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  1. i Love your weekly report however I am so over everything about the gender thing that I’m tempted not to watch this episode. It is so obvious it is a further distraction and also an effort to further remove the usual marriage and procreate and therefore also reduce population over time.

    1. Most of the people who get triggered by the trans issue also think Elon Musk is a great guy, kinda like the way this show keeps praising him. I guess as long as you ignore that fact that the end game of the trans movement is transhumanism, that shill and his Starlink enslavement system is a hero cuz he let people post on Twitter.

      Also, once again, pharma is NOT the most powerful lobby in Washington, you’re thinking of AIPAC. You can win an election based on opposing Big Phara, try opposing Israel and the Greater Israel Project and see how many elections you win.

      If you think there’s more power and money in drugs, you haven’t researched the military industrial complex

      P.S. The Rona death stats have been rigged from the beginning, so why do you keep quoting fake numbers?

  2. How did so many die during Covid in the US?

    -suppression of highly effective treatments
    -use of deadly hospital protocols
    -counting most deaths as Covid deaths
    -paying hospital staff to kill patients
    -locking people indoors suppressing immunity
    -giving people a poison that made them more susceptible to worse cases of Covid and also killing them

  3. omg what is wrong with the vancouver police…Are those women indoctrinated or what…
    She, the police officer is saying the man standing with a sign CALM being calm…..standing calm while transgender people, curse, scream, yell and then physically take his hand and grab his neck…to choke him…yet the transgenders are innocent…have they lost their minds…is this what indoctrination of our children looks like…they have no awareness …wow

    1. Billboard Chris has had his arm broken by extreme activists. He is always peaceful and calm. Just his sign and his stand evokes violence, poor guy.

  4. I am 100% certain that Fauci has put something in the early baby or childhood shots that has caused something in these people’s brains to get confused.

    This is by far, the saddest and most angering subject I’ve ever heard. These poor children!

    1. Chemical Endocrine disruptors are the aspect of the gender confusion issue that is not being addressed. Endocrine disrupting chemicals have been dumped into the environment by industry for decades. These chemicals disrupt the expression of gender by mimicking endocrine hormones like estrogen. They have been shown to cause fish and amphibians to express opposite gender characteristics. Humans have similar hormones; it is certainly effecting us.

      These chemicals have been produced since at least the 30’s with the production of PCBs. PCBs are persistent; they don’t break down in the environment. Many of the phthalates in plastics are known endocrine disruptors. An example is Bishpenol-a which was until recently in the lining of canned foods! We have all heard of the ubiquity of micro-plastics in the environment. Foods containing soy which have become popular in the last few decades are high in estrogen mimicking chemicals too.

      Why else would we see such an increase in this gender confusion issue in our population over the last decades? Anyone curious on the subject can read about endocrine disruptors in Wikipedia and elsewhere.

      We cant fight this problem by attacking each other. Confronting those individuals who perceive their sexuality differently than their actual gender is not going to convince them to change their perception. Perhaps some might call it a psychological illness but that is just denigration and and just increases the social divide, without leading to a solution.

      Certainly there are some individuals and institutions that have an agenda to promote transgenderism. Jenifer Bilek, does a great job, revealing them in this video: youtube.com/watch?v=tLXdoqXbC6k&t=1s Certainly we have to call them out on this. Their agitation has to be actively opposed.

      But this is secondary to confronting the industries that are profiting from this chemical pollution that is at the source of the problem. Lets go at the cause of this, not the victims of it.

  5. I had a friend who had fully transitioned and also regretted it after going through the surgery. Now because of the surgery they are dealing with severe mental health issues and risks to their physical health because perfectly healthy organs were removed and it messed up their hormones.

    I had another friend who was intersexed and actually did require surgery after puberty to correct the issues they had due to having XXY chromosome.

    So while I do get that gender changing surgery has its place, I doubt it is necessary or helpful in 90% of the cases it is used for. In most cases it is far more likely to be like the first friend where the issue was a dislike of their body that was made worse after surgery. Most transgender people I know have very severe mental health issues and changing their bodies without addressing those is going to just make things worse for them and it’s so sad because these people are victims in the end of a twisted system that cares only about making money off them for life and not about their physical or mental health.

