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Episode 358: THE POWER GAME



  1. If governments don’t work for the people, they should be abolished,and the taxes paid, put to better use like feeding and housing those that have been put on the street.
    Too much of tax money is wasted on repetitive, useless departments!

  2. Were the prior interviews with Putin conducted before he broke international law and invaded Ukraine? Because that makes a difference.

    Were US journalists interviewing Hitler or Mussolini during WWIi?

    I’m not sure I agree with this.

    But the episode just began, so I’ll watch more and see if I change my mind.

    1. The interview with Osama Bin Laden happened after 9/11. The interveiew with Sadam Hussein who America invaded because it said he had Weapons of Mass destruction that was threatening the world. Fidel Castro was a threat to America supposedly, and that country is on its border – Cuban missile crisis that brought them to the brink of a nuclear attack on the US. So you need to look deeper at the whole Ukraine/Russia issue. If you want to believe the propaganda that he wants to take over and expand Russia then shouldnt you have the option of listening to him and making up your own mind?

  3. Elites make sure ppl they can blackmail are put in power- pedophiles are easy, hence Epstein connection. How is this not obvious to everyone? Voting is a peasant suggestion box. It’s not legit.

  4. You might watch nonvax420 and all this doesn’t make any difference anymore. She has worked at all the secret facilities and is telling all. It starts with a reading…body area network…
    We all carry nano bots in our body and we are watched 24/7. I believe her after listening to 5 or6 of her blogs.

  5. This is not about freedom – this is about certain people with money and power tinkering with human beings, turning them into robots. This is about Frankenstein monsters being created. No. this should not be done, even if you think some good can be had. Should we kill 100 people to find the one murderer? Do the ends justify the means? A sword cuts both ways. We must always carefully consider what we allow. Just because we can do something does not mean we should. The end of humanity will not come from the invasion of aliens from space, it will come from within, from our own hubrus.

  6. Musk is also a recipient of DARPA funding. At least via his company SpaceX. I’ve found no evidence DARPA provides funding to NeuroLink, but it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s some link between the two (no pun intended).

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Episode 358: THE POWER GAME

Special Interests Are Losing the Power Game as Tucker Carlson is Set To Release His Interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin; Jefferey Jaxen Reports on the US Border Crisis and its connection to a bombshell UN document, Elon’s Neuralink implanted in its first human brain and the roll out of Apple Vision; Firebrand Member of European Parliament Calls Out the EU on Growing Farmers Protests

Guests: Rob Roos, MEP

AIRDATE: February 8, 2024