Based on several factors, the World Council for Health (WCH) has called on parents to adopt a “Safer-to-Wait” approach to childhood vaccines, according to the organization’s article of September 5, 2023. This decision comes following revelations of the ineptitude and corruption of our once-trusted regulatory bodies in the wake of the failed COVID-19 vaccines.

Amidst findings, such as that of the Perseus Report, of this incompetence and corruption, the WCH Health and Science Committee notes several observations:

What society has been told about the success of early vaccines, such as smallpox and polio, is not true. As per WCH, better hygiene and nutrition, clean water, modern plumbing, and refrigeration dramatically reduce these and other diseases.

Many have questioned the integrity of current scientific research and the whole regulatory process of childhood vaccines. Also, pharmaceutical corporations, such as Pfizer, have long made fraudulent claims concerning the safety of their products.

According to several research studies, vaccinated children have worse health outcomes than unvaccinated children, with a higher rate of chronic disease amongst the vaccinated kids. Our society currently experiences not-before-seen rates of chronic illness, such as autism, asthma, allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, obesity, and depression, for which the root cause is yet unknown.

The book Vaxxed-UnVaxxed by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and Dr. Brian Hooker points out that our national regulatory agencies have never done the proper studies to determine if these poor health outcomes have to do with vaccines, either given singly or together. Since Dr. Andrew Wakefield suggested that autism could be linked to vaccines in 1998, national regulatory agencies have adamantly denied any such association. These agencies have also denied any causation between vaccines and other diseases, including those mentioned above.

In addition, no one has ever properly evaluated how the psychological effects of vaccinations–the long, scary needles and the pain associated with them–can affect young children in terms of nursing and maternal bonding.

In an article published on May 12, 2023, WCH re-asserted its urgent desire to exit the WHO, an organization it sees as trying to become a public health monopoly. WCH stated that the organization wants to put an immediate halt to the COVID-19 vaccination campaign. There is extensive evidence from independent experts as well as official databases demonstrating the lack of safety and effectiveness of the vaccine, which they say points to the need for serious discussion in regard to authorizing the vaccine for babies and children.

Most disturbingly, experts have expressed the concern that current childhood vaccines would be converted to mRNA technology–which has been proven neither “safe” nor “effective” for either adults or children–without the knowledge or prior consent of the public. Also, of great—or even greater concern, the World Health Organization and its stakeholders are currently creating legislation that would allow them to mandate injections by force to members of the public.

Not only that, but the WHO outlined in “Immunization Agenda 2030” its commitment to providing 500 vaccines to “low- and middle-income countries” by that same year. The WHO supports gain-of-function research, which experts say creates dangerous pathogens, and then the vaccines to combat those pathogens, stoking fear which leads to vaccination.

We have always known that our children’s health benefits from a healthy lifestyle, which includes physical activity, wholesome nutrition, and the positive acceptance of those around them. Considering all the abovementioned factors, the WCH wants parents to take a common-sense approach toward the childhood vaccination schedule instead of blindly following along.


Brenda Goldstein

Brenda Goldstein is a published journalist of over 20 years. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and children.

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