    I also feel that gender issues are being used to drive more wedges between us. Now we have to walk on eggshells around people to make sure we use the correct pronouns and that we memorize everyone’s pronouns to ensure we don’t accidentally offend. People who are understanding are treated like the enemy because they identify as the gender they were born to.. I think it’s sad that many of them are victims of violence for who they are, but there’s problems on both sides with a capability to give people respect and it’s sad that we keep forgetting the important fact that all human beings are deserving of respect until an individual person shows otherwise with their behavior towards you.

    1. @ladynadiad I really like your comment and it’s exactly what I think too. It’s got to be something everyone on both sides approaches with kindness and much less about who is right and who is wrong.

  6. Carbon? Wash surgeon bloodied gowns? WHAT about all the product packaging that is not needed? The plastic containers LARGER than the PRODUCT CONRENTS??? Why don’t they go after them…. that is TRILLIONS of waste producing emissions!!

  7. Confuse, divide, publicize and polarize citizens re: personal/social issues. This distracts from noticing what is happening politically and globally re: banks, corporations, and the military. Keeping the pot stirred keeps citizens off balance. Change the rules and the definitions. Create scarcity. Spread fear. = The Great Gotcha.

  8. @ladynadiad I really like your comment and it’s exactly what I think too. It’s got to be something everyone on both sides approaches with kindness and much less about who is right and who is wrong.

  9. These schools and our government don’t care about transgendered people. Schools should teach the three R’s and keep out of this. Parents and only parents should guide their children through life. And no child should be making decisions like this. If they grow up and really do feel they want to do this, it’s up to them, because it’s free country. But there’s no long term data on what the health ramifications of taking hormones like this all of the time will be. I predict lots of health problems and cancer will probably be a huge one. This push is about what the government wants to gain from this. Simply put they want to depopulate the planet. This is about chemical and or surgical sterilization of our children so that most of them cannot EVER have children by using the guise of helping them and making the children think they want this. That’s why many are upset now as they have gotten older and now wish they had not be coerced into this. The public schools have been sent the message from on high, (The US Government) that children belong to the government and not their parents. It’s all about ZERO population growth and control. Beware of governments who are telling us things are being done for our own good. That’s the time to be scared.

    1. How incredibly unfair to allow transgender students to compete with biological females.Men are much bigger,much more muscular and no matter how many hormones they take,it won’t change that fact.How can this kind of competition ever be fair?Its insanely unfair.Every trangender female will win every competition!This is obviously unfair.Transgenders should be structured to compete in transgender athletic competions only, where they complete with other equals.Then it would be fair.

  10. Del…regarding your diatribe about wanting a clean environment…I absolutely concur…however, what you speak of is POLLUTION and yes we are responsible (actually corporation are the main contributors as they rape the planet for PROFIT)…Therefore we can do something about it, but you and many others fail to make the distinction between POLLUTION and CLIMATE…One is not like the other.

  11. “Net Zero” climate policies are anti-human.
    The MOON is a “Zero Carbon” environment…now let that sink in.
    Search “elements necessary for life”…
    When you do…consider what they want to reduce on this planet.
    Btw…ALL life on this planet is “CARBON BASED”

  12. Hmmm…Transgender?…all this for a representation of 0.1% of population?
    Look, why is this sexual ideology being force fed to society?…It’s personal and it’s private, or it should be…More division, more distraction.

  13. Another Excellent Show, as usual. You know that there are “others’ behind this Transgender Agenda. Along with so many other ridiculous and inappropriate age-based topics, that are taught in most schools. Stupid COMMON CORE was funded and pushed by the Bill Gates of Hell. Is this Trillionaire Global Serial Killer also behind this Transgender Agenda, too? Since this Professional Madman has pretty much all the control of most Governments globally, and who has had a past childhood history that is very questionable, and very concerning, and who was married to a “transgender female” (my opinion, and also to millions of others), I’m pretty sure that he is behind this transgender madness, too. To further the evil agenda to cause deeper divisions in families, and communities, and to encourage more hostilities and violence upon innocent others.

  14. Luca is an impressive human being…it’s impossible for me to master pronouns as I’m 78 years old..but I know a very intelligent and knowledgeable human when I see one. His story was very helpful with understanding this subject and how people might be feeling. Most of these social things now are facilitated by industries who have an interest in generating revenue. It seems crazy that some human beings can’t evolve without scientific help.

