On Wednesday, June 5, 2024, the scandalous World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed the first human death from a strain of bird flu never seen in humans. Bird flu, also called avian influenza, H5N1, and now H5N2, are strains of the influenza virus that primarily infect birds but can also infect humans. The virus has been made known for years and is most often contracted by contact with sick birds. For the last four months, we’ve been flooded with warnings about the highly pathogenic disease and its potential to wreak massive havoc on humanity. Along with infecting dairy herds and sea mammals, millions of birds have been intentionally destroyed following mass PCR testing by the Biden administration. Importantly, no one is asking the simple question of how bird flu is spreading. The WHO would like us to believe the spread is the result of migratory birds from Europe crossing the Atlantic and bringing bird flu to North America. But not so fast. Not only is that idea implausible, but after extensive research, Dr. Peter McCullough and his team have uncovered evidence that suggests H5N1 is a result of a serial passage or other Gain-of-Function (GOF) lab research that has been going on for years. Indeed, it has.

Having lived through the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent tyrannical revelations about its origin, it’s not surprising that the bird flu issue is no different. The warning signs have been there—future, more lethal pandemics are looming. Conveniently, since the time of the Obama administration, bird flu campaigns have been in circulation, instilling just enough fear to keep bird flu in the public consciousness. While the disease hasn’t caused any significant harm thus far, it’s important to note that GOF research on bird flu has been a persistent concern for decades, with the goal of enabling it to jump from human to human.

During the most recent outbreak, there have been three human cases in the United States. All were easily treated; two had pink eye, and one had respiratory issues. In a discussion outlining how GOF gurus Ron Fouchier and Yoshihiro Kawaoka—players in the COVID origins coverup—have been trying to modify H5N1 to gain human-to-human transmission capabilities for decades, Dr. McCullough and David Gornoski shared:

“I don’t think bird flu is going to be much of a human threat unless it starts spreading human to human. And if it does, believe me, we’re going to nail the gain of function. Guys have been working on this at the Southeastern Poultry Research Center in Athens, Georgia. We think that’s where the most recent strain came out of. Do you know what they were doing?

They were doing experiments on mallard ducks – migratory waterfowl. What a mistake. One of those guys gets out, they fly everywhere. You know, the media has not been asking the question: ‘Why did it spread from Texas to Iowa to Michigan? How did this happen?’

They didn’t ask the question. They think it’s spontaneously rising. No, it’s being spread by the ducks that are flying all over.”

A closer look at the shady research around H5N1 reveals that in 2011, Dutch virologist Ron Fouchier made what he hoped would be “a low-key announcement” at an influenza conference in Malta. As reported by the Guardian on December 21, 2011, after a series of “painstaking experiments,” Fouchier announced he had achieved “the holy grail of influenza research: engineering the H5N1 bird flu virus so that it could pass effortlessly between mammals.” Funded by Dr. Fauci and the National Institutes of Health, Fouchier explained that the “airborne” virus had not been created using sophisticated lab-based genetic technology but instead by the low-tech method of passing H5N1 repeatedly through ferrets. At the time, an article in Science titled “Scientists Brace for Media Storm Around Controversial Flu Studies,” got Fouchier to describe in more detail exactly how his team has created “probably one of the most dangerous viruses you can make.” The 2011 Guardian article declared:

“In so doing, Fouchier crossed an invisible border, triggering biosecurity alarms at the highest echelons of the US government and, in the process, alerting the Daily Mail’s news desk, who wasted no time in ramping up the fears about an inadvertent laboratory release of the “Armageddon virus.” The latest twist came this week, with the announcement that officials at the Orwellian-sounding US National Science Advisory Board for  Biosecurity (NSABB) had taken the unprecedented step of asking Fouchier and another team at the University of  Wisconsin-Madison, who have also succeeded in engineering the virus, not to publish all the details of how they did it.”

Who specifically was behind the coverup back then? You guessed it, Dr. Anthony Fauci. Indeed, just as he now admits to lying across the board about the destructive and inhumane procedures he implemented during COVID-19, it was Dr. Anthony Fauci and his National Institutes of Health that “took the unprecedented step” of asking Fouchier and his team not to publish all of the details of how they created new, easier to spread strains of H5N1. “It wasn’t an easy decision,” declared Fauci in December 2011. After watching him during COVID, that statement is hard to believe.

Fast forward to today, Dr. McCullough noted on June 4, 2024, that H5N1 is currently infecting numerous animal species in the United States, resulting in sporadic human infections. He stated that in the context of modern viral outbreaks involving pathogenic organisms, it is critical to evaluate the potential origins of the virus, including the possibility of laboratory involvement. That’s the story with COVID, will it be the same with H5N1? Finland just announced it has secured “hundreds of thousands of doses of its H5N1 flu shot to protect humans against the “latest deadly strain of bird flu. Is the U.S. far behind? BARDA recently contracted with CSL Seqirus, delivering approximately 4.8 million doses of pre-pandemic vaccine that is well-matched to the H5 of the currently circulating H5N1 strain. Tellingly—as we inch closer to the critical election in November and brace for the planned chaos that surely lies ahead—in a recent interview, former CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield remarked:

“In the laboratory, I could make it [H5N1] more infectious to humans in months … it’s been published the four amino acids that I need to change … That’s the real biosecurity threat, that these University labs are doing these bio experiments … Bird Flu, I think, is gonna be the cause of the great pandemic, where they are teaching these viruses how to be more infectious for humans.”


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