Humanity has arrived at a rare, explosive moment where several avenues of information are converging to shatter a major paradigm much of society and medicine has accepted as their reality. Which direction will we go? It was last month that Englands health service announced it would stop prescribing puberty blockers to transgender kids. A move that aligned the UK with several other Nordic countries.

Now, the public received the full data dump that drove England’s decision in the form of The Cass Review commissioned by the NHS and lead by former President of the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health Dr. Hillary Cass. Its findings:

-Clinicians should be “extreme cautious” giving powerful hormone drugs to kids 16 and under

-Most of the 23 clinical guidelines and recommendations for managing gender dysphoria in children and young people reviewed were not independent or evidence based

-Of the 50 studies on puberty blockers reviewed, only one was of high quality

-Of the 53 studies on the use of hormone treatment, only one was of sufficiently high quality

Perhaps most interestingly, the Cass Review speaks on the medical profession stating doctors can be cautious in implementing new findings yet “quite the reverse happened in the field of gender care for children,” writes the report.

“Based on a single Dutch study, which suggested that puberty blockers may improve psychological wellbeing for a narrowly defined group of children with gender incongruence, the practice spread at pace to other countries.”

The medically-run gender transiting of children has been a controversial subject for years. Its theory and medical practice began to see a major surge in 2014 to which the momentum has continued ever since. The reason, two Dutch studies, with small sample sizes, lack of a control group, and only short-term follow-up.

Despite the ‘robust’ science mainstream medicine purports to operate from, and demand detractors of their orthodoxy produce to argue against what they are doing, the medical transitioning of children using risky drugs and surgical procedures is not supported by ’science’ or even good evidence.

A reanalysis of the two studies that that gave rise to the “gender-affirmative” care for youth worldwide stated, “…the Dutch research suffers from profound, previously unrecognized problems.” From erroneously concluding that gender dysphoria disappeared as a result of “gender-affirmative treatment,” to reporting only the best-case scenario outcomes and failing to properly examine the risks, despite the fact that a significant proportion of the treated sample experienced adverse effects.

A phenomenon coined “runaway diffusion” has seen the medical community mistake a small experiment on children as a proven practice that rapidly spread to general practice settings.

It was also announced recently that puberty blockers have also halted for children in Scotland after Cass review.  The dominos appear to be falling.

The Cass Review has also kicked off investigations by the NHS into its seven major adult gender dysphoria clinics based on evidence from several whistleblowers.

The mainstream medical community is often hypocritical. When faced with irrefutable evidence of side effects and harm from products, drugs, procedures or even vaccines, those protecting the dominant narrative will claim the science isn’t robust to support such evidence or drive change. They will falsely claim the science is settled.

Often it takes a tremendous external public effort to reach into the medical system’s operating orthodoxy and force change for the better. Such change accomplished is often late and can be underwhelming compared to what needs to be done in realty.

It appears that society and an overzealous medical community can benefit from this early inflection point being granted by the evidence presented in the Cass Review, other simultaneous data points currently merging and the rapidly shifting public sentiment towards medically transitioning children.

Jefferey Jaxen

Jefferey Jaxen is a health journalist and featured in his weekly segment, ’The Jaxen Report’, on The HighWire. As an investigative journalist, researcher, and compelling writer, Jefferey serves as Lead editor of The HighWire News and Opinion Team.