Every facet of our abundant nation now grazes on corruption. Our once-safe food system largely consists of mass-produced foods that we are told are healthy and safe. Combined with chemical-intensive industrial agriculture, large-scale meat and poultry producers in the United States are eroding our nation’s waterways, with Tyson Foods leading the way. Between 2018 and 2022, unchecked by the US government, Tyson processed billions of animals, generating over 87 billion gallons of wastewater, dumping 34.25 million pounds of nitrogen and 5.06 million pounds of phosphorus into US waterways. Yes, nitrogen and phosphorus are naturally occurring nutrients. However, coupled with the overly saturated levels of nitrogen and phosphorous in our natural waterways thanks to excessive fertilizer use from Bill Gates-funded monoculture corn and soy farms and the like, the nutrient pollution from Tyson’s processing plants can traverse along river-to-river pathways and end up in the Gulf of Mexico, where it becomes overburdened with these nutrients. Called eutrophication, this contributes to the Gulf’s massive and persistent dead zone that stretches over 3,058 miles.

This toxic storm happens not just in the Gulf of Mexico but in many US waters, including bays, lakes, and coastal waterways since they receive excess nutrients from upstream sources. And it is grossly unacceptable. In eutrophic waters, excess nitrogen and phosphorus feed algal blooms that shroud the body of water in a colored film, clogging water infrastructure and blocking sunlight to the habitat below. The National Ocean Service stated in 2024 that when the algae die and decompose, bacteria increase, depleting the oxygen in the water and releasing carbon dioxide. Tragically, this results in the suffocation of fish and other aquatic life, where species struggle to survive in these dead zones.

The impact of nitrogen and phosphorus pollution is not limited to our waterways; it poses a direct threat to human health. The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) recently reported that harmful algal blooms, a direct result of nutrient overload, are linked to increased respiratory symptoms such as pneumonia, bronchitis, and asthma among people living near contaminated waters. Moreover, the nutrients themselves can cause health problems. For example, nitrate is a chemical form of nitrogen that is toxic at high levels. Well, guess what? Tyson processing plants released 4.55 million pounds of nitrate nitrogen into US waters between 2018 and 2022.

Nitrate contamination of US drinking water has been a severe environmental and public health issue thanks to Tyson and Bill Gates’ attack on small farmers, particularly those who rely on private wells and live in agricultural areas. The damage from both is overwhelming. Nitrate can leach from surface to groundwater, contaminating the aquifers people depend on for drinking water. Nitrate-contaminated drinking water has been tied to health outcomes such as the blood disorder methemoglobinemia and neural tube abnormalities in infants and colorectal cancer and thyroid disease in adults. Even low levels of exposure to nitrate in drinking water (below the EPA’s enforceable maximum contaminant level, or MCL) have been associated with an increased risk of cancer, with drinking water in Iowa causing nearly 300 cases of cancer each year. Circling back to Tyson’s role in nitrate in our waterways, UCS reported:

“In Nebraska, where Tyson plants released 4.06 million pounds of nitrate into waterways between 2018 and 2022, research has identified possible associations between high levels of nitrate in waterways and elevated incidence of pediatric cancer.”

Enough is enough. The rampant cancer plaguing our nation following the contaminated mRNA COVID-19 jabs is sufficiently horrendous. But to recognize that as a country, Americans have been guided on a path that inhumanely mass-produces poultry and livestock while also carelessly and massively contaminating our beautiful nation—all while producing tainted food under the same dirty deed—it is eye-opening to realize this has been their plan all along. They’ve got us right where they want us. Not only do they not care about our health, but they are OK with, for example, Tyson’s water-polluting processing facilities being located adjacent to federally defined critical habitats for endangered or threatened species. Forget climate change; so much for not protecting the natural beauty that makes this country unique. Even worse, Tyson facilities further away from critical habitats are flawed, too. They can carry pollutants to other critical habitats through interconnected rivers, streams, and underground water pathways.

