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Episode 355: UNREDACTED



  1. Some very interesting and comforting comments by some of the world leaders at davos. Heres hoping it catches on although i expect the knobs from the countries pushing the shite wont actually hear anything.

  2. What they are doing with cars right now is the same thing they have been doing with lighting and pushing “everything must be LED” and banning incandescent lights. this is incredibly difficult for anyone who has a mild to severe reaction/sensitivity to LED lights (about 10% of the population) but they are still making it extremely difficult for those of us who just want a safe type of light in our homes and businesses.

  3. Lets grow the COMMUNITY on here.

    You can make FRIENDS, create GROUPS, and post content. Lets form local and strategic groups, and flex our might together. We can organize letter writing, petition signing, calling campaigns, fundraising, etc.

    We can have local coffee meetups with like-minded people, through this website. I’m going to create a local CLEVELAND group today, so watch for it if you’re in my area.

    I also already created a group for my Channel, Negotiating Reality.

    Del is doing so much. Lets do more to help, and USE this great resource.

    Ditch your CENSORED social media and come to The Highwire Community. Lets build a wonderful new world together!

  4. You are now almost totally ON THE MONEY – the people in control are OUT TO GET US. It is an ALL OUT WAR — in every way possible — with vaccines, drugs, pesticides, herbicides (Glyphosate), Fluoride in the water, Chemtrails from the sky, and provoking all the wars ( our Deep State with the top leadership of Israel was most likely part orchestrating the terror attack in Israel – clearly esp vicious to provoke the most HATRED and thus war as much as possible. ). Also with near total control of ALL MARKETS are scamming and ripping off the whole world, with the underlying agenda to: IMPOVERISH, SUBJUGATE and reduce population, for FULL CONTROL.

  5. If the vaxx didn’t murder them outright, Covid and resultant covid and covid treatment “errors” did murder them. Hitler $talin and Mao would be green with envy.

  6. I have questions about John Beaudoin’s charts. If we blame COVID vaccines for the increase in various death categories, why do we see sudden increase for the year 2020 as compared to its previous years? Very few people were inoculated.

  7. That is exactly why there must be a cease and desist on all experimentation with viruses. Animal viruses were never able to infect humans until those experiments were started with cultured humanized animal cells. The shots developed from those cultures are the problem, not the natural elements around us!!!

  8. GREAT EPISODE- Such important work.

    For all you that haven’t contributed a dime – Start Today!! Only a 1.00 Just do it! There’s millions of you watching! Please start giving!

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Episode 355: UNREDACTED

Service members confront Military Leadership with the Declaration of Military Accountability; Jefferey Jaxen shares highlights and lowlights from the World Economic Forum in Davos, US Climate Lead John Kerry steps down, more from the front lines of the German Farmers Protests, and the W.H.O. introduces the next pandemic bug, Disease X; Unredacted data from almost a million death certificates appear to reveal systemic fraud and a horrifying truth.

Guests; LTC (ret.) Brad Miller, John Beaudoin Sr.

AIRDATE: January 18, 2024