In the early days of the pandemic, the CDC boldly declared that, compared with women of childbearing age who weren’t pregnant, pregnant women with COVID-19 were at increased risk of severe illness and death. The agency went further, insisting that not only could mothers die from catching COVID-19, but that during pregnancy, the disease was associated with increased risk for adverse pregnancy outcomes, such as preterm birth and stillbirth. Unsurprisingly, they omitted any discussion of potential birth defects stemming from the wildly experimental mRNA jabs they were pushing. To back up their safety claims as they scared mothers into compliance, the CDC referenced a handful of studies, including one from September 2020 funded by the World Health Organization (WHO). Yet, as has been the case throughout the pandemic, the CDC was wrong. Specifically, a new study published by Springer found that Pfizer’s COVID-19 jab “significantly altered” the expression of specific genes that influence neurodevelopmental pathways in both male and female rats, with male pups being far more affected than females.

The study titled “Prenatal Exposure to COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 Unduces Autism-Like Behaviors in Male Neonatal Rats: Insights into WNT and BDNF Signaling Perturbations,” analyzed the expression of WNT brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) levels, specific cytokines, mTOR expression, neuropathology, and autism-related neurobehavioral outcomes in rats injected with Pfizer’s COVID-19 mRNA jab and compared the results with a group of rats given saline placebos. Besides the autism-like behaviors displayed by the male pups, including repetitive behaviors and disinterest in social interaction, male pups from mothers who received the Pfizer shot experienced impaired motor performance, evidenced by lowered coordination and agility and a significant decrease in neuronal counts in critical regions of the brain. These findings indicate altered neurodevelopment or potential neurodegeneration. The study authors remarked:

“The COVID-19 mRNA vaccine seems to induce autism-like behaviors in male rats, impacting the WNT and BDNF pathways in both genders. This gender-specific outcome emphasizes questions on the vaccine’s influence on brain function and structure. There’s a notable higher prevalence of ASD in males than females, pointing to innate biological factors affecting the manifestation of neurodevelopmental disorders differently between sexes.

In conclusion, our study presents evidence that the COVID-19 mRNA BNT162b2 vaccine impacts the WNT pathway and BDNF levels in rats, with particularly pronounced effects observed in males. These male-specific outcomes, including autism-like behaviors, reduced neuronal counts, and impaired motor performance, emphasize the potential neurodevelopmental implications of the vaccine, aligning with existing literature on the roles of the WNT pathway and BDNF signaling in neurodevelopmental disorders.”

The study authors, all four from research institutions in Turkey, responsibly note that, since their research relied on animal models, further “rigorous clinical studies are required to confirm these observations in human populations and to ascertain the exact mechanisms at play.” Significantly, the study observed that male pups exposed to the Pfizer jab in the womb were “abnormally afraid to socialize” and “actively avoided novel situations,” immediate human studies should be at the top of the list of the CDC.

The question at hand is obvious—will human studies on the Pfizer jabs observed link to autism happen? As previously noted, the CDC leaned on studies funded by the WHO to support its stance that pregnant women should get the jab. The agency took this approach while intentionally omitting pregnant women in pre-authorization clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccines. Instead, the agency asserted that “post-authorization safety monitoring and research are the primary ways to obtain safety data on COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy.” It’s just a mother and her infant, after all. Thus, the CDC steered pregnant women to its crooked V-Safe pregnancy registry—the vaccine safety monitoring system rolled out specifically for the COVID-19 jabs.



With its bogus system in place, to make the deadly mRNA COVID-19 jab appear even more secure to pregnant women, the CDC went so far as to declare that V-Safe was part of “the most intensive safety monitoring effort in U.S. history.” But despite its claims that the COVID-19 jabs are safe and effective, Del Bigtree’s ICAN has pointed out that the CDC refused to release the V-Safe data to back this claim up. Now, thanks to the hard work of Freedom Coalition of Doctors for Choice, the CDC has a court-ordered deadline of January 15, 2025, to produce every single omitted and indeed revealing free-text entry in V-Safe. In making its ruling in support of this critical data, the Court wrote:

“Production of the free-text data will permit independent researchers to put the government agencies to their proof by considering all of the available data.”

Interestingly, in 2022, the CDC awarded its partner in crime Abt Associates—a self-described cutting-edge leader in pandemic preparedness—a three-year $10 million contract to continue to operate the V-Safe COVID-19 Vaccine Pregnancy Registry, which collects data from pregnant, vaccinated mothers to monitor potential safety issues. As we learn that Pfizer’s jab is tied to autism in offspring when given to pregnant mothers, what is Abt Associates’ role in the lack of true-to-life data presented on the CDC’s V-Safe? After doing a little digging, it is a safe bet to assume that the CDC data-collecting comrade is undoubtedly a member of the deep state attempting to possess the freedoms of humanity. With ties to USAID and “a history of dishonesty and overestimating the costs of environmental damage against oil companies,” Influence Watch reports that Abt Associates enjoys “a long and lucrative history as a contractor for the U.S. government.”

Oh, and with over 3,000 employees in 60 countries, Abt Associates’ most prominent funders are the Open Society Foundations funded by George Soros and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.



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