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Episode 343: THE DEFIANT



  1. Could you please stop saying that New Zealand and the USA are the only countries in the world that allow pharma to advertise directly to the public? Canada has allowed it for thirty years at least. It’s disgusting and impossible to avoid.

  2. I love the show, but when you allow anyone to speak about homeopathy on the show it kills any credibility that you have.
    Del, do a deep dive into homeopathy so you can form a definitive opinion. You’re harming your show by talking about it.

    1. people said the same thing about yoga and acupuncture. my friend has a PhD in large animal veterinary medicine from Cornell and she practices homeopathy and TCM. i don’t see her credibility being trashed

  3. If I wanted to end The Highwire and really make it a laughing-stock, I would send as many homeopaths as I could to befriend Del Bigtree and try to get on the show. Hopefully Del Bigtree takes note of this before the drug companies.

    1. I don’t know where you get your information but I have personally had many great healing results with homeopathy and I know many others who can say the same.. You are entitled to your opinion but it may not be as agreed upon as you seem to think.

    2. people said the same thing about yoga and acupuncture. my friend has a PhD in large animal veterinary medicine from Cornell and she practices homeopathy and TCM. i don’t see her credibility being trashed.

  4. So after listening to the Highwire you are seemingly willing to accept big pharma’s views on homeopathy? Investigate it for yourself. It has a 200+ year well-documented clinical record of curing serious acute and even “incurable” chronic diseases. You could do a homeopathic proving of an extremely dilute homeopathic remedy to experience it for yourself. Little known: Conventional medicine is doing bad homeopathy. Every conventional medicine has “side effects” that match the symptoms that it is indicated to treat. e.g. aspirin can Cause headaches and fever. If they prescribed on the totality of mental, emotional and physical symptoms it would be curative as homeopathy is, instead of palliative/suppressive.

  5. Looks like we have an opposition that has crept into the convo link to create distrust. What these people don’t understand is if we are here our minds aren’t malleable to their propaganda. Moving on from that….

    Much respect for these gentlemen here. Respect to many who chose the other path. As a parent I had to make some difficult decisions as well. Just like these fathers here said, I knew my kids were watching. I want MY kids to know it’s OK if you don’t follow the directive. Furthermore when someone says “you will”” you better be asking yourself “WHY”?

    YES! YES! to what this vet is saying. My pup is an 8 lb Havanese. For a few years when traveling we Kennebec her which meant required vaccines. She started to have severe seizures. Already being aware of adverse events via this practice, said no more. Then she ended up with an obstruction from doggy treats (big no no) This was during the time most things were curbside. I had to sign paperwork giving them permission for procedure if needed. Knowing she was behind on her jabs, specifically wrote…. “Due to seizures, no vaccinations.” When I went to pock her up they told me they had given her her rabies shot. I was furious. They told me they wouldn’t have done the procedure without it. Later that evening she lost use of her hind legs. She was paralyzed. When I called to inquire with the vet, she became defensive, angry. She told me “there is no association.” Sound familiar? I researched it. She is a liar. We were literally on our way to the University vet clinic when snap, just like that she came out of it. SSSSOOOO grateful.

    Being raised on a farm we had dogs for 15-17 years. Sometimes rabies jab, most of the time not. Rarely needed a vet unless severe injury. This practice has been corrupted as well. It’s not about the patient (2 legged or 4) it’s about lining someone’s pocket.

  6. Del, when you were discussing Johnson & Johnson and the talc issue, it reminded me of Economist Milton Friedman’s comment back in the early 70’s: “Putting people before profits is immoral.” That sentence says everything we need to know about what’s going on in this nation.

  7. I use to agree with that statement regarding homeopathy. Then my daughter got PANDAS and we did low dose immunotherapy which is essentially another name for homeopathy and it saved her life. Also allergy shots are essentially homeopathy just not diluted down enough to be the energy. If you don’t believe in homeopathy you might not fully understand the concept of energy.

