1. Consider this: Many, perhaps most vaccines don’t fit the definition of aiming to provide, much less providing herd immunity for the old and infirm. The herd immunity argument is simply not relevant for most vaccines. Measles, the most commonly cited example, is not only “not dangers”.for most children – incidences where measles has arrived at the USA, the current vaccine status of the nation, it has not been stopped by herd immunity.

  2. When I was in Arequipa, Peru last fall, one of my Spanish teachers spoke about his aunt who took a bus to the city – unvaccinated. The bus was stopped by olive. Vaccination records were checked – and his aunt was forcibly vaccinated on the side of the road and then put back on the bus.

  3. Man I wish I was in that debate. You have to realize… for the population, as they consume this information, the Earth is Shifting under their feet. Likewise, Geert. You posed the wrong question. Of course vaccines have a place! But maybe it’s 5% of what we do now. Hell, maybe less. And it could be a lot more IF there existed such s thing as Safe & Effective. Instead, Science has gone from merely toxic and deadly to wildly toxic and deadly with COVID. AND, I’d if I were in charge of the world – I’d take Geert’s bet in a New York minute! Of course, if we let it rip with all but that 5% (?) say – we would transform World Health.
    LockedUp in Canada and Locked out of the Fight.. Uncle Vaxx

  4. Geert talks about the elderly and people with underlying conditions. Well, Western medicine use Old People and People with Comorbidities as a PR Bludgeon. They hide the fact LTC is residence to human pin-cushions. Endless Drugs. Antibiotics. No Sunshine. No Exercise. WHEN you have so many balls in the air it is EASY to Lie with Statistics. This is the Business of Pharma. No ONE study has tried to unravel That Story. Period. You accept it. I accept it. We all accept it. It’s a given, something ‘everybody knows’. WHY?

  5. The Netherlands study 10X the HIV…. ‘highly infectious’, Drs. doing HIV tests surreptitiously, not informed consent or given a heads up AND HIV stickers in offices. Fauci’s HIVAIDSredxu. Likely relates to Monkey pox.

  6. Bravo. Exactly what I’ve said – there is a vast expanse in the middle never discussed, never negotiated. Parma is likely in 80% of mass shootings. Add Social Media. Add EMF Exposure (!) I’ve been (very tentatively) trying to write a book on the subject of EMF exposure and mass murder. Time and money as ever. but EMF radiation is the unindicted co-conspirator.

  7. I think Geert’s problem is his lack of faith that the current medical establishment is capable of TREATING illness with anything other vaccines. There ARE treatments available for everything we vaccinate for. Geert seems afraid to even LOOK at the risk vs benefit for fear that benefits DO NOT outweigh the risks. Just #DoTheStudy.
    All the diseases that we vaccinate for were at baseline when the vaccine was developed.. We need to get off the merry go round of ruining true natural herd immunity and learning how to better treat these illnesses.

    1. I completely disagree with Geert.
      I keep forgetting that although these doctors and scientists have been on The HW, are friends with Del, and have been speaking up against the Covid19 vaccine – they are still part of the traditional allopathic establishment, which is still wed to Pharma – and these docs are pretty ignorant re holistic health and healing.
      I was extremely disappointed in what Geert said, and can no longer take him seriously.

  8. Don’t get me wrong I love this show and it’s one of the only weekly staples I have. I’m a little dismayed that after Del’s closing statement on open discussion and having no view left unaired, that the conference he just attended had not one person from the ‘there are no viruses’ camp. I’m sure there are enough proponents to have at least invited one, and multiple guests of the conference have weighed in on, and rejected invites to debates on, this topic. I’m a layperson and long for some meaningful debate on this topic. Del himself has said in an interview with World Alternative Media channel that he is aware of this discussion but it’s basically most pragmatic to fight the covid narrative on virology’s own terms. That was some months ago. Well, I politely ask you then Del, when is the time? As the answer to this debate may just be the lynchpin of the whole big pharma house of cards.

  9. Pertaining to Gert’s response to childhood vaccines.

    I think the point is that we can’t really know for sure what lives we are saving because we don’t know how bad the if scenarios are, and we don’t know how much damage these vaccines are doing anyway.

    It’s absolutely true and correct that we cannot just compared vaccinated and unvaccinated, because of the dynamics of disease and herd immunity, but at the same time, we cannot just assume that the vaccine program is preventing terrible hypothetical pandemics because there’s no evidence for that, it’s only precautionary and anticipatory.

    It’s impossible to argue for vaccination OR against it, if you have this perspective, because you don’t have an alternate dimension to watch to see how things would have played out if we never vaccinated.

    At the end of the day, the truth is neither what Del said, nor what Gert said, the truth is, we need transparency, and we need proper safety studies and we need to ACCEPT, ATLEAST, the collateral damage of vaccination and we need to treat those who are injured with compassion and justice.

    We also need to be very careful that we don’t vaccinate just out of extreme precautionary principles because it’s possible this could lead us to something even WORSE, like a future where we’re all dependant on vaccines and can’t survive without them. We need a balance, our immune systems need to be faced with threats.

  10. Don’t forget to add when you’re talking about the school shooting there were parents who didn’t know what grade their children Grade and not upset. That the police refused to go in and stop the shooting all but the one Constable that went into save his child!