    1. I have known transgender people and they are very happy with their transition but they made their decisions when they were in their late thirties,which gave them enough life experience and maturity to be very sure that the transition is what they really wanted.I don’t think young people have enough self awareness in their teens and twenties to know themselves well enough ,since their still going through so many changes physiologically..Consider how changeable everything is in our twenties,also how chaotic our identity is in that decade. Its scary to think they would commit themselves to any identity at all at that mercurial. identity shifting stage of life! .But I have seen very successful outcomes in older people,who really understand the depth of commitment they are making in the change.

  15. How ironic Anthony Fauci is now asking,”What Went Wrong?”, a vicious criminal who conspired to deny hundreds of thousands of people life saving medicine like ivermectin, all the while pushing his buddy Bill Gates vaccine agenda as the only choice, a clearly toxic medicine that has killed and incapacitated MILLIONS .MILLIONS MILLIONS MILLIONS!!!That’s what went wrong motherfucker!Fauci is a psychopathic white collar criminal along with his pal Billyboy Gates and both will go down in history as the evil scum they are .Both should be tried before an international court of law for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!!!Pray they will be brought to JUSTICE!

  16. Anthony Fauci was a total success at fulfilling the Bill Gates/WEF/Globalist population reduction goals. And they are all on track for continuing this scheme through their ongoing push to force more vaccines on Africa and require us all to carry vaccine passports PROVING we are up-to-date with receiving their killer vaccines. And we know they are killer vaccines because they are fashioned from Fauci’s bioweapon/gain-of-function materials and from bioweaponry ingredients like specialty nanotechnology. Fauci’s only mistake was not taking enough of us down before the lockdowns and mandates had to be lifted! He’s bemoaning his UNREACHED goals. He surely is NOT calling for a recall of REMDESIVIR, is he? Of course not! He wants that drug out there continuing to kill people of all ages, including babies. It is foolhardy to take anything Fauci or Gates as anything less than continued manipulation in pursuit of their depopulation agenda!

  17. I am disappointed. Dylan is a man. He is dressed up in woman-face. That does not change him into a woman.

    He is totally disrespectful toward women. In his “first day” video, he reduces women to 4 (four) stereotypical behaviors. He characterizes women as emotional, wildly wasteful with money, and liars.

    When called out about this degradation, Dylan excuses this disgusting behavior as “satirical”.

    When told references to adult women as girls is offensive, Dylan uses a whole lot of word salad to justify him continuing to do it.

    He calls women’s private body parts toys – “barbie pocket” and “barbie pouch” are dehumanizing terms. Women are not toys. None of our parts are toys.

    At the same time, he demands that people use terms for him that don’t offend him.

    He “carries tampons” in order to rescue women. This is the attitude of a man not a woman. Women carry them because they need them. You don’t see women buying them just to carry around in the bottom of their purse.

    BY THE WAY, a tampon bouncing around in the bottom of a man’s purse until he can finally give it to someone is going to get pretty disgustingly dirty. The packaging is not designed to last against a massive assault of being beat up in the bottom of a purse. Then women use them in dark, moist places that are prone to infections. This has to be the mark of man’s thinking.

    Dylan prances and bounces and plays at being a female. Even little girls do not behave the way he does. He turns woman into a caricature.

  18. The clearest explanation of this non-organic trans “phenomenon” has come from a discussion of the domination of sexuality in communist China as engineered by Mao’s primary propagandist Lin. The deliberate inducement of MUNCHHAUSEN BY PROXY to their population to transfer family and personal choices into the authority of the state is a shocking revelation. We all saw the unisex clothing of Maoist China, but it went further. With this in mind, I think coverage of the current trans situation MUST include following the money about the manner of instituting all the trans CURRICULA, LIBRARY RESOURCES, BOOKS/PUBLISHING, MEDICAL INDUSTRIAL TRANS COMPLEX, etc. Things of this scope do not happen without a moneystream.

  19. I hope Luka’s body can recover. I feel like my body went through horrible side effects from a decade of birth control use starting at a very young age. I was told I was infertile and all sorts of things. It just took a lot of time for my body to recover from the abuse of artificial hormones but it did. I ended up with 3 kiddos and no help from the doctors getting them. There is hope!

