In keeping with a federal court ruling, the CDC released the second batch of V-safe free-text entries in March, and the theme is unmistakable—a long list of adverse events dominated the rollout of the tainted COVID-19 jabs. The entries, where users could type in up to 250 characters to describe their experience, remained consistent with the entries received in February regarding the number of times specific symptoms were reported. The 2nd Interim Release in March not only gives us an opportunity to potentially track those participants who made entries in February after their first shot, but it also solidifies the widely held belief that, across the board, the CDC’s handling of the lethal jabs failed the American people. From 76 entries for heart attacks to breastmilk turning green and breastfed babies developing hives, the adverse events are extensive and alarming. In a March 28, 2024, press release on the second tranche of free-text data, Del Bigtree’s ICAN noted:

“At first look, there’s remarkable consistency between the 390,000 text entries received in February and the 390,000 text entries received in March (made by 523,150 unique V-safe users) in terms of the number of times certain symptoms were reported. For example, in both the February and March productions, roughly 3,200 entries mention the symptom of “shortness of breath.” For the term “heart palpitations” there were about 1,900 reports in the February batch and 1,600 in the March batch. Concerningly, these are both symptoms of myocarditis. In addition, in each batch there were roughly 1,000 reports of “ringing” of the ears (tinnitus), which studies and news reports have linked to the COVID-19 vaccines, despite CDC’s refusal to recognize it as an adverse event.”

It’s crucial to remember that early CDC directives on “What to Expect After Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine” noted that “during clinical trials, common side effects included pain, chills, swelling, tiredness, fever, and headache.” The CDC also advised those experiencing more severe signs like difficulty breathing, swelling of the face or throat, fast heartbeat, dizziness and weakness to “call your healthcare provider right away.” Significantly, the more severe signs highlighted by the CDC are the ones that overwhelm the free-text data. Thousands of users reported swelling of the eyes, face, and throat. One user reported in February, presumably following the first COVID shot, “face and eye swelling, tightness [in] chest.” The same user reported in March, presumably after the second shot, “had to get steroids for facial swelling, eye swelling, itchy. No one ever called about my allergic reaction.”

Unfortunately, a rather concerning aspect of the data is the number of people who requested to be contacted by the CDC. More concerning is the question: Did the CDC get back to them? After all, according to the CDC’s own description of its voluntary V-safe app, which it claims contacted enrollees daily for the first week after vaccination, “enrollees are asked if they missed work, were unable to perform normal daily activities, or received care from a medical professional because of reported symptoms or health conditions.” The CDC then declared, “Enrollees who report seeking medical care are contacted, and a VAERS report is completed if clinically indicated.” Were the enrollees seeking medical care contacted? It seems unlikely. Below are some heartbreaking examples of users—including several who are physicians—requesting to be contacted back by the CDC:

“I have concerns that the injection was administered into a blood vessel rather than the muscle. I have several questions regarding this. First, is this dangerous? Is it possible to receive a second ‘first round’ of the vaccine? How would I go about this? And is it safe to receive the second injection if the first did in fact go into the blood rather than the muscle? I have called the CDC line and left a few messages and despite saying someone will get back to me in 2 business days, nobody has called me back. I need guidance before I receive the second injection.”

“Within 2 to 3 minutes of initial Covid 19 vaccine administration I developed severe tachycardia with heart rate up to 140 and my blood pressure shot up yo 158/94, both tachycardia and hypertension persisted for 2 hours I need to talk to some one at CDC regarding this episode .. I am cardiologist abd my concern is if I should receive booster dose of this vaccine or not?”

“Been in ER four times since my first shot due to high blood pressure 210/101 100 HR. I have been in the ER four times since my first shot on 1/6/2021, and I can not even get a hold of the CDC. My knee joints are filled with fluid, and my jaw joints are swollen. The vaccine is affecting my joints. My right knee has knee fluid buildup called bakers cyst from the first vaccine fluid is building up in my joints. I had to see an orthopedic specialist. I can not get the second vaccine!!!”

“Because no one from the CDC has responded to my emails or messages through this app regarding my questions about being given my second shot early in spite of the notice on the CDC website a minimum of 21 days this will be the last one of these I fill out.”

“Self-management as I am a physician. I had COVID 10 weeks ago. Could it be that people who had Covid are experiencing more profound effects from the vaccine? Is the CDC tracking this? Self treating rash with antihistamines and topical medications. Unfortunately the CDC sent a message that someone will call, but I think that call will come next year.” 

“New right side facial droop. I am a physician (pulmonary) so I decided to ED the AM to make sure it was not a small stroke vs limited Bells Palsy. CBC was normal as well as chemistries. Covid PCR results pending. MRI no stroke. I do have new mild tenderness behind upper posterior of right mandible. I do want to get vaccine to work. I am sure someone from the CDC will be contacting me. An undetermined period later, the user wrote, “Still with right-sided droop and lower lip weakness. I remain with partial Bells Palsy. I would like to speak with someone from the CDC since I am due for second shot next week.” Presumably, with no response from the CDC, the user then wrote, “I still have mandibular distribution Bells Palsy and would like to talk to someone from CDC. I have declined 2nd shot. Can you call me to discuss options?” 

Across the board, no matter the adverse event—whether its the thousands that reported tremors and shaking, the hundreds that reported abnormal vaginal bleeding and miscarriage, the thousands that reported shingles and persistent brain fog, the hundreds that reported strokes and heart issues, the hundreds that reported bleeding, significant sudden hair loss, unconsciousness, were rushed to the ER, or were suddenly hospitalized—the despair shared by users is unmistakeable. Sixty-seven entries specifically used the word “scared.” “It’s hard to put in to words, but I just don’t feel right since I received the vaccine today,” one user wrote, adding, “I’m scared to take the second dose given the severity of my reaction to the first. Should I be concerned? Everyone, including medical professionals are telling me the second dose is going to be worse…” Truly heartbreaking.

Yet, while fear has been the driving force behind the pandemic propaganda, and most especially the gene-damaging COVID-19 jabs, those genuinely terrified after following orders and getting the injections have been categorically ignored. As ICAN pointed out, a complete analysis of the data will only be possible once the CDC has shared all 7.8 million free text entries. Even then, essential questions are left unanswered. Such as how many people on the list—who were unquestionably quite ill and suffering—are still alive? Sadly, after presumably being typed in by devastated loved ones, we know at least two people using the V-safe app passed away.


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