  8. Thank you Del for featuring Dr. Dym. We lost our beloved dog to stomach cancer and diabetes after he was prescribed an inhaler following an emergency procedure. Once he died we read the warning label for the inhaler and learned it causes diabetes and cancer. We felt lied to and mistrusted doctors and vets after that incident.
    Fast forward – we got a new puppy and trying not to repeat the same mistake with him. He is nine months old and the vet has been trying to get me to get him fixed when he gets 2baby teeth pulled that are dead but won’t come out. I have been hesitating on scheduling his dental appointment because I’ve been back and forth on his spay.
    I’m now comfortable removing the teeth and leaving him in tact. I’m also going to really watch what vaccines all my dogs get and the frequency of them until I can locate a homeo pathic vet in my area.

  9. Oh my gosh. Just finished the punk rock segment and had to comment. I was going to skip past it because I thought I didn’t like punk rock. But they were great!
    Great interview! So many wise words from each of them.
    Thank for bringing them on. I’m a new fan.
    Now onto the rest of the show.

  10. You are a great man Del. You are saving the world. But you have come to think too highly of your own opinions. I think that you are wrong about UBI. I see people all around me slowly strangling without any real hope of ever making good lives for themselves and terrified of ending up in a tent on the sidewalk. You have caught a serious case of why doesn’t everybody just do what I did. That was and is one of the very worst of conservative beliefs. You are smart, good looking, very bright and energetic. You have had everything needed to thrive.There is a long list of reasons that many if not most people cannot achieve what you did. But you would deny them even whatever pittance UBI would be? You speak from privilege and with the ignorance that all to often accompanies it. Tell me Del. If as a young man you had been given whatever small amount of money UBI would be, would you have been satisfied with it? Of course not and you know it. You would have gone to achieve what you did anyway. There are a lot of problems with UBI but it is desperately need by many people.

  11. I respectfully disagree with your comments on Homeopathic Medicine. A question I have for you is, have you ever been treated with homeopathics? I have successfully used homeopathics since the 1980’s. I’ve also used herbal medicine for that same period of time. I use these two modalities ONLY when I might be catching a cold or feel rundown or have an injury of some kind. I use these therapies for a few days at most and then resume eating only whole foods that come from someone’s garden or my garden or livestock that is 100% pasture raised and grass fed. I take no petro-based chemical pharmaceuticals for anything. I’m 70 years old and I’m in excellent shape and health. If you have not been treated with homeopathics and your opinion has been formed from things you might have read about them, your comments remain hollow. If you have used them without success, then maybe homeopathy is not for you but that doesn’t mean it’s not for everyone. I welcome discussions on homeopathics on the Highwire.

  12. Del tells the truth and that is why his show is popular. We flock to this show to hear the truth. Homeopathy is healing without harm. Homeopathy is where the vaccine industry started, stole ideas, then condemned it as quackery. Del is bringing this to light for the benefit of all.

  13. Medicine is a disaster capitalism operation. At least homeopathy doesn’t make money by creating disease out of orchestrated mass malnutrition and infant abuse. We need access to ALL the government-funded research to form an opinion about it and all the quackery conventional medicine has foisted on us and our children.

  14. This is still a “free Country”, all you Homeopathy Haters. If Del Bigtree wants to discuss this topic, he can, and he will. Become a Bill Gates from Hell Hater instead. That damn evil trillionaire (He’s NOT a billionaire. You know, it’s better for his PR image, not to be too insanely wealthy to be able to buy off anyone, and anything on this Planet. Don’t connect the “dots”) psychopath, is basically funding AND profiting on this Global Depopulation Madness on all levels.

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Episode 343: THE DEFIANT

Rock Legends Who Stood Their Ground on COVID, Debut New Band, The Defiant; Jefferey Jaxen Reports on New Scrutiny over the WEF’s agenda, Excess Deaths Debated in UK and Australia Hearings, Johnson & Johnson Try A Third Time to Escape Wave of Lawsuits Over Talc Baby Powder; Beloved Vet, Dr. Dym, talks about vaccines and pets, and much more.

GUESTS: Dr. Michael Dym, VMD, Dicky Barrett, Pete Parada, Johnny Rioux, Joey LaRocca, Greg Camp of The Defiant

AIRDATE: October 26, 2023