Again, the situation has Americans right where they want us to be. And by “they,” think the deep state behind the Great Reset, the current climate change agenda, the slow and steady collapse of the US dollar, and so on—those evil-doers. As documented by The Guardian, the UCS research is just the “tip of the iceberg” of the unreported wrong. The UCS report includes water pollution from only one in three of Tyson’s slaughterhouses and processing plants and only 2 percent nationwide. Besides that, with NO current federal regulation limit set for phosphorous, the vast majority of meat processing plants in the US are exempt from existing water regulations—all with no way of tracking how many toxins are being dumped into waterways. That is right; the federal government does not care that our waterways are dying, precisely thanks to poisons dumped into them by Big Agriculture. They are not tracking it. It’s the same scenario as the tremendous COVID-19 vaccine injuries with no Big Pharma accountability! And like Big Pharma, with Tyson’s ability to pay hefty fines and move on (the meat-processing industry spent $4.3 million on lobbying in DC in 2023, with Tyson responsible for nearly half), the atmosphere seems well-suited to serve the nefarious plan set before us.

Still, as America remains the land of the free and the home of the brave, all hope is not lost. Every five years, the federal government reviews the nation’s food and farm terrain and renews the Farm Bill. Too bad it is essentially corrupt. Nonetheless, remaining hopeful, the UCS pointed out that the need to enact a new five-year food and farm bill provides Congress with a historic opportunity to rein in giant conglomerates like Tyson Foods—and even Bill Gates—that have indeed “hijacked our food and farming system for profit.” UCS noted that a new food and farming bill initiative—backed by 150 organizations representing tens of millions of people across the nation—can address “consolidation in the meat and poultry industry and the resultant power it gives companies such as Tyson Foods to pollute at will and otherwise harm communities, consumers, farmers, and workers.”

How did we get here? Alongside the drastic changes in our diet thanks to contaminated foods, many of the chronic illnesses plaguing Americans today, such as diabetes, heart disease, and many cancers, can be linked to poor dietary options often filled with destructive ingredients that our bodies aren’t created to handle. Undoubtedly, buying organic, local meat and produce whenever possible cannot be overstated. It’s time to rethink our food choices and return to real, nourishing foods that genuinely support our health and well-being. By doing this, we can adequately fuel our bodies and help prevent disease.

Time is of the essence. On November 15, 2023, the Senate voted to pass a House bill for a continuing resolution, which included an extension of the 2018 Farm Bill. The bill extends the Farm Bill (or, as USC remarked, the necessary legislation should be renamed the “food and farm bill”) through September 2024. President Biden is expected to sign the bill into law (the current summary can and should be viewed here) in time to ensure the deep state agenda forges ahead. Right now, Congress is considering passing a version of the Farm Bill with some of the most dangerous language ever proposed—and the fate of animals and people hangs in the balance. We must pay attention.

Besides the opportunity to ensure the food and farm bill supports small farmers and ranchers on all levels, thanks to a lawsuit in 2017, the EPA has until September 2025 to update its two-decade-old pollution standards for slaughterhouses and animal rendering facilities—another opportunity to save America. Unfortunately, the agency has indicated it is leaning towards the “weakest option on the table,” which, according to the Guardian, will further enable vast amounts of nitrates, phosphorus, and other contaminants to keep pouring into US waterways. Not good enough! The American Association of Meat Processors said the EPA’s one-size-fits-all approach will likely put its small, family-owned members out of business. It seems that is the ultimate goal. With that in mind, it is time for taxpayers to pay attention and speak up. Resolutions to the (seemingly intentional) contaminated food issues facing our nation could quickly empower the sinister deep state’s global agenda. The situation at hand demands immediate involvement from all who are conscious of what is at stake.

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Tracy Beanz & Michelle Edwards

Tracy Beanz is an investigative journalist with a focus on corruption. She is known for her unbiased, in-depth coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic. She hosts the Dark to Light podcast, found on all major video and podcasting platforms. She is a bi-weekly guest on the Joe Pags Radio Show, has been on Steve Bannon’s WarRoom and is a frequent guest on Emerald Robinson’s show. Tracy is Editor-in-chief at UncoverDC.com.