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Pfizer broke big news this week, that their #Covid19 Vaccine has proven 90% effective in trials. While all major news outlets are in a frenzy, Del has found some shocking information in the fine print.

#Pfizer #VaccineEfficacy #90PercentEffective #FinePrint #VaccineRollOut


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  • Episode 312: BANKING ON OUR FUTURE

    Banking Crisis On The Horizon?; States Mount Opposition to Federal Digital Currencies; German Network Profiles Vaccine-Injured HighWire-Style, German Health Minister Folds; This Doctor, and A-list Celebrity are on a mission to create the ‘home life’ for adults with Autism, and other special needs; Positive Development on HPV Vaccine Mandate Bill in CA

    Guests: Catherine Austin Fitts, Jenny McCarthy, Dr. Jerry Kartzinel, Amy Bohn

  • The people holding the world in their hands, TOMORROW on The HighWire! | March 23, 2023

    Watch at

    Every Thursday, 11am PST (2pm EST)

    #BankingCrisis #BankBailout #EconomicCrisis #CBDCs #JennyMcCarthy #Autism #AutisticAdults #EP312


    Do vaccines cause autism? The question is considered in detail in this visual short about vaccine safety and policy in the U.S., as narrated by Rob Schneider.

    This video PSA, written and produced by Ginger Taylor, was pulled from YouTube after original publication by The Canary Party in 2013.

    CREDIT: Ginger Taylor, The Canary Party


    Artificial intelligence is permeating every sector of society. Systems like ChatGPT have been rolled out for public consumption boasting an interactive dialogue, and an ability to write ‘in your voice.’ But how ‘intelligent’ is this new artificial intelligence? We have a little fun putting it to the test.

    #AI #ChatAI #OpenAI #ChatGPT #AIPraisesBigtree


    Del sits down with filmmaker Sean Stone, son of filmmaker Oliver Stone, to discuss his new, six-part documentary series, Best Kept Secret. The series explores some of the darkest sides of humanity, from the child sex trade, satanism, and cults. WARNING: this segment may not be for all ages.


    American families have been in a battle to protect their children from an overreaching public health apparatus for years. Now, backlash is growing against bills targeting parental rights, in the form of multiple bills written to protect and affirm parental choice.

    #ParentalConsent #Choice #MedicalFreedom

  • Episode 311: DARK SECRETS

    Iconic Figures Warn About Artificial Intelligence; Pandemic Madness Spawns New Bills, Both Good and Bad for Freedom; The Son of Legendary Filmmaker Oliver Stone, Shines a light in the Dark With New Docu-Series ‘Best Kept Secret’

    Guest: Sean Stone


    AI was once an early concern for the workforce, as it was said the technology could replace a large portion of humanity. Over the past year, more ambitious implantable tech has spurred apocalyptic warnings from some of the most significant icons of our time. Now, humanity finds itself at the precipice with serious debate needed before the coming wave.

    #AI #ElonMusk #Transhumanism #StephenHawking

  • We’re not afraid to look in the shadows, TOMORROW on The HighWire! | March 16, 2023

    Watch at

    Every Thursday, 11am PST (2pm EST)

    #AI #ChatGPT #SeanStone #BestKeptSecret #JeffreyEpstein #Illuminati #HumanTrafficking #EP311