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  1. These drugs are so dangerous. My sister is on them and if she tries to stop them she feels so bad. Then she is right back on them. They are terribly addictive. And now they are giving them to children. The criminal pharma companies must be held accountable for lying to the public.

  2. yes bingo!! these drugs are behind the trans movement. we are altering childrens brains and confusing them. they are being given these drugs like candy

  3. It s a perfect example homeopathy. SSRIs cause the symptoms, as “side effects”, that they are used to treat. If they were prescribed homeopathically, i.e. matching all the symptoms mental, emotional and physical of the patient, instead of just a handfull, then they would be curative instead of palliative/suppressive.

  4. The biggest issue with Anti-depressants is Primary care physicians – PA – and nurses who do not specialize in psychiatric medication prescribe them and stack them when they are not effective.

    They do not even know how to differentiate psychiatric illness from each other – or a bad day. They do hand them out li candy and have no idea the consequence of misdiagnosis.

    For example, anti-depressants are dangerous for people with bi-polar – seriously dangerous – because thy induce hypo – and full blown manic -episodes. People do not typically know the severity of depression suffered by people who are bi-polar – these are the people who commit suicide – 30% of bi-polar patients successfully kill themselves 50% attempt and 100% consider it.

    What goes up comes down – but not to normally – it’s is a plunge into hell. And anti-depressants cause this and then they are given another – and another.

    Insuranc doesn’t want to cover them, so they fight to make for over the counter availability.

    It is disgusting..

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Leave a Reply

The pandemic response supercharged a mental health crisis and now some in the medical community are publicly calling a dangerous solution – over-the-counter antidepressants. With new science showing long term issues even after discontinuing the drugs, including sexual dysfunction, many are wondering why there is a push to make them available over the counter.

AIRDATE: April 25, 2024