California has 17 abortion-promoting bills drawn up by the California Future of Abortion Council in conjunction with the California Legislative Women’s Caucus. One of them, AB 598, would require California schools to teach middle and high school children about abortion and provide girls as young as twelve with a list of abortion businesses.

This latest round of abortion-related bills comes just months after Gov. Gavin Newsom signed 15 bills crafted to ensure that even as his beloved California falls apart, the state will become the nation’s “abortion sanctuary.” AB 598—sponsored by Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks, the radical progressive figure behind Barack Obama’s 2012 Get-Out-the-Vote Campaign—amends the California Education Code to state:

“Each school district shall ensure that all pupils in grades 7 to 12, inclusive, receive comprehensive sexual health education…. at least once in junior high or middle school and at least once in high school.”

If signed into law, AB 598 would require that sex education programs in middle and high school instruct kids in “pregnancy prevention and care, including, but not limited to, guidance regarding contraceptive methods and abortion.” It mandates that students learn details about local resources for sexual and reproductive health, including abortion, requiring that all students “shall receive a physical or digital resource detailing the local resources” to carry out an abortion, such as a webpage linking minors to the abortion facilities.

Never mind that children 12 years old are too young to consent to sex in any state legally, the bill instructs teachers to teach a “positive” attitude of “inclusivity and support in conversations surrounding abortion or contraception.” And, as noted by LiveAction’s Nancy Flanders, “while minors typically must be 15 years old to access any medical care in California without parental consent, and age 12 to consent to STI testing and treatment, the laws don’t apply to abortion or birth control. A child of any age—even below the age of sexual consent—can obtain birth control and undergo abortions without even informing their parents. And now their teachers will be forced to speak affirmatively about abortion with them.”

Mary Rose Short, the director of California Right to Life, responded to the bill, commenting that Democrats are focused on turning students into lifelong customers for the abortion industry instead of working to improve California’s failing schools. Noting that promoting sex in schools will undoubtedly lead to a rise in sexual activity, Short remarked to the Washington Stand:

“California’s mandatory sex-ed program has always been a boon to the abortion industry. Encouraging children to engage in sexual activity will inevitably result in unintended pregnancies, so it’s not surprising that the Democrats in the legislature want every middle and high school student to know where to get an abortion without involving their parents. If students make it to college, it’s even easier to get an abortion since California law mandates that state universities provide abortions on campus as a staple of student life.”

That’s right, instead of improving academics, AB 598 would require California public school districts to administer the California Healthy Kids Survey to all seventh to 12th-grade students. Essentially, this move would enable lawmakers to consistently update the sexual education curriculum to ensure children know as much about sex and abortion as possible. Proud of AB 598’s directive that kids are intentionally bombarded with sex and abortion as if it is normal, Wicks explained how lawmakers would exploit the survey information, stating:

“It also ensures that our school districts are required to administer the California Healthy Survey test that includes a test around reproductive care and contraceptive care in that healthy survey so that we policymakers and educators can have data around what our young people are experiencing and how they understand these issues, and we can create the appropriate curriculum for them.”

Interestingly, and not mentioned anywhere in AB 598, as it promotes sex and abortion to school kids, is that California’s legal age of consent is 18 years old. That means engaging in sexual activity with an individual under 18 is generally considered illegal, regardless of the age difference between the parties involved. Yet, the bill doesn’t consider that issue at all. Instead, it encourages an open dialogue between students and teachers about sex and abortion without their parent’s knowledge.

But remember, Wicks was hand-picked back in the day by Barack Obama, so the brazen indoctrination of youth and destruction of family embedded within AB 598 should be no surprise.


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