1. Del trust your gut because you have common sense… Geert is brainwashed through his indoctrination…; if he believe in the poison he should take it himself and see…

  2. I was especially delighted by Del’s conference moderation. So many flavors and views to deal with – straight forward, polite, integrative.
    A class in it’s own.

    1. Maybe he just doesn’t realize that parents like me opted out of the schedule from the very beginning. And yes, just like all those other parents, I can report my children have no allergies, autism, learning disabilities, or any of that other stuff. If he has to admit that he’s wrong, he basically has to admit that most of his life was a waste of time. That’s hard to do. He’s been institutionalized by pharmaceutical companies for his entire career. But the fact that he can’t participate in the debate without using straw man argument just proves that he’s wrong. I lost a lot of respect for him when he ignored that perfectly logical question from Del.

  3. Thank you Del for daring to ask this hard but needful question. I am impressed how you could hold the focus when Geert try to question your thought. I respect even Geert and he has done much good and have been brave. But your Question is of highest importance. And professionals also have to question their own education. Everything have to come to the table. Michael From Norway

  4. That was awesome and so needed to show people what real debate looks like and that the echo chamber isn’t present here. Perhaps it was mentioned, but alleviating one of Geert’s concerns with the study that was suggested, is that there would be plenty of volunteers who willingly opt their families out of the vaccination schedule. I’m a huge fan of both Geert and Del, this interaction only increased my respect for them.

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POSTED: May 27, 2022


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    Neuroscientist Chris Shaw PhD shares his concerns about the mRNA #Covid19 vaccines and explains Moderna’s own data demonstrating mRNA can cross the blood-brain barrier.

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  • “Bestseller” Book Calls Out Covid-19

    German researchers, Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi MD and Dr. Karina Reiss PhD, credited with 360+ publications on Immunology, Virology, Inflammation, & Pathology, have now written a book detailing staggering concerns over Public Health measures taken during the pandemic. They join Del for an eye-opening conversation you don’t want to miss.

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