Senator Heard opened the interview describing how both his children are vaccinated stating, “The fact of the matter is, it was our choice. And it needs to remain a parent’s choice.” 

Oregon Senator Dallas Heard was recently interviewed about Oregon House Bill 3063. The bill aims to eliminate all non-medical exemptions to vaccination for child care facilities, public, private, parochial and charter schools in Oregon.

Senator Heard opened the interview describing how both his children are vaccinated but as he stated, “The fact of the matter is, it was our choice. And it needs to remain a parent’s choice.” 

Senator Heard continued:  

What happened to ‘my body, my choice?’ Isn’t that what the Democratic party preaches and screams about year in and year out? That they’re the party that represents ‘my body my choice.’ Well it’s ‘my body, my choice,’ my child, my choice. This situation is scary to me and let me say it to you this way. I understand the fear and thus trying to take action to prevent infectious diseases from creeping into our boarders and into our homes and hurting our children and what not. I get that

You got two opponents here. You got infectious diseases. And then you got a government that is now saying it is so bold, it is so arrogant, that when it looks at us as citizens it says well we have the votes, we believe the science is on our side, we have the moral high ground so it does not matter what you think. We are going to do to you whatever we think we need to because we think it’s right. Folks please get out a history book. That never works out for people in past historical events. We do not want to go down this road. I am fiercely trying to research this issue. It has not, as of yet, come in front of any of the committees I’ve sat on. It is now in the full Ways and Means Committee. It will come up for discussion and a vote at some point. I’m thinking there is a lot of unrest in the building. Especially on the Senate side that this is just not the right thing to do. We need to do better than forcing people against there will for anything.

I’m a very libertarian individual for reasons. I do not think government is a good thing to hand my freedoms and rights over to because even if today we had the best leadership ever, that we all had complete trust in. You could say it was our own parent that was the governor or President of this country. It is foolish for you to think that we can trust our freedoms and liberties, for the sake of security, over to someone today because they won’t be there tomorrow. And it could be a bad person tomorrow who will then abuse that authority that started out with something as noble as trying to keep kids healthy. But now turns in to something far worse and far more ugly.

Furthermore, lets just think about it. The major, massive pharmaceutical companies that are the number one advertiser for major media outlets and right up there, if not the number one donators, for politicians in this country. Lets think about this. Opioids…$400 EpiPens for bee stings…I mean you can go on and on about all the manipulation the pharmaceutical companies do to us right here in United States. We are being charged $50,000, it was almost $100,000, for a 12-week cycle of treatment for hepatitis C. But in Chile, the same company, same prescription, brand name, everything…It is the exact same product they’re selling down there for $12,000. Why are they doing that? Because they’re using you and me, and on our backs and our hard work they’re subsidizing other countries at the expense of our families and our the children.

I don’t understand how these pharmaceutical companies can be the kin of Satan on just about every topic you can come up with. But when it comes to mandated vaccinations, they’re saints all of a sudden. That just doesn’t make sense to me. So we really need to start asking ourselves, why are we choosing as a society to just get so reactionary?

When some article runs in some paper, like The Oregonian or whatever, says “oh my gosh we got a measles epidemic” when the epidemic is like less than 10. Well I actually got all the data from the Centers for Disease Control to actually look at the stuff and the history here in the state. And I’m here to tell you, the trends do not suggest that we have any kind of an issue progressing here that is ramping up. If anything, it’s flat and declining. Let think about that.” 

This is where this gets really scary. I encourage anybody listening right now to get on Google and start Googling ‘censorship on vaccine discussion.’ You will find that members of Congress, Adam Schiff, on his U.S. representative page, is endorsing the actions by YouTube and other social media platforms to shutdown and censor the discussion. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, they are actually shutting down people’s pages. Shutting down advertisements. Shutting down any type of discussion around the opponents of the mandated vaccinations. Doesn’t that make you nervous.” 

When I see such a coordinated effort it tells me something doesn’t pass the smell test. Nobody’s been able to give me an argument that leads me to believe we got a real issue here that requires force. We just require more education and more effort. If you really think you’re right in life, you need to take it upon yourself to work hard and educate your friends and neighbors. Not force them against their will. That’s the position I take on just about any issue you can come up with.

[Sen. Heard interview starts at the 10 min 10 second mark]