The unscrupulous mainstream media increasingly declares that the number of adolescents who identify as transgender is rapidly rising. The effort is financed by the shady bunch whose agenda is to snatch society’s freedoms. And like clockwork, the gender confusion message swiftly reaches the various forms of social media that exploit the lives of today’s kids—a collection of young, impressionable minds searching for a way to matter in an unreal and often viciously cruel online world. With an idea in their heads, as puberty sets in and bodies start changing, more kids than ever—and at a younger age—are asserting that their biological sex does not match their gender identity. Shockingly, and without any long-term safety studies, drugs called puberty blockers have become the first course of action to treat the situation.

Concerningly—as puberty blockers are given out like candy—the Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine (SEGM) shared in February 2023 that a recent study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine supporting the safety of “gender-affirming” care was, in fact, NOT supported by the data presented in the study. What?! This type of medical smoke and mirrors is all too familiar as it was a phenomenon often occurring around the “science” supporting COVID tyranny. The nation’s youth were heavily targeted in the agenda-driven COVID narrative, and here we are again.

The misleading January 26, 2023 study, titled “Children and Adolescents in the Amsterdam Cohort of Gender Dysphoria: trends in diagnostic- and treatment trajectories during the first 20 years of the Dutch Protocol,” claimed that the emerging narrative that “gender-affirming” care is safe has been thoroughly tested for over two decades. Without question, twenty years of testing in support of a treatment is a big deal. Yet an even bigger deal if it’s not accurate. Besides declaring the safety of gender-affirming drugs, the study also claims that the long-term trajectories of gender-transitioned youth are both well-understood and positive, as evidenced by virtually no detransition. Really? 

With a motive of apparently wanting to ensure that gender dysphoria is a new norm, the study goes even further, declaring that, for those “transgender adolescents” who want medical interventions, “puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgery should be widely available, as long as the adolescents are “comprehensively assessed.” Considering the study’s bold assertions, published by Oxford University Press on January 26, 2023, SEGM found that the conclusions, which claim to represent “the first 20 years of the Dutch protocol” are not supported by the data presented. Moreover, the study fails to acknowledge that the Dutch Protocol’s strict eligibility criteria were not consistently followed during the study period. SEGM noted that the study was one of the most challenging it has deciphered and analyzed to date, adding:

“Before endorsing continued use of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgery, the field of gender medicine must interrogate and determine why the number of gender-distressed youth is exploding—and why so many more are adolescent females.

While the Dutch authors note an unprecedented rise in adolescent females, they opine that this is because “in most Western cultures, it is more widely accepted for AFAB [assigned females at birth] to come out as trans men…” This is an unlikely explanation, supported by a single reference to a 2013 paper that posits a range of theories for the increasing number of females, only one of which speculates that “masculine behavior is subject to less social sanction than feminine behavior.”

Many would agree that there is a greater acceptance of “tomboys” compared to feminine boys in modern societies. However, this would suggest that girls with masculine preferences should find it easier to fit in as they are, while feminine boys might choose to transition more frequently in order to make their presentation more socially acceptable.”

Presently, as the nation’s jabbed, artificially stimulated, and over-prescribed youth fall between the cracks of a society being intentionally fractured, it is imperative that unbiased research takes place to study the effects puberty blockers have on a child’s brain. From all appearances, the puberty blocker experiment is essentially no different from the untested dangerous COVID-19 jabs currently making up the largest and most unethical clinical trial in human history. Thankfully, a glimmer of hope for our troubled kids is on the horizon. Specifically, according to a December 24, 2023 article by the Daily Caller, the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW) approved in July a $600,000 Collaborative Health Sciences Program grant to investigate the effects of cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers on rats.

The Daily Caller explained that in 2018, along the same lines as the bold claim made by The Journal of Sexual Medicine’s study analyzed by SEGM, an American Academy of Pediatrics committee, which included a member of UW faculty, released a policy on transgender hormone treatments claiming that the effect of puberty blockers are reversible. Trans advocates have widely parroted that claim with the nation’s youth caught in the crossfire.

The upcoming study, which was proposed in April to look further at the effects of cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers on prepubescent rats to “address healthcare challenges” for minors receiving transgender hormone therapy, cannot arrive soon enough. Conducted by Dr. Walid Farhat, a professor of Urology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Dr. Anthony Auger, a professor of Psychology at UW, and Dr. Joan Jorgenson, a professor of Comparative Biosciences the study aims to see how leuprolide, which is used as a puberty-blocking drug that has been used to castrate sex offenders and treat patients with breast and prostate cancer, affects “pubescent rats. 

The Daily Caller remarked that if the initial study goes well, the researchers plan to conduct a more extended study with the National Institutes of Health covering the effects of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones from “each life stage into old age.” Hmm… it seems super important to completely understand how these dangerous protocols affect our children before giving them to kids as young as ten or eleven years old.

As we anxiously await the results, the Daily Caller gleaned that even before it’s underway, the study hypothesizes that “short-term” transgender treatments will have “lasting changes” on the brain, internal organs, and behavior. Add to that the fact that, as reported by the NY Post in June 2023, a new study on the “rise” in transgenderism shows it’s a fad, especially among young girls. Perfectly summing up what is undoubtedly impacting the increase in gender dysphoria, and thus the use of puberty blockers, the Post aptly wrote:

“It’s these adults, now fancying themselves experts in gender medicine and mental health, who are wreaking havoc on an entire generation, encouraging them to follow their feelings, and follow the crowd, even when they’re at risk of permanent and irreparable harm by doing so.

According to a new study about youth gender dysphoria, there are more teens than ever claiming that their biological sex does not meet their “gender identity” and that they are coming to this conclusion earlier and earlier.

Well, why do you suppose that is? Could it be that this is a fad, driven by social media, that tells young people — particularly girls — that transgenderism is cool, far more common than it really is, and changing your gender is a snap?”



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