremely swollen. Huge knot. Bright red and hot. She would also get severe diarrhea. It wasn’t until I attended the Vaxx Rally in DC where I saw another mother holding a sign with a picture of her child who had died (DPT) the same year mine had her reaction, that I began to understand my experience wasn’t a fluke. I attended a health seminar closer to home after this, where I bought the book The Vaccine Court where I learned that other children had died from DPT and there were court filings (this was before the 1986 act)

    I saw a post in here where someone attacked Ms Fisher for choosing to vaccinate her child. I suspected. I questioned. I trusted. It still took me 30+ years to fully understand. The evidence to the contrary wasnt, up until 5 years ago right at your fingertips. The powers that be have done a great job keeping the evidence buried. Have done a great job marketing through those we thought we could trust. Propagandizing/brainwashing parents.

    Barbara, thank you for your fight. You are a strong brilliant woman. You and I could spend days hashing through all of this. I’ve said it before in my posts. I will continue to say it. Thank you, ALL of you who have fought. Continue to fight. When I think of this convo 5 years ago and where we are today, the truth is bolder than before. I saw a MEME the other day that said, “When I hear someone is pregnant, I’m like CONGRATULATIONS…. please don’t vaccinate your baby.” We all need to be saying this.

  6. Thank you so much for all you have done and continue to do Barbara, and for bringing to light to what actually happened in 1986 and 1987. You are a true warrior and hero, not to mention a person of high intelligence and critical thinking. It must feel so comforting to bring your story to a large audience and to have such a great organization that is building on all the work that you have done. God Bless you. I will keep you in my prayers.

  7. Getting rid of the 1986 act is not the answer. I believe getting rid of federal govt is the answer to most of the problems caused by the US Federal Govt., which is the cause of most of the harms in the world.

  8. This is a great story! I think the only answer is legislation to make medical mandates illegal period. This is consistent with the spirit if not the letter of the Nuremburg Code.

    1. IF, RFK Jr get elected, he will do what no leopard has done before…. If he is bought by the Zionists over the Palestine issue then who knows. I even bought his book and followed Childrens health defence (he is the founder) how ironic that he allows thousands of inocent children to be slaughtered and murdered because he believes Israel has a right to do so. Vile Hypocracy
      Most of the people behind Big Pharma, Big Tech and CDC etc are and run by?? What is the common denominator Look into the hierarchy and it is plain to see.

  9. This is who I read and listened to as I was making my decision to vaccinate my children or not. I am so grateful for all the hard work she did to create an environment where people could do the research they needed to make these difficult decisions. Thank you, Barbara!!!

    *Great* interview!

  10. I am tired of hearing about “susceptibility groups”, as if it were the fault of a child that they suffer adverse effects. How about the stupidity of shooting children up with viruses, heavy metals and other unhealthy ingredients? How about we admit that this a a bad idea and product?

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In 1986, President Ronald Reagan signed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act into Law, inadvertently setting the table for the pharmaceutical industry to become the most influential industry on earth. But that isn’t the whole story. Barbara Loe Fisher, a pioneer of the Vaccine Injury Awareness movement, was at the table, fighting for families and children as this controversial law took form. Listen to Barbara as she tells the untold story of the 1986 Act and how it came to be. Learn the betrayal that paved the way for vaccine manufacturers to secure immunity from liability for their products, opening the door for the complete capture of the agencies charged with regulating the vaccine industry and protecting the public trust. This is 1986: The Untold Story.

AIRDATE: January 4, 2023