  20. Del, using their imaginary pronouns is part of the problem. We need to push back. We need to call them what they really are. The medical establishment needs to start looking at this as a hormonal and/or mental health issue. We need to get all the endocrine disruptors out of our foods, beauty products, medicines, shots, etc. This is not normal behavior and will lead to mass sterilization if it keeps up the way it has been. All part of the plan!

  21. I found myself thinking during the interview with Luka, has something changed with kids from when I was a kid, when my older kids were kids? This conversation, this ideology, was non existent. Yes there were Tom girls but those that I knew to be that grew up to be very feminine. Could it be 1 of the childhood immunizations causing it? Could it be the combination of jabs? Could it be the fact that kids are now receiving 72 doses? Could it be the SSRIs that so many kids are being prescribed? Why isn’t anyone finding it peculiar that this seems to have imploded? Including the parents. Are they not able to reflect on their experience as a kid?
    I had 2 daughters later in life. The 1st wasn’t allowed to have her own cell phone until she was 16 and she earned her own money to buy it. My youngest has a few years yet until she’s old enough to get one. Honestly, I would love nothing more than to make her wait even longer than 16. If social media use is what is fueling this narrative, I don’t want her having any part of it. If Luka hasn’t figured out what she’s suppose to be doing in life, I think she’s found her calling.

  22. The increase in transgender people may be tied to the proliferation of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) from pesticides, plastics, etc. which interfere with pre-natal development. A survey by Dr. Scott Kerlin of sons exposed to DES, an EDC given to pregnant women, showed 30% to be trans. Poultry farmers gave DES to young roosters to turn them into hens. See Toxic Bodies, Langston, p.66. Atrazine, a common pesticide, turns male frogs into females that produce eggs as documented by Tyrone B. Hayes of UC Berkeley. These changes appear to be heritable.

    1. Yes these are some of the many BIOLOGICAL conditions that are associated with a significantly higher propensity to be trans than the background level. My friend who is XXY (Klinefelter’s syndrome) is a woman, but her father decided she was a man and physically and emotionally abused her for daring to say she was a girl. She was finally kicked out of her parent’s home. It is very sad to see so much misunderstanding. It does not help that Mr. Bigtree solely focused on a few freaks who said they were trans behaving terribly or on detransitioners. I don’t know how many such people there are today with all the crazy manipulation of minds going on today, but in the past very few people would ever go through and complete the arduous process of gender transition unless they were really trans. I know many happy people just living their normal lives now after transitioning, very comfortable in their true identities and others accept them. It is not wise or fair to present all trans people as mentally unbalanced, rude, or promoters of some of the crazy woke ideologies that seem to be the basis of the so called trans ideology being referred to in this episode. Can we all remember not to prejudge one another but wait to judge each other by the content of our character?

  23. Can anyone really not associate a lifetime of childhood vaccinations and this current psychological condition these alleged trans children are experiencing with this generation?
    This is the Elephant in the Room, nobody is talking about.
    I mean, how much chemical exposure can a human have, before something like this happens?
    How can anyone with a lick of sense not realize what is happening here?
    How long are people going to allow allopathic vodo to continue?
    WAKE THE FU€£ up, before it’s too late??
    If it isn’t too late NOW!!!

  24. @ladynadiad – Most of the time, people who think of themselves as trans due to gender dysphoria turn out to be gay. GD is a distorted body image, and is more akin to anorexia.

    Johns Hopkins did research on it, and some surgeries, many years ago, but fortunately, tracked the people they treated. What they found was the people who went through “transition” hormone treatment and surgery had a much higher rate of suicide than those with GD who didn’t. So, they stopped doing the surgery, because they could see it wasn’t helping.

    I listened to Rep. Louie Gohmert talk about this (he is familiar with the research), and he was saying that like with anorexia, the better approach is to treat these people with compassion, but the compassionate approach is to try what you can to help them feel more comfortable in their own bodies, not go along with their desire to be treated like the opposite sex. With children, 80% of the time, they grow out of it in a few years.

    It made sense to me. Like with anorexia, the answer is not to say, “You’re right. You’re too fat,” and deny them food, like they want to do, because we know starving them leads to death.

