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  1. Since Covid I’ve hardly heard anything about the other vaccines. I think we were making great progress in exposing the truth about them, then they distracted with another virus while they clean up the science out there that proves these were not properly tested and we are letting it happen by only or most focusing on these new shots. I think its time to check in on Dr Peter Aaby.

    1. Every episode makes sure to have cappuccino coloured kids in the classroom, to praise MLK who was a degenerate, kiss the Holocaust memorial, push multiculturalism..

      He wants you suckers to call for the NWO to be implemented.. coffee brown workers on the global plantation..

  2. Governments have absolutely no place to make rules controlling family health matters, that strictly belongs to the parent who knows their child right from birth, as well as being of genetic replica of the those parents.

  3. Can’t control a default? I wrote the definitive article read like a book in every country in the world for 2 years for free on Newsvine and had to take them all down to stop the threats to me, my business, family, especially my eldest son who is a jab injured person among billions. FAS-157 triggered the 07-08 collapse and the markets turned around after Bernanke made a public statement that mark to market, the trick of the 29 crash, should be wound down. Likely that was the signal to insiders to start manipulating the market to hide the end of their short positions and implement long positions.

    Debt isn’t a problem for sovereign countries that can create money and tax it. What were talking about doing is fixing the economy that Jesus exposed 1989 years ago. You either let the crooks devise the plan, or we come together to decide we’re all equal owners of the existing global system. We finance the reset with OUR $ and everyone in the world gets a handsome dividend weekly. This money is ours, but we circulate the CURRENCY in a closed circuit or loop where we pay rents into the system we own if you will to make the system work. Those that live frugal lives, will be able to travel more or attend plays or concerts, whatever. Those that choose have a giant McMansions will to not travel as much say. Everyone who can work should have to put in 3 hours of work per week into the system. Whether it is making furnace equipment or drilling for water or oil. Nobody will earn more than anyone else. Anyone unable to work due to old system jab damage will not have to work and will have the ability to get the required services to live as good a life as is possible. A closed loop without profits and income inequality will end the excuse for price gouging by the powerful existing owner’s.. This system balances power equally to everyone and ends the unnecessary production just to create income for the slaves. Equal ownership ends this modern day disguised multi layered slave system.

    Peace Be With You.

      1. No, understanding where the problem starts and correcting for that is the cure. Pretending that optimizing the system is some communist plot is propaganda or the result of classical conditioning, aka drooling when you hear anything that threatens the screwed up system as an evil plot.

  4. Joe Biden, probably the most inept and dangerous person to ever hold the office of President has nominated a full blown Communist to the Supreme Court. A weak and compliant Republican senate will confirm her after some lame protests. This woman will vote for anything that curbs rights guaranteed by our constitution, including forcing mandates on the population. This fight is only beginning. This is the result of years of progressive politics being foisted on a complacent free society. Americans really need to wake up.

  5. Winding down the CDC, NIH, HHS, is the buyout of big pharma. If they’re off the hook with OUR money, their resistance evaporates if we stop calling for Nuremberg 2.0. John 12:47-48 will handle every individual anti-John 13:34-35 actor on their last day. Everything we want it will grow, everything we don’t want we let it die and create other programs that can fix the world.

    Solar power in desert regions that create a shaded area where soils are rejuvenated by growing shade loving plants that increase CO2 conversion to plant oils, proteins, and carbohydrates. Using solar powered desalination systems and a solar powered pumping network to water storage tanks that are used for drinking water and for irrigation to grow plants and repair unproductive soils globally.

    Now, we decide we’re going to invest in geo thermal heating systems for housing and greenhouses for winter growing, we can reverse the CO2 cycle reduction in winter so that the entire planet is converting CO2 to plants around the globe instead of one half of the planet in each standard plant growing system.

    This entire system can be fixed with unity John 17:20-23.

