Whistleblower Plaintiff Brook Jackson and Defendants Pfizer, Ventavia, and ICON met in Judge Michael J. Truncale’s Beaumont, Texas, courtroom on March 1, 2023, to hear Pfizer’s motion to dismiss the False Claims Act case Jackson filed against the pharmaceutical giant on behalf of the United States. Depending on Truncale’s ruling, the case could further expose the enormous fraud and deception between Pfizer and the U.S. government as the billionaire company cut corners and wasted taxpayer money to get its experimental COVID-19 gene therapy jabs into the arms of society. While the world awaits Truncale’s ruling on whether the case will move forward with discovery or be dismissed altogether, as Pfizer hopes, Jackson’s attorney Robert Barnes summed up what is undoubtedly the belief held by any American paying attention, tweeting:

“Pfizer promised to deliver a safe, effective vaccine for prevention of COVID based on honest clinical data. Instead, they delivered a dangerous, ineffective gene therapy, preventing nothing. Pfizer lied. People died. Time for discovery.”

Judge Truncale, appointed in 2019, allowed nearly four hours of oral arguments last Wednesday in the case, which centers around revelations of shoddy practices at Ventavia, a contract research company hired to carry out Pfizer’s pivotal COVID-19 vaccine trial before the FDA’s issued its Emergency Use Authorization. Truncale noted that he would not issue a ruling from the bench. As of March 6, a decision has yet to be handed down, and according to Barnes, Truncale’s written opinion could take weeks or even months, depending on how long it takes the court to review the case. Barnes explained that the court expressed concern that the net effect of Pfizer’s argument could be “that there’s no role for the judiciary in overseeing what takes place if the FDA simply continues along with the Pfizer fraud.”

Trying to shift responsibility for any wrongdoing, Defense attorneys argued that even if protocol violations occurred, the case should not move forward because the federal government was aware “but still granted emergency authorization to Pfizer’s vaccine.” Racing to beat Moderna as the first pharmaceutical company to unveil an EUA mRNA injection, the billion-dollar company’s attorneys tried to minimize the magnitude of Jackson’s complaints, asserting that “even if rules were violated, the problems only affected a small number of trial sites.” Astounded by Pfizer’s defense, Barnes explained the company’s extraordinary arrogance and untouchable attitude—remember, they have special immunity thanks to the PREP Act—sharing with Owen Shroyer:

“Pfizer’s defense was not that these allegations are false. They challenge whether the allegations are true, but at this stage of the pleadings, they have to assume them to be true legally. Their argument was solely that even if they created a dangerous, ineffective drug that they disguised as a vaccine that they said would be for the prevention of COVID-19, that didn’t prevent COVID at all—in fact, in some cases, it appears the infection rate goes up with COVID depending on how many booster shots that you’ve had—that none of that matters. They argue that as long as the Biden administration, the Justice Department, the FDA, and the Department of Defense go along with this scam, nobody can ever hold them accountable.

The only way to hold them accountable is the Brook Jackson suit.”

Jackson, who has dedicated nearly twenty years to helping get safe and effective therapeutics, vaccines, and devices to consumers, began working for Ventavia on September 8, 2020. Her primary responsibility was overseeing Pfizer’s Phase 3 COVID-19 mRNA “vaccine” trial at several locations in Texas. With no reason to initially doubt anything about Pfizer’s drug product or trial, Jackson took her job seriously and was shocked at the poor laboratory management at Ventavia, which calls itself the largest privately owned research company in Texas. Jackson documented several matters of concern, including needles sticking out of bags and vaccine packaging materials with trial participants’ identification numbers written on them left out in the open, potentially unblinding participants. Moreover, with doctored data throughout the trial, participants with severe adverse reactions were ignored, also against protocol. With the agreement for Pfizer to deliver a safe, effective vaccine for the prevention of COVID-19, Barnes highlighted the clinical trial atrocities, explaining:

“It was supposed to be a randomized test. It wasn’t. It was supposed to be a placebo-controlled test. It wasn’t. It was supposed to be a blinded clinical trial. It wasn’t. All the data was doctored, and the data, in many ways, was fabricated or falsified.”

Pointing out Pfizer’s incredibly well-constructed deception, Barnes explained that certifications were fraudulent, invoices were bogus, and Pfizer further argued that it didn’t have to comply with the FDA rules, which is untrue and was rightly pointed out by Judge Truncale in Wednesday’s hearing. According to Barnes, Pfizer’s contract clearly states that it must follow FDA rules and regulations throughout the entire process. And most importantly, as previously noted, the contract Pfizer signed with the DoD states at least “half a dozen times” that Pfizer will deliver “a safe, effective vaccine for the prevention of COVID-19.” A task at which the company failed miserably.

With mounting evidence underlining the extreme measures Pfizer took to deceive the American people as the Biden administration stood by and watched, Barnes hinted that he thinks the next wave of potential litigation against Pfizer and Moderna will be centered around the fact they lied to their shareholders. Barnes pointed out that just as Pfizer and Moderna lied to the Trump Defense Department by stating they would deliver a safe and effective vaccine for the prevention of COVID-19, the pharma giants also told their shareholders the same thing. Yet, the vaccine is neither safe nor effective. According to Barnes, that’s fraud on the market, which is one place Pfizer and Moderna have no immunity. Summarizing how perhaps Pfizer is starting to feel the heat, Barnes explained:

“Right now, they’re begging the court not to allow any discovery to occur in this case. They argue that no court process should be allowed and that no jury should be allowed to hear the case. They made this argument explicitly. In fact, what they said is, ‘once the FDA says something, judge, you judge, have no more power to say a single thing about this. You, the jury has no more power to say a single thing about this.’ [Which is] directly contrary to the False Claims Act.

And the key is if this fraud is exposed, that opens the door for them to be held accountable across the board.”

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