“Unprecedented.” “Striking.” “Dramatic Surge.” These terms are used in media and medicine to explain the increase in excess deaths or the “premature” mortality the United States has experienced over the past few years. Those of us paying attention have an idea what these “excess” deaths, or deaths above the usual baseline, are from—and I think the people doing these analyses do too, but will they ever admit it? Better yet, will there ever be a way to know truly?

Several studies have been released over the past few months, and all of the study authors twist themselves into pretzels to explain away the difference in mortality in the U.S. vs. other “wealthy” nations. Terms like “inequity,” “pandemic insufficiencies,” etc., flood their pages. Never mentioned is the one constant we all look to every time we hear of a “sudden” or “unexpected” death, heart attack, or cancer diagnosis in a healthy 35-year-old…the mRNA shots. The authors of these papers seem to go to great lengths to avoid talking about the one medical intervention over two hundred million people received at around the same time in early 2021-late 2022. And even if they decided to include it, chances are there would be no “official” way to tie it back to the shot anyway. And that is likely the point.

With the recent suspension of the VSafe reporting app and the CDC encouraging Americans to rely on VAERS reporting to track vaccine injury, we get a clearer picture of what is happening. Several issues present themselves—follow me here.

VAERS and V-Safe only capture(d) data to check for short-term adverse reactions and are notoriously unreliable. There have been many stories of doctors simply not reporting to VAERS—not only because the process is laborious but because the health establishment has put enormous pressure on all doctors to keep up the facade that these shots are “safe and effective.” There isn’t an accurate method to track long-term issues with this shot. Add to that that injury is manifesting in several different ways, and you are left with a conundrum that looks something like this:

Jim got the first series of Pfizer shots and then got a booster. He is a healthy 41-year-old male with no prior remarkable medical history. A year after his last booster, healthy Jim is taking a jog, has a random heart attack, and dies. Doctors and morticians aren’t saying, “Oh, he was vaccinated…Let’s check and see if Jim had an issue we know to be caused by the shots.”

They are ignoring or ignorant that there is a good chance it was the shots. Jim sadly passes away from a heart attack at 41—a “freak accident,” they say. “Completely unexpected, but sometimes it happens,” they proclaim.

Or, Kelly is a healthy 33-year-old mom of 2. She got the initial jabs when they first came out and decided not to get booster shots. Two years after her last dose of the shot, she noticed a large lump in her breast. She has been feeling tired lately, so she heads to the gynecologist. They do a mammogram and find cancerous tumors—stage 4. The cancer has also spread, and they give her months to live.

The doctor doesn’t attribute this “turbo” cancer to her previous mRNA vaccine dose, instead saying, “This is one of those rare times when someone gets cancer at a young age…” Sadly, Kelly also passes away. Her untimely and early death is added to the death statistics, but no doctor reports to VAERS. No one tries to figure out “why?” Kelly is now a young excess death statistic that the statistician will attempt to explain away by “inequity.”

Multiply this by the millions. If doctors won’t investigate a link between any number of seemingly “random” conditions and the brand new medical technology injected into the arms of two hundred million people, how will they EVER link back to the thing that we all know is causing these problems? Answer? We won’t.

We are only talking about excess deaths here, not injuries and disability. That is an entirely different ball game in and of itself. But to give you an idea—one study showed that there were close to a million excess deaths last year, with only 25% of those attributable to COVID itself, and even that is debatable given the metrics for determining what a COVID death is. Because of all of the hiding, obfuscating, scare tactics, and “fake news/conspiracy theorist” monikers thrown around, statisticians and researchers are left to all manner of pretzel twisting to try and figure out why—in one of the wealthiest and most well-developed countries in the world—there are hundreds of thousands more dying per year than in other countries.

Isn’t anyone slightly curious?? In the same way, they have attempted to attribute vaccine injury to “Long-COVID,” they also try to attribute the excess mortality to the virus itself. The elephant in the room is looming large. Every single study ignores a novel medical technology used on two hundred million in a country where it was all but mandatory? Every single study ignores the huge excess death numbers in children? Every single study tries to blame stroke and heart attack on mundane environmental causes we have dealt with each year anyway, like heat and happiness?

That isn’t science. Science ceased to exist as we knew it in March of 2020. That is pushing an ever-growing snowball down a snow-covered mountain and not worrying about it because YOU don’t live at the bottom…

So will we ever “know” the real reason for hundreds of thousands of more people than normal passing away before they should, or will cancer at 30 and heart attacks and strokes at 40-50 just become the new “normal?” Only time will tell…

Tracy Beanz

Tracy Beanz is an investigative journalist with a focus on corruption. She is known for her unbiased, in-depth coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic. She hosts the Dark to Light podcast, found on all major video and podcasting platforms. She is a bi-weekly guest on the Joe Pags Radio Show, has been on Steve Bannon’s WarRoom and is a frequent guest on Emerald Robinson’s show. Tracy is Editor-in-chief at UncoverDC.com.