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Episode 369: GROUND RULES



  1. I was put on antidepressants sometime around age 16. I was basically a guinea pig to drs to try all the new pharmaceutical trends being labeled with whatever the hot topic was at the time; borderline, bipolar, major depressive disorder, anxiety….they all landed me in the hospital with psychotic breakdowns and trying to end my life. NO doctors ever monitored me on anything. They prescribed and sent me on my way. Even when I decided a medication wasn’t right for me I was never tapered…which never goes well. As for the sexual side, I’ve just come to terms thinking I’m just not someone attracted to others and need a deeper connection to feel it but I never do nor can I even let myself get close to others on any level. I feel like an alien in this world and it’s extremely lonely. I had periods in my life where I was around groups of amazing human beings and that does more for my mental health than any drug. I’ve been off ssris for a long time and found my mind clearer off of them. However, I’m usually fatigued with brain fog but the gym helps (this started way before any covid stuff.) I still have horrible bouts of depression now and then but I don’t trust medication…Idt medication is what most people need. Especially children. They need people on their side to talk things through and feel like they belong here as much as anyone else. A strong and compassionate community would do wonders for people.

    I’m also on disability because of this which is pathetic to me but my mind and body are utterly exhausted. Just fighting my own head 24/7 telling it everything is fine and being alive is worth it takes a lot of energy. I’m a single mom so I HAVE to stay here to raise an amazing kid.

    Most people on Effexor have brain zaps – saying it’s rare is a huge lie but they have to hide all the negative stuff. You can see that just on Reddit from patients.

  2. It is such a shame that people are going to congress to get help, everyone with exception of a few are lobbyists not representatives. They are either bought and paid for or someone is blackmailing them. Look at what has happened to Mike Johnson. The public has to go around congress because they are not going to help you.

    1. You all should be able to use our monthly payments to you to go to those deals… I pay 75 dollars a month living at the bottom tier making less that 30grand a year and I’m not gonna give more because I can’t afford it… and it’s unfair to ask me to temporarily cancel it for a month and do this extra work to make sure it goes to the matching… if your using that as a funny little incentive to just get more cash than so be it… add my 75 a month to the doubler donation please… that seems wild to me; pretty easy to add your monthly donate to that and unfair to ask them to donate more to get more bang for their buck. We love you and will support you through all of this but let’s be honest please!!! God bless you all and be at peace beautiful souls 💚💚💚🙏☯️🕉🛐🙏💚💚💚


  4. My disabled daughter has been put on Anti depression pills, but she fully believes in the medical side of things.She just wont know about the side effects preferably believing in her psychologist – a profession I think is an unnecessary thing which often makes people worse

  5. I like the idea of regenerative farming, but as a vegan I don’t support the use of fertiliser that contains animal ingredients.
    I don’t have a problem with animals grazing on the land or their droppings or urine, but I absolutely do have a problem with fertiliser that has blood and bone or fish in it. That’s not vegan and goes against everything a true ethical vegan believes in. Why didn’t that gets discussed from the perspective of keeping things vegan.


  6. My hubby & I are farmers. After watching Gabe Brown, my hubby started leaving last years stubble on some of his fields, planting new year crop into the stubble. It seems like such an easy philosophy right? Not exactly. #1 it depends on the crop rotation ie what will be planted into the stubble in the Spring. #2 the ground stays wet much longer coming into the planting season, taking longer, making it harder to get ur crop in in the Spring. We are both fans of the philosophy BUT….

    Yes we know there is specialized equipment, but not all farmers have 5000 acres of production land. If you’ve ever priced farm equipment out, the investment never seems to be in line with your financial bottom line.

    While this is an exciting concept, I question how many of the people presenting the concept including the celebrity spoke person’s have spent 1 hour, 1 day etc on an actual working farm? I just ask that those who are presenting and producing this concept, if you haven’t spent time on a working farm, don’t act like you actually know until you do. Thinking you know and actually knowing are 2 different things. We didn’t enjoy the paid for expert advice of our celebrity and elites during CVID, this subject matter is no different.

    As we’ve learned so many things are intertwined in the corporate world. When Bayer who was always associated more as a pharma based company bought out Monsanto, I said to my hubby, “they tell the farmer these chemicals are safe”…. not so sure that can be trusted any more than saying vaccines are safe.” I’m waiting for the testing on the product thats harvested to see what residual chemical is left on/in the product, after photo synthesis and rain through out the season. Whats the residual of chemical in the soil? Until that’s done we can all pretend we know, but the truth is we don’t know.

  7. It’s only an opinion but I believe a lot of my fellow vegans can catch my drift here and do agree that veganism is about doing no harm. No animal needs to be killed to feed me or get me dressed or provide in any other human need. It would be great if all farmers switch to regenerative farming, if it’s feasible, fantastic but that has little to do with veganism. It’s a health issue. As well for the planet as for all people that feed on matter. I find it a little annoying that there always seems to be this focus on meat on the highwire. People are so scared to give up their sacred meat. Oh gosh.

  8. I believe Drea’s experience is reflective of the LA and Hollywood scene. It’s virtually impossible to be a working actor and not get the jab.

    I knew it was bad a few years ago when I read an article in which Jennifer Aniston said she had stopped talking to any friends of hers who didn’t get the shot. She was self-righteous and arrogant, proclaiming her stance like a badge of honor. I expect most of her contemporaries feel the same way.

  9. Doggone it. I had a long post about my history with SSRIs and got booted off internet. Grrr. Don’t have energy to retype it now except to say I was lied to my doctors for years. I won’t ever take another one.

    And I agree with Tom Cruise about this issue. I know he took major flack years ago about this comments about SSRIs, especially regarding Brooke Shields. His demeanor didn’t help as he was condescending and arrogant. But in therms of what he said, I agree.

  10. There is disconnect between parents and their children, mostly because of social media of all sorts that promote condemnation of the parents guidance. Classing parental guidance as a form of punishment! If children learned that what parents are doing is based primarily out of love and concern for them, there would be no need for drugs or therapy. Communication that comes from a core of love could do more for their health than any medication.

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Episode 369: GROUND RULES

‘Common Ground’ Film Seeks to Revolutionize Farming; Jefferey Jaxen Reports on a Massive Blood Scandal In the UK, and new reports of SSRIs causing permanent sexual dysfunction; Sopranos star and Emmy Award Winning actress never bent the knee to Hollywood;

Guests: Drea de Matteo, Finian Makepeace, Ryland Engelhart

AIRDATE: April 25, 2024