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  1. I propose it’s “post covid-19 psychosis”. Search it. People develop it weeks months after infection. He had it back in Sept. It’s already a paranoid country. It triggered it. Look at the things he’s been saying. Look at the huge distances he keeps between himself and others. There’s sugestions he’s not the same person he use to be. Compare with comments in that davos clip of just a year ago.

  2. I think Putin was initially interested in learning more about the WEF, hence the photos of him with Schwab and other members, but I don’t think he is a supporter now. I could also have been him demonstrating the saying “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.”

  3. For the more accurate perspective on Ukraine, watch Jimmy Dore on YouTube. Putin is not the aggressor, but responding to 8 years of aggression from NATO and the US installed leader of Ukraine following the US led coup in 2014.

    1. This is it right here. If Russia tried for years to get Mexico to join their group of allies we would be equally pissed and aggressive in taking steps to ensure that this never happens.

      Also, as it turns out, the covid-19 campaign massively FAILED and they desperately need a new psychosis to steal our attention.

      Dr Vladimir Zelenko says that 50% of patients who are diagnosed with myocarditis pass away within 5 years!… Consider that.

  4. I’m still scratching my head about what is really going on in Ukraine. Is the invasion just being staged by Putin as a loyal WEF follower, as a distraction, or to set the perfect stage for a cyberattack on the US grid (by either Russia or a false flag Deep State operation that can be plausibly blamed on Russia)? Or is Putin simply the evil, possibly deranged megalomaniac the (lying) MSM are painting him as? Could the MSM narrative be close to the truth this time, for once?

    Or does the invasion have something to do with all the bioweapon labs (about 15 Level 2 labs) operated by the US DOD in Ukraine? That has a distinctly rotten smell to it.

    The existence of such labs recently came to light and was reported on by various alternative news sites. Within days of the existence of the labs being disclosed on the alternative news sites, I saw an MSM article (on Yahoo, I think) that “debunked” the story, claiming that no such labs exist.

    But then various alternative sites pointed out that all the information on the funding, construction and operation of at least 15 such US labs in Ukraine was all transparently disclosed in detail on the official US embassy website in Ukraine, so the “debunking” was a lie. And shortly thereafter, around 2 p.m. on Feb. 26th, the embassy website was “scrubbed” of all the PDFs relating to the various labs.
    (But before the embassy website was scrubbed, various people archived the web pages, fortunately.)

    It’s also very interesting that the labs were co-run by Ecohealth Alliance, Fauci’s buddies. Sound familiar?

    Russia had repeatedly complained in recent years about such dangerous labs being operated by the US so near its borders, since the labs were set up, after the US-led Soros-funded 2014 coup in Ukraine that overthrew the elected pro-Russian president, and has basically turned Ukraine into a cash cow for prominent US politicians, whose sons (like Hunter Biden) serve as board members of state-owned Ukrainian oil companies, as “no-shows” drawing huge salaries.

    So is taking out those labs, and exposing the US funding of them the reason for the Russians’ “special operation” in Ukraine, where perhaps they thought they could send in teams to surgically strike and capture the labs in all the major cities? If so, they have badly miscalculated the level of resistance they would face, and now are bogged down and turning to nastier tactics, bombing and killing civilians. And is Putin actually an anti-globalist, the last nationalist holdout among world leaders?

    It’s all confusing as to who are the good guys, who are the bad guys, or are they all “bad guys” in this brutal conflict? Nothing I see makes total sense of what is going on.

  5. I think one of the dangers here is if Putin decides to use nuclear weapons, because if he does, then most of our enemies who have nuclear weapons are going to follow suit. If that happens it’s not going to matter who’s right or who’s wrong, because they’ll have turned much of this planet into a ball of flames.

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As Russia invaded Ukraine this week, Putin’s ties with the World Economic Forum, and its founder, Klaus Schwab, are coming into focus. Del explores the connection between the W.E.F.’s goals and Russia’s conflict with Ukraine.