By Wayne Rohde

What is the age of consent? The answer varies from state to state. It varies depending on the context of the activity or scenario. And apparently, when it is convenient for our government to separate parental decision making and consent away from their children.

Generally, when our government, law enforcement, and medical establishment discuss age of consent they are referring to sexual activity. The laws vary by state but generally between 16 and 18 years of age. These laws are very strict to punish the criminal act. The laws are designed to protect the fragility of our youth, of our children.

Yet, our government and medical establishment are not about protecting the frailty of our children when it comes to vaccination. Even to the point of trying to sever the relationship of parent and child.

Several state legislatures have introduced bills to lower the age of consent for minors to receive a vaccine. The District of Columbia enacted legislation in October 2020 to allow children as young as 11 years of age to receive a vaccination without parental knowledge or consent. California passed a bill nearly a decade ago (AB499) to allow children as young as 12 years of age to obtain confidential medical services for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) without their parents’ consent. This includes HPV and Hepatitis B vaccines.

Recently, we were shown stories from teenagers who were unhappy their parents were making decisions regarding vaccination and other medical care. These kids became pawns in a very grotesque game played by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Big Pharma, and medical associations pitting children against their parents. These articles and slick advertisements in teen related magazines such as Teen Vogue and websites are evidence that CDC, Pharma and the medical community want to directly influence the teenagers. It reminds me of when Big Tobacco advertised products for younger people including those damn bubble gum cigarettes.

Now, through a series of conferences, speaking engagements, and promotions our government is reaching out to our children directly, speaking to them about the necessity of being vaccinated. The FDA is conducting town hall meetings with “junior” journalists, CDC and industry using cable news and teenage TV programing to inform our children they have rights to make decisions themselves without proper informed consent.

Parents need to rise up, talk to your kids, and inform them of the complete picture, risks and benefits for any and all medical interventions. For the last 20 years, schools, because of parental involvement, would send home a note about upcoming topics in school such as sex education, religion and giving the parents the ability to choose what is in the best interests for their children.

Now, all we see are pop-up tents at schools and at shopping malls for kids to get vaccinated WITHOUT parental consent or approval. It is time for all of us to get active again with our school boards, with our local and state governments.

On August 24th, 2020, our federal government, the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued an amendment to the PREP Act (Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act) to allow pharmacists to administer childhood vaccines to children as young as 3 years of age. This was very perplexing at the time while our country was dealing with the COVID pandemic. Why use the PREP Act “legislation designed to deal with an outbreak or epidemic” to regulate childhood vaccinations?

Traditionally the states make laws and regulations as to who can administer a vaccine, which vaccines, and to whom they can be administered. This was the first time our federal government reached in and circumvented state law for childhood vaccines. Yet this Third (3rd) Amendment to the PREP Act still required parental consent for children. But it is setting the stage for what will be coming soon.

Several states have adopted the mature minor doctrine recognizing that there is not a bright-line age of majority to consent (or withhold consent) to medical treatment in all circumstances. The mature minor doctrine states if the minor is of sufficient intelligence to understand and appreciate the consequences. The doctrine is supported by the American Medical Association to allow minors to override parental decisions for vaccination.

There are also laws to allow minors who are living on their own, including unaccompanied minors experiencing homelessness, to consent for routine health care, which include vaccinations. Here is a list of 31 states that allow minors to seek medical care.

Last week, a bill was introduced in the Minnesota Legislature to do just that. A bill to allow vaccination of children as young as 12 years of age. The same for Pennsylvania.

North Carolina does allow children as young as 12 years of age to receive the COVID vaccination. Illinois allows children as young as 12 years of age to get the HPV and Hepatitis B vaccine. Even Idaho allows minors to pursue medical care without parental consent if the medical provider determines the minor possesses “requisite comprehension.”

This determination by a qualified medical clinician is very problematic for me and I would think for many. How does a pediatrician or clinician who sees your child for 15 minutes once a year, make a qualified determination that the child possesses “requisite comprehension”? This sounds like doctors already have decided. Meanwhile, the child has been programmed by cable news, by TV shows, and teen websites that COVID vaccine is beneficial for them and their community.

The clear goal by some state legislatures and industry is to allow children as young as 12 years of age to receive the COVID vaccine in perpetuity. Currently, the vaccines are still in clinical trials and authorized only for administration under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

However, several scientists and researchers say the risks could be greater for the children receiving the vaccine versus the perceived benefit. Dr. Vinay Prasad of Univ. of California, San Francisco; Dr. Stefan Baral from John Hopkins School of Public Health; and Wesley Pegden from Carnegie Mellon University recently published a letter in the BMJ.

“Unlike for adults, the rarity of severe covid-19 outcomes for children means that trials cannot demonstrate that the balance of the benefits of vaccination against the potential adverse effects are favorable to the children themselves. In short, given the rarity of severe clinical courses and limited clarity of risks, the criteria for emergency use authorization do not appear to be met for children.”

Getting back to what is the age of consent. That depends on the state but also the context of applying the consent to a specific action or scenario.

So what is the age of consent to marry? To have consensual sex. To purchase and register a car. To work. To purchase a home or rent an apartment. To have elective surgery.

Now for the ugly. What is the age of consent for an abortion? To receive a vaccination without parental consent?

Our federal government restricts the age of consent to register for the armed forces and to vote.

Yet we try to protect our children from malicious and criminal events committed by adults who prey on them. Judges are allowed to enact harsher penalties for these predators.

We punish adults who are arrested for DUI with children in the car, armed robbery, or even murder/manslaughter in the presence of children.

But when it is convenient for our government and for our health departments to advance their vaccine agenda, they will treat them as adults.

Wayne Rohde, author of The Vaccine Court 2.0 and The Vaccine Court – Dark Truth of America’s Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Also the host of Right On Point podcast (

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