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  1. Actually – I watched a national geographic – I think – and it said African Grasslands are disappearing due to overgrazing which is due to the elimination of natural predators. Natural predators drive migration – the herbivores are not given the time to decimate the grasslands.

    Also – the herds’ stomping breaks grass seeds – which is needed for germination.

    And – the decrease in vegetation impacts precipitation -reducing if not eliminating moisture needed for arable land.

    So – predators are important for the health of the earth.

    Wolves have literally saved Yellowstone Park
    How Wolves Saved Yellowstone

    Return of the Predators

    Adding wolves to Yllowston actually benefited the entire ecosystem – something environmentalists are unable to do. They have utterly devastated Northern CA with thor timbering and control burn policies. They have literally killed the forests and that is why the state is burning.

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Finian Makepeace and Ryland Engelhart, producers for the “Common Ground” documentary, discuss the unsafe farming practices that have devastated most of the U.S. crop soils and the more holistic solution of regenerative farming that lead them to co-found the Kiss the Ground organization and two star-studded documentaries.

AIRDATE: April 25, 2024