  11. In regard to the fear that Gert & others are expressing over losing herd immunity due to not vaccinating. One major consideration that gets overlooked & is not well known is that it is EASY to eradicate bacteria and viruses with ozone therapy & high ppm colloidal silver. They work FAR better than synthetic antimicrobials do. I have experienced it firsthand time & again & many studies have been done that show this. They are inexpensive too, much less expensive than paying for supplements or drugs. You just get your own ozone generator and/or your own colloidal silver maker for a few hundred dollars you pay ONE time, and then you’ve got all the antibiotics, antivirals and antifungals you need for life, for you and your family, for just the cost of distilled water after that – and with ozone, the cost of oxygen, which is only like $35 for a tank refill. One 20 cubic foot tank lasts 3 months if you’re using it every day all day long to make ozone water and do insufflations. We KNOW how to prevent & treat viruses & bacteria. You don’t even have to change your diet to treat those, really. What’s REALLY hard to treat are the systemic fungal infections that come about when your microbiome gets destroyed by vaccines and other synthetics!!!! They aren’t as easy to resolve at ALL, and there’s no vaccine for them. A healthy microbiome is of the utmost importance.

    1. Distilling water eliminates most smoke taint that gets into rainwater (including from bushfires), but not all of it. The distilled water still has a metallic taste. Some is captured by a carbon clock filter – but how much? How much information, which we rely upon – when we test it – is actually bullet proof reliable?

  12. Have you read Carey Mulls’s book ‘Dancing in the Mind Field’? Carey developed PCR (and repeatedly stated it was not diagnostic). Read what he says about Fauci’s claims that HIV ’causes’ AIDS. It is not ‘bigoted’ to state the obvious – the cause was the devil-may-care lifestyle (not homosexuality but promiscuity). The problem arises when profits comes before people. Scientists must be free to tell the truth.

  13. Del…this is nearly old news. I know you likely have to ‘stick with only so much true news’ to keep your audience, but I know that someone like you and your investigative team has gone on the very ugly deep rabbit hole by now. (I’m not religious), but can see that this is the down-result from a dark cult pyramid structure…from long ago. Will be interesting as to how you bring this truth to you ‘reporting truth’ news here.

  14. Del your closing comments have me in tears. Thank you for being brave, thank you for not pandering and thank you for speaking your truth. I watch you every week. I don’t always agree with you but I always respect you.

  15. I am so grateful for Del ‘s honesty and bluntness. I have been screaming from the roof top for years saying the link between ALL of the shooters is mental illness, and a long list of pharmaceuticals. It needs to be said, discussed and acknowledged. Enough is enough, people need to stop popping these poison pills.

    1. Del needs to get Dr. Peter Breggin on his show.
      Breggin’s been a psychiatric and Pharma whistleblower all his career.
      He’s commonly referred to as “ The conscious of Psychiatry.”

  16. I’m in agreement with Justme above. There should’ve been someone from the “Terrain theory” side, or at minimum NO virus isolated and proven side. I realize to do so would also pull the rug out of all these people’s ‘jobs’.

  17. WOW! The last few minutes are pure gold. You nailed it. A lot of people need to see this!

    The “mass murders” in the news are not “gun violence” they are extremes of suicidal ideation. Both sides of the gun lobby are people with “solutions” looking for a problem”. They are using the shooter and the victims to advance their cause. Both the shooter and those who are shot are victims of a failed ssytem. Neither side of the gun lobby is interested in taking the time to analyze the problem. The German pilot who flew 144 passengers into the side of a mountain in 2015 didn’t need a gun to commit suicide. Removing guns, or put more guns in schools, is just a band aid solution – less bleeding, but the suicides, the core problem, will not slow at all. They are not a gun problem.
    to your health, tracy

  18. For god sakes Del let the man finish an answer. Before you pummel him with a thousand “You Knows”. BTW I don’t know or I wouldn’t be watching. On all other fronts Great job!

  19. One of the most important skills of a moderator or M/C IS TO GET PEOPLE ON A PANEL TO SAY EVERYTHING YOU WANT SAID. But you cannot “lead” a panel too much without showing your agenda. This was not skillful.

  20. @justme That’s negate claiming viruses aren’t real is completely ignorant. Stop listening to Stew Peters for science, he’s just a ball books man. He’s never even had a basic microbiology class.

    1. There are other MDs that speak out about the non existence of virus.
      Do further research before you brush people off.
      People get so threatened if their belief system gets challenged..

  21. I wonder if somebody got to dr. Vanden Bossche or if he just sees the profession that he’s an expert in disappearing. He knows that humans existed long before vaccinations, he knows that nacho immunity is far superior, he knows the Covid and influenza are not asymptomatic spread so why is he lying?

  22. Funny how Geert’s theory is that the vaccine puts pressure on the virus to morph. What pressure? The vaccine does NOTHING to the virus, no effect thus NO pressure to morph. Period. Next topic..

  23. Sure just stick microscopic trackers into an already proven safe and effective drug so that no one has an excuse not to take it unless you can proove there is something else in it. Most like it would need special equipment and expertise that many don’t have access to. And now they can force upon us once again. They reeeeallly want to get under our skins. Rapists much? Moral of the story kids: Don’t do drugs!

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