    Peace Be With You

  6. When we stop playing the red blue communist capitalist divide and conquer game we can fix this thing. Judging the puppets or the puppet masters or the financiers is the devils game. When we stop the insanity of the devils system and allow God’s system to handle that on a person’s last day, and we just attack bad ideas and promote good ones, we got this thing beat. We’ve already won, except we’re scaring the s _ _ _ out of the puppets and above. Let’s just agree we should all be equal owners and stop giving unbalanced power to a bunch of easily manipulated puppets. It our country, WE = 55 = 10 = 1 in unity!

  7. Terrifying the police abuse over ordinary citizens who PAY THEIR TAXES, shame on them. I lost respect for the system that suppose to WORK for the people and HELP out when need, they have show to be heartless robots who are doing what they’ve been told without human decency.

  8. This incredibly accurate summation from ‘The Conservative Tree House’:
    “A wounded water buffalo was spotted trying to give birth on the dangerous Serengeti Plain, CNN International reports if Russia had not annexed Crimea, it wouldn’t have happened.  Early tomorrow morning, a man in Wisconsin will miss his bus, because the battery in his alarm clock ran out; if only Putin had not disrupted the global supply chain these issues would not be happening.The drawbridge near Baton Rouge Louisiana was stuck yesterday – MSNBC angrily confirms Putin caused it.  In New York, a once joyful fifth grade teacher’s chalk broke in half right when she was about to use it on the blackboard; Margaret Brennan points the glare at Ukraine. If the stock market climbs, or falls, or stays the same, we can be certain that Moscow had something to do with it. When the planes arrive/depart typically late, CBS finds a way to make NATO responsible for it – if the sanctions had only come sooner. When the sun rises today, it will only be because President Volodymyr Zelenskyy spent all night on his knees knitting sweaters for homeless kittens while fending off Russian special forces and making phone calls to the European commission.  George Stephanopoulos has all the details. Everything is Vladimir Putin’s fault, says the PBS reporter standing at the base of the Statue of Liberty to catch her tears, because it was all just so avoidable. And… somewhere in the distance Jacinda Ardern, Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron, Boris Johnson and Ron Klain are on a zoom call smiling with Klaus Schwab.” Meanwhile linear small thinking Americans wring their pearl clutching hands cursing Putin like Snoopy does to the Red Baron.

  9. As a recap, let’s go over who the Bad Guys are, in addition to the faces on the thumbnail … W.H.O.; Blackrock; Biden Administration; Big Pharma; Doctors pushing false narratives; and now Kiev, Ukraine (in case you haven’t figured it out by now). Oh, almost forgot, Covid Is Still Fake.

  10. Dear Freedom Convoy 2022, don’t forget to bring trailers full of groceries. Our store shelves are looking pretty bare. Gosh, I have no idea why that is happening, but I’m so hungry I can’t put 2 & 2 together.

  11. Please stay on the Plandemic CONvid Scamdemics until all the tyrants are in prison… the other stuff they are pushing is just distractions for mankind to forget about the CONvid…

    1. The Highwire.is backing the Kalergi plan.

      Del doesn’t miss an episode without mentioning Martin Luther king or Gandhi.

      Every guest makes sure to push multiculturalism. That’s textbook corporate policy.

      Every video makes sure to emphasise capacious

      The great reset is the great replacement.

  12. Edward Dowd:
    Your speculation regarding the obligations of pension funds and the deaths of the elderly pensioners to give those funds relief makes total sense. Thanks for that perspective. I am a retiree drawing a monthly retirement check. I’m sure CalPers would like to reduce their financial obligation at my expense………………….. I’m going kicking and screaming and I am UnVaccinated!

  13. Haven’t been able to watch much highwire in last few weeks – buffers over and over and over and over….with less than 10 seconds between.

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Trudeau, Putin, Schwab, and The World Health Order; Surprise! CDC Hiding Data; Ex-BlackRock Manager Exposes Global Cover Up; Convoy Organizer’s Message to Biden & The World

Guests: Alexandra Lavoie, Edward Dowd, Kyle Sefcik