When You’re Losing, Change the Law: New Proposed Federal Bill Will Surveil Medical Decisions, Target Communities For “Behavioral Change”


By Jefferey Jaxen

On the strength of 2019’s uneventful measles cases, America’s families and communities have endured a legislative assault on pretty much every aspect of their freedom, rights, and values. 

Politicians seem to be racing each other to write bills that will take kids from their parents in secrecy, cancel religious beliefs, and eliminate doctor-patient relationships. These hypocritical representatives grandstand on equality and the rights of women, while simultaneously endorsing discrimination and the elimination of individual rights. 

House Resolution 2862 (HR 2862) is a ‘Frankenbill,’ with several concerning parts. The bill’s official acronym and title is the VACCINES Act of 2019. It stands for Vaccine Awareness Campaign to Champion Immunization Nationally and Enhance Safety Act of 2019. Rep. Kim Schrier, a Democrat from Washington State, introduced the bill in May 2019. When doing so she trotted out the popular canard for people who don’t think: “The science is settled” on vaccines.  

The bill’s stated purpose is “To amend the Public Health Service Act to provide for a national system for surveillance of vaccine rates, to authorize research on vaccine hesitancy, to increase public understanding of the benefits of immunizations, and for other purposes.

HR 2862 wants $85M in funding over four years for a resolution that smells like a fascist twofer. It’s part Stasi surveillance, mixed with Goebbels marketing propaganda to further tighten a digital noose around families who value and practice medical choice, informed consent, religious freedom, and open debate. 

The bill has two main components: 

  • “Vaccine surveillance and research” 
  • “Public awareness campaign” 

The first component seeks $60M. It wants to utilize and integrate all available government data tracking of vaccination info to develop a “national system for surveillance.” Big Brother, meet Big Pharma.

Despite all the realtime and archival vaccination data the U.S. government and its agencies have at their fingertips, they continue to refuse to run a vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study that compares the health of each group. The Feds have also refused to allow independent scientists access to the raw data (without patient identifiers), to run their own studies. 

And yet…HR 2862 boldly asks for all that data. Not to determine vaccine safety, but to track you and your family. It seeks to understand why you are delaying or refusing to take a for-profit product from a notoriously criminal, and highly despised industry.

Another “vaccine surveillance and research” point: HR 2862 uses a new, real-time government surveillance system. It will predict and identify communities where vaccine uptake is below what is desired, confidence is low, or people question the safety of vaccines. Words like “predict” and “will be” imply the deployment of yet unknown AI systems and algorithms. 

It’s Tom Cruise’s “Minority Report,” for vaccine risk deniers, a kind of pre-crime tech to predict individual and community behavior as it relates to Big Pharma product uptake. 

A final section of HR 2862 sets aside funding for “grants for research.” But don’t get excited thinking this research might begin double-blind placebo-based vaccine studies. Or vaccinated vs. unvaccinated comparisons. Nope, the grants will be used to “improve the understanding of vaccine hesitancy” and “develop strategies for addressing non-adherence” to injecting Predatory Pharma’s entire line of vaccine products into you and your children.

Part of HR 2862 aims to solve “vaccine hesitancy.” This mysterious unicorn of human suspicion has baffled researchers and scientists. All the more as it keeps growing. 

There has never been proper safety testing for nearly all vaccines. Their true individual and combined safety profiles remain a mystery to both the medical community and the public at large. And a conversation around true risk assessment for the individual is only now being discussed.

Dr. James Neuenschwander, MD recently addressed the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices at CDC headquarters in Atlanta addressing its members:

The biggest cause of vaccine hesitancy in this country is the lack of true vaccine science. ACIP is participating in an industry-wide phenomenon I’m going to call “junk science.” Junk science has allowed presentations of these papers and these studies that would never pass the rigors of a peer-reviewed journal if they were on any other subject other than vaccines.”   


The second component of HR 2862 focuses on a “public awareness campaign.”

Big Pharma and corporate media outlets have flat-out lost the messaging war over vaccines. The only recourse for the duo above has been censorship of dissenting voices from the pharmaceutical industry’s broken narrative. 

Thus, this section of HR 2862 appears to be nothing more than a $24 million cash injection for a marketing push of pharmaceutical products at the taxpayer’s expense. 

Why can’t manufacturers market their own products with their growing billions in profits

HR 2862’s marketing section says it will award contracts to public and private entities—television, radio, print, internet, and commercial marketing venues. The bill also suggests the use of “recognized trusted figures.” If this bill gets passed, expect more Hollywood personalities to suddenly start extolling the virtues of vaccines using canned messaging and corny tag lines – look out Dax Shepard, there might actually be some work coming your way.”

It’s here HR 2862 takes a turn towards the disturbing. The bill states that efforts will be made to begin “message testing to identify culturally competent and effective messages for behavioral change.” 

In other words, the U.S. government wants to use taxpayers financial support to begin culture-specific “behavioral change” testing on you and your community—to better accept a medical intervention with known risks. 

The bill’s marketing also covers the coming adult vaccine rollout. Its messaging will target “how individuals across the lifespan benefit from immunization.” 

HR 2862 does talk about kids too, of course, saying the bill will seek to develop and disseminate “curricula for use in public elementary schools and secondary schools.”

To sum up: HR 2862 is an all-encompassing surveillance and propaganda package attempting to push through elements of control where individual state bills previously tried and failed in 2019. 

With New York showing its hand by implementing excessive, sweeping fines for any resident not vaccinated against measles earlier this year, HR 2862 will streamline such a process nationwide. Deploying a real-time surveillance grid will allow state and county health officials to identify, instantly fine, or quarantine any American

With HR 2862 threatening to thrust Americans upon a slippery slope, we should ask ourselves what is the real motive behind this suspicious-sounding solution for a problem that doesn’t exist? Shouldn’t our government be more concerned with figuring out why childhood chronic illness and developmental disability in up over 50 percent since 1986. Why some 50 million Americans suffer from autoimmune disorders with the condition now one of the most common disease categories ahead of cancer and heart disease? Or why autism is now occurring in 1 in 59 children according to the CDC?