In today’s backward medical climate—where the CDC is essentially a vaccine manufacturer and vaccines are a political tool—if a physician speaks up about informed consent, they are immediately censored. As America’s children grow up, this corrupt scenario means most pediatricians are conditioned and paid to follow the “science” hand-crafted for them by Big Pharma, backed up by its poorly done studies, and have no idea of the real risks of vaccines. Moreover, despite the vaccine schedule in utero to 12 months skyrocketing from five in 1986 to thirty-two in 2024, these physicians ask no questions and ignore the fact that today, America’s children are sicker than at any time in the past four decades. Thank God not all physicians fall for the scheme. Dr. Paul Thomas is one such physician who dared to look out for the children whose lives he cared for, creating a “Vaccine-Friendly Plan” for his patients.

In February 2019, Dr. Thomas explained that the Medical Board approached him and asked him to prove his vaccine-friendly plan was as safe as the CDC schedule. “I literally laughed,” Thomas noted, shocked they would ask him that since “they’ve never proven anything they’ve done as safer than anything else.” The COVID-19 pandemic has proven that to be a true statement—they’ve completely ignored that the jabs are not safe for children. Nevertheless, with the help of an outside expert, Thomas gathered every single data point for every patient born in his practice and age-matched and compared them. Thus, they compared 2,700 patients variably vaccinated and 560 unvaccinated. The results are eye-opening and must be shared repeatedly until parents are wise to the gimmick of keeping their kids unwell in a racket that makes billions for those pulling the strings. Oregon’s Medical Board  knew Thomas’s landmark study was onto something and pulled his license shortly after his report. Here’s what his study found.

Asthma and allergies significantly increased in the vaccinated, off-the-chart difference.

Eczema was significantly higher.

Sinusitis was significantly higher.

Gastroenteritis was significantly higher.

Respiratory infections were significantly higher.

Otitis Media – Middle Ear Infection was significantly higher.

Conjunctivitis – Eye Infections were significantly higher.

Breathing issues were significantly higher.

Behavioral issues were significantly higher.

ADHD – There were ZERO cases for ten years in the unvaccinated in Thomas’s practice, another off-the-chart difference, with the results showing that there is something in the vaccines (toxic heavy metals) causing ADHD.

Of course, as they yanked his license, the Medical Board chalked Thomas’s findings up to coincidence, insisting “association does not mean causation.” To that malarky, Thomas explained, “That’s the reason your story of your vaccine-injured child doesn’t count, it was just a coincidence.” Yet, Thomas added, multiple other studies exist proving the devasting effects the CDC’s vaccine schedule has on children, and we have a mechanism of action.

Besides the ten childhood issues mentioned above (which, if you look around, you can easily see are now way too common), Thomas pointed out that vaccine damage leads to more problems down the road. Other studies demonstrate that vaccines lead to chronic conditions in adults. Life-altering conditions like arthritis, diabetes, digestive disorders, eczema, and asthma are rife in the vaccinated, and yet they do not exist in the unvaccinated. Why isn’t anyone talking about this? We know the answer—it is money, corruption, and greed. Understand that ultimately, your health and the health of your children are of no consequence; neither is whether you get cancer, live, or die.

Speaking of cancer, it is rampant in the United States and reaps billions for the medical-industrial complex, which keeps suggesting a cure is near. Heck, with endless COVID jab damage to tend to, which is long-lasting and debilitating, almost a new kind of cancer if you will, it makes sense they’d tease their sheep with a cancer cure. But guess what? The unvaccinated aren’t getting cancer. Focusing on that mind-boggling fact, Thomas remarked that all the shady shenanigans around COVID should have been “the big thing that woke us all up.” Yet they are still targeting our kids with the deadly COVID-19 jabs, and so many still don’t see it. Thomas remarked:

“Informed consent is so important. You should be given the risks, the benefits, the pros and the cons and the alternatives.” 

Thomas noted that several studies showed that, compared to national trends, patients in his practice appeared to be, on average, growing healthier over time with less chronic illness and lower frequencies of certain health issues. Moreover, under Thomas’s Vaccine-Friendly Plan, parental choice leads to the cessation of vaccination more frequently if certain health symptoms appear after vaccination. This common sense, no-brainer approach leads to a reduction in the adverse severe events mentioned above that currently plague our children. Despite having no accountability for vaccine injuries stemming from their products since 1986, NONE of this information is music to Big Pharma’s ears or pocketbooks. And it doesn’t bode well with the crooked government agencies profiting from the list of ailments that creep up following their required vaccines.

Indeed, considering the political controversies around vaccination studies, many skewed Big Pharma/CDC studies have overlooked the association of vaccines with adverse outcomes. That part is clearly deliberate. Still, it makes no sense there aren’t more doctors like Dr. Thomas asking questions, especially after witnessing the damage caused by the devastating COVID-19 jabs. Or perhaps they see the connection but are being paid not to speak up. Either way, corrupt government agencies tasked with protecting our health have failed the American people, and most importantly its children. When the CDC concedes that in 2016, one in 36 U.S. children had autism compared to one in 10,000 in 1980, and then doesn’t go a step further and take a close hard look at whether vaccines are the culprit, the full-on scam should be unmistakable.


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Tracy Beanz & Michelle Edwards

Tracy Beanz is an investigative journalist with a focus on corruption. She is known for her unbiased, in-depth coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic. She hosts the Dark to Light podcast, found on all major video and podcasting platforms. She is a bi-weekly guest on the Joe Pags Radio Show, has been on Steve Bannon’s WarRoom and is a frequent guest on Emerald Robinson’s show. Tracy is Editor-in-chief at