By Jefferey Jaxen

We have to think about it differently than deleting misinformation.
-Prof. Heidi Larson, Ph.D., Director of the Vaccine Confidence Project

Social media is the modern public square, and in 2019 it did something historically repugnant: Using the vague, dumbed down term “misinformation,” the dominating communications platforms of our time began a tricky trip down the rough road of censorship. 

Social media began a very noticeable silencing of comments, facts, stories and literature that “they” determined fell into the category of vaccination ‘misinformation.’

Probably not coincidentally, at the exact same time Big Tech’s vaccine censorship campaign clamped down, a battle initiated within state legislatures through America. A record 221 vaccine-related bills were introduced, fast-tracked, and raced to be enacted. 

People affected by the bills were left with limited communications systems to discuss, debate and organize around the proposed legislation. Health experts attempted to gaslight the public, parroting the played out lie that “the science is settled,” and there was no debate surrounding the vaccination topic. Legislatures dismissed valid questions and debate as ‘anti-vaxer’ rhetoric. 

Still, 77 of the bills filed in 2019 expanded individual liberty, choice, and autonomy. This was up from only 47 in 2018, proving there are several aspects to the ongoing debate 

Across the board, corporate media outlets—CNN, Washington Post, VICE, LA Times and virtually every other outlet—championed the online censorship. They took every opportunity to support, promote, amplify and increase censorship’s intensity. 

The irony of journalists who omit balanced reporting on the vaccine topic championing the censorship of American citizens freely engaging in open discussion was not lost.

Scientists, medical professionals, journalists and parents who cautioned against or disapproved of the heavy censorship caught heavy flak from the corporate media. They were aggressively and unjustly labeled ‘anti-vaxers,’ ‘flat-earthers,’ ‘conspiracy theorists,’ and several other untrue labels. 

Yet everything may change as we enter 2020. Something paradigm shifting happened, whether Big Pharma’s puppets and pawns choose to tell Americans about it or not. 

”Closed door” videos from the World Health Organization’s Global Vaccine Safety Summit were uncovered by the non-profit Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN). These videos show key officials and doctors at the December 3, 2019, Vaccine Safety Summit directly contradicting their public claims of vaccine safety and research that proves “the science is settled.” 

The collection of bombshell videos and their respective revelations have exploded online, proving that leading global health experts have nearly identical concerns and questions surrounding vaccines as do the media-labeled ‘anti-vaxers.’ 

We can now presume to know why there has been such a mad rush—and it is madness—to get mandatory vaccine laws on the books in many states,” asserts Del Bigtree, host of “The HighWire” and founder of ICAN.  

Bigtree continued, “The truth is coming for Big Pharma, and their time is tight; they’re pulling out all the stops to coerce power over free Americans’ health decisions for themselves and especially their children though state decree.

Prof. Larson, Director of the Vaccine Confidence Project, openly admitted at the World Health Organization’s Global Vaccine Safety Summit:

I’ve spent a lot of time talking, particularly in the last six months, with tech companies Facebook, Whatsup [sic], Pulsar, Twitter, Instagram, WeChat, Weibo…They have a lot of fingers pointed at them to fix the misinformation problem. But it’s not so simple. One…the biggest problem is a lot of it’s not misinformation.”

Is Larson really saying that a lot of what the tech companies are censoring is truthful information about vaccination and the inconvenient truths surrounding the topic? 

Citing public presentations at the weekend event which decried the lack of safety science, Larson said “Our problem is, as we’ve heard in the last 48 hours, that there’s not anything a hundred percent. And what actually, legally without creating a censorship thing, can we absolutely say this is misinformation. Because we have a lot of ambiguity in the safety field and we have to come to terms with that. So we have to think about it differently than deleting misinformation.”  

Rather than doing their due diligence, proceeding with caution or simply allowing an open debate on a topic still very much in flux, Big Tech companies have wielded omnipotent censorship with little remorse. Will they reverse their internal directives and remove their authoritarian algorithms, now that the facade has broken open? 

The push to censor [truthful] vaccine debate online accelerated into high gear earlier in 2019. A letter from Rep. Adam Schiff lobbied Amazon, Facebook and YouTube to demote, demonetize, remove and censor vaccine “misinformation.” 

Ironically, Schiff’s letter calling for censorship contained the exact “misinformation” he was asking Facebook to censor. 

For example, Schiff states that, “There is not evidence to suggest that vaccines cause life-threatening or disabling diseases.” Schiff was quickly blasted by Congressman Bill Posey in a letter to Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg. Posey’s letter laid out the many U.S. government admissions of vaccine harm and payouts for vaccine injuries and deaths.

Posey asked Zuckerberg, “If Facebook should decide to begin judging the medical accuracy of a statement posted by the public and by organizations, what will be the standards utilized?” 

Posey cited Schiff’s vaccine “misinformation” and asked if Facebook would ban his letter from being posted due to its “misinformation.” Posey also asked if Facebook accepts paid advertising from Big Pharma, associations that promote vaccines, recipients of grants from government agencies or Big Pharma, and government organizations promoting vaccines such as the CDC.

On Jan 15, 2020, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, along with others who seek access to vaccine information, filed suit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. The Plaintiffs allege Defendant Adam Schiff has abused government power and infringed on their free-speech rights.

AAPS argues in the complaint against Rep. Schiff: 

The First Amendment protects the rights of free speech and association. Included within the right of free speech is a right to receive information from willing speakers. Under the First Amendment, Americans have the right to hear all sides of every issue and to make their own judgments about those issues without government interference or limitations.

As it stands now, at the exact moment America needs to openly debate impending vaccine legislation, opportunities to do so have been willfully removed. Not by some invading force or occupying army, but by the very government representatives we have entrusted to protect our inalienable rights.

Meanwhile, the glaring examples of ‘misinformation’ continue to be displayed by government employees. Beyond Schiff’s lies, here are a few other examples from New Jersey Senator Steve Sweeney and Anthony Fauci, M.D., Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease.


Will Big Tech continue to increase their censorship of health information now that their efforts are becoming transparent as gatekeepers for industry?