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  1. I’ve become less and less trusting of McCullough, the more I hear him speak.

    I hope I’m wrong but something tells me his intentions revolve more around boosting sales of pharmaceuticals, in place of vaccines, and establishing a new world-scale medical regime/board, which he can be an integral member of.
    As much as I love some of what he says, I just get the inkling there is some kind of personal gain he’s aiming for above all else.

    1. I don’t see that at all. He said that the treatment that seems to be working to remove the spike proteins includes 2000 units of Nattokinase 2xd, 500 mg Curcumin 2xd and 500 mg Bromelain once daily. Stating it could take anywhere from 3-12 months to detox. No big pharma recommendations. And yes, he does seem to want a new medical system of informed consent, exercise, healthy foods and supplements if deficiencies are found. I for one, want that type of healthcare system, not the pill for every ill that seems to be pervasive today.

    2. RevolutiLeni I totally disagree. He’s bucked the medical system and turned his career upside down in order to do the right thing, continually for the last 4 years.

  2. The head of the CDC is being financially compensated to lie.
    And I wonder what she would say in a press briefing if someone mentioned that her 6 months or older recommendation is insane, given how many fetal and newborn deaths have occurred from the mother receiving it. And how many babies and small children have actually died from receiving the vax. It’s absolutely atrocious. And I can guarantee she is NOT giving her children the actual vax…saline most likely.
    So much deception and disinformation coming from our government daily on So many subjects, including Covid

  3. Not to mention the vaccine strain polio cases in Africa and especially India that rendered thousands of children paralyzed.And the vax strain polio found in NY

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Cardiologist & Epidemiologist, Peter McCullough, MD, joins Del on the heels of his World Council for Health appearance in which he boldly stated that the full childhood vaccine schedule should be placed on hold until safety can be properly assessed. And Dr. McCullough is not alone.

POSTED: October 20, 2023