The overall magnitude of the massive fraud associated with the experimental mRNA gene-damaging COVID-19 jabs keeps expanding. And although there are enough sinister crimes in this country to serve the globe, the deception is not just here in the United States. According to research conducted by a group of five German-speaking scientists, a recent instance is the discovery that a significant portion of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 jabs distributed in the European Union were most likely placebos. Even worse, the researchers allege that German regulators were aware of this yet did not subject them to quality-control testing.

First reported by Robert Kogon at the Daily Sceptic, the scientists, including Dr. Gerald Dyker, Professor of Organic Chemistry at the Ruhr University Bochum, and Dr. Jörg Matysik, Professor of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Leipzig, have been seeking answers about the safety of the BioNTech jab (as it is known in Germany) for the past 18 months. Following their analysis of a new Danish study—where the group gleaned the information needed to conclude that certain batches of the BioNTech jab in the EU were likely placebos—the two scientists shared their concerns in an interview with Punkt Preradovic on June 22, 2023.

The pair commented that before their discovery, members of their group had written several letters to the manufacturer BioNTech and the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI), a German regulatory agency responsible for the quality control of the entire Pfizer BioNTech vaccines supply in the EU. Yet, they have received very few answers. Speaking to German journalist Milena Preradovic, the scientists explained that they spotted something very suspicious in the BioNTech (BNT162b2) COVID-19 “vaccine” batch variability upon examining the Danish study.


The study (titled Batch-dependent safety of the BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 vaccine) explains that each dot in the graph above represents a single vaccine batch. Vaccine batches representing the blue, green, and yellow trendlines comprised 4.22%, 63.69%, and 32.09% of all vaccine doses, respectively, with 70.78%, 27.49%, and 47.15% (blue trendline), 28.84%, 71.50% and 51.99% (green trendline), and 0.38%, 1.01%, and 0.86% (yellow trendline) of all serious adverse events (SAEs), serious SAEs, and SAE-related deaths.

As the graph illustrates, the green and blue batches have moderate, moderately high, or extraordinarily high levels of adverse events. With the green batches overall accounting for over 60% of the Danish study, Dyker explained that the green batch, furthest to the right in the graph, represents the BioNTech COVID-19 batch used most in Denmark—injected in over 800,000 doses. Of that amount, there are around 2,000 suspected adverse events, giving a reporting rate of one suspected adverse event per roughly 400 doses. According to Dyker, “That’s not a small amount if we compare [it] to what we know otherwise from influenza vaccines.”

With astronomical adverse events, the blue batches, according to Dyker, were administered no more than 80,000 doses. He believes this suggests that public health officials may have quietly pulled these incredibly damaging batches from the market. Even still, these batches indicate one adverse event for every ten doses or as many as 8,000 suspected adverse events. Dyker remarked that some of the blue batches are even higher, with a reporting rate as high as one suspected adverse event for every six doses. He calculated that the blue batches—associated with nearly 50% of the death reported in the sample—represent less than 5% of the total doses included in the Danish study.

The truly bizarre and questionable component comes with the yellow batches clustered precisely along the yellow line. With the yellow batches representing nearly 30% of the total doses, according to Dyker, they include batches that make up approximately 200,000 administered doses associated with ZERO suspected events. Speaking of this peculiar coincidence, Dyker told Preradovic that “malicious” observers might conclude that “this is how placebos would look.” Daily Sceptic’s Kogon summarized:

“And malicious observers might be right. For Dyker and Matysik compared the batch numbers contained in the Danish study with publicly available information on the batches approved for release, and they made the startling discovery that almost none of the harmless batches, unlike the very-bad and not-so-bad batches, appear to have been subject to any quality-control testing at all.”

Remember, the scientific group received no response from the PEI to their multiple inquiries as they sought answers related to the safety of the BioNTech jabs. Yet, shockingly, Kogan notes that Dyker and Matysik stated they discovered that “the PEI had tested and approved for release all of the catastrophic blue batches, the overwhelming majority of the not-as-bad green batches, but almost none of the harmless yellow batches—as if the PEI knew in advance that these batches were unproblematic.” Referencing the yellow batches, a shocked Dyker explained:

“And now really a surprise for us. With the yellow, absolutely harmless batches, the PEI was only involved in the release of a single batch, here the one up there. And in all the others, where apparently it is not considered necessary, in these batches PEI gives the green light.”

There is already clear evidence that particular COVID-19 “vaccine” batches were worse than others (take a look at “How Bad Is My Batch“). Moreover, in Australia, thanks to Jikkyleaks, we know that jab batches with no safety reports attached to them were reserved for Pfizer employees. So who received the yellow batches in the EU? With no PEI oversight and limited distribution, did these unproblematic batches intentionally go to certain people as a hushed element of the massive mRNA global clinical trial underway for over two years? Are these people being separately tracked to see how a “placebo” COVID jab—which is only required to be minus the active ingredient (in this case, the modified RNA)—might fare in the long term? After all, other ingredients in the jabs—specifically the lipid nanoparticles—are equally as toxic, invading the entire body.

On a mission, the German scientists will continue pushing for answers. They are on a quest for detailed information from both PEI and BioNTech. Dyker—who said no human being should ever be forced to participate in medical experiments—spoke of the potential and troubling scenario if the yellow batches are indeed placebos, explaining:

“We imagine placebos in the case of injections, it is saline solution and sugar pills in the case of any tablets. According to newer EU law and this was confirmed to us by our lawyer for drug rights, placebos may also contain all auxiliary substances. Only the actual active ingredient must be missing. And that would mean in this case that everything is allowed. Nanoparticle formation may certainly be made. Only the modified RNA must be missing.”

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