    I’ve listened to some who are familiar with “the talk” around “transitioning,” and to me, it’s messed up, because it’s all about stereotypes of “what men are,” and “what women are.” Were you assigned “female” at birth, but you like playing baseball, and rough play? Well, you’re probably a boy, etc. When we were growing up, that was called “tomboy,” but people didn’t think any transitioning was needed. Girls grow out of that. Same for boys. They might like playing with dolls, and might go through a phase where they wear “girly” clothing, but that doesn’t mean they’re really girls.

    Even in cases where someone’s physical characteristics are kind of ambiguous (having body parts for both sexes), they’re usually more one sex than the other. The “other” body parts are basically non-functional appendages.

    My position on it is if you’re an adult, and you want the surgery and hormones to look physically like the opposite sex, go ahead, but the idea of doing this to kids is not right. They’re too young to make such decisions, the physical changes are permanent, and if they go on hormone treatments, they have to take them for the rest of their lives. Lots of dough for the pharma companies.

  25. This is reminding me that this is not the first time our society has experienced a push to mutilate genitals. I don’t know what this was in reference to, but I remember watching an independent film many years ago, probably produced in the 2000s or early 2010s, where women were interviewed specifically because of their stories about how when they were kids, their parents were convinced something was wrong with them, and that their condition would be cured by surgically removing their clitoris. These women were in their 30s or 40s. So, this likely happened in the 1960s or ’70s. They complained that they were not able to have orgasms.

    Another thing is, as I recall, these women were all white. So, my guess is this had nothing to do with what’s traditional in some Islamic cultures of what’s euphemistically called female circumcision.

    My recollection is they were in support groups, as it was hard for them to deal with not only this big difference in their lives, but the question of why their parents did this to them.

    It seemed like nothing else about them was changed. They weren’t taking hormone treatments. Their breasts were not removed. They didn’t change their names (as I recall), nor did they think of themselves as men.

  26. Something that got me questioning the trans ideology is I remembered hearing many years earlier about hormone therapy that sometimes used to be offered to older men who were at risk of developing cancer. They could take estrogen, with the idea that it would lower their cancer risk. (I wasn’t told what the dose was.) What I was told was that such men usually refused this, because it would make their voice higher, and they would develop breasts. They felt like that would feminize them. They psychologically couldn’t take that, and so they risked getting cancer over doing that. Nothing in the commentary about this said, “It would turn them into women.” It would just cause certain changes that often men felt too embarrassed about to follow through on.

  27. Re. the doctor training video – This is going on with other subjects, as well. Probably a couple years ago, I heard about doctors asking patients if they have firearms in the home. The reason being doctors are being trained to think of firearm ownership as a “health issue.” Personally, I think that’s none of their business. What’s next? Are they going to ask whether people own motorcycles, whether they wear helmets when they ride them, etc.? Whether they wear seat belts when they drive their car with a combustion engine? With this ethic, there’s all sorts of things they could be asking about as “health issues.”

  28. Overall, an incredibly important episode. A must watch for every parent. A side note about a plant-based diet. Plant based is different from whole foods plant based, which include whole plant foods, minimally processed, while keeping oils to a minimum. This is a healthful diet that include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. Unfortunately, the globalists infiltrated the Vegan movement, which is strictly about animal ethics, and intertwined this with climate change. Going vegan is a statement for animal compassion, while whole foods plant based is a statement for a healthful diet. Please talk to Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Campbell and read The China Study. Please get informed about the health benefits of eating whole plant foods, which is different than eating processed junk food. People can also listen to the Exam Room Podcast and hear stories about how many people have been able to heal their bodies from diabetes, heart disease, obesity, lupus, and more after transitioning to a whole foods plant-based diet.

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Fauci Uses One of Del’s Talking Points in Attempt to Shirk Responsibility For Abysmal Public Health Response; Jefferey Jaxen Reports on multiple Court Decisions requiring city and state governments to rehire the COVID unvaccinated, with back pay; Fauci isn’t the only one trying to rewrite history. Canada PM Justin Trudeau Was Caught Trying to Claim He Didn’t Force Anyone to Vaccinate; It’s an issue as controversial as vaccines, as the Trans Issue Takes Over Every Sector of Society; How Safe is Hormone Therapy For Children?; One Dad is Suing His School District For Exposing His Child to ‘Medically Inappropriate’ Content Without Parental Consent;

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