As incredible as the United States of America seems, when looking deeper, an overarching theme of greed and corruption casts a sinister shadow across many facets of this nation. For example, the ominous cloud persisting over the taxpayer-funded federal agencies whose purpose is to protect the health of all citizens erupted into a full-fledged raging storm with the introduction of the mRNA gene-damaging shots. Indeed, the failure of the jab campaign finally opened the eyes of many innocent and obedient citizens. Now, as expanded mRNA gene-altering creations unite with the long list of toxins already quietly existing in our foods, that same eye-opening awareness about our nation’s food production must follow. Catastrophic to humans, parents especially need to take notice and understand that poisons—including veterinary contraceptives and harmful antibiotics—are lurking in America’s most popular fast foods, and though aware, the FDA and the USDA certainly aren’t communicating the news.

Recently, Moms Across America, with support from Children’s Health Defense and the Centner Academy, requested that the top ten most popular fast food brand meals be tested for 104 of the most commonly used veterinary drugs and hormones. Understanding that fast food is consumed by eighty-five million Americans every single day—and with many chains the primary supplier of many school lunches—the results are disastrous. Summing up the effects of the greedy and cruel mass industrial scale of meat production in the US (which has an unscrupulous history all of its own) Moms Across America wrote in its October 9 press release:

Due to large, industry, confined animal feeding operation conditions, which include extremely close quarters, unsanitary spaces, and high incidence of disease, most of America’s nonorganic meat comes from livestock that is heavily treated with antibiotics, growth hormones, and an anti-parasitic which is also a known aviary contraceptive.

The extensive testing included 21 of the country’s most popular fast food brands, with 42 samples of fast food meals collected from them. The 21 brands include the top 20, as rated by QSR50. They also included In-N-Out Burger because it often claims to be a “healthier” version of fast food. The Health Research Institute tested the meals for veterinary drugs and hormones, glyphosate and pesticides, heavy metals, phthalates, PFAS, minerals, vitamins, and calories. For this press release, Moms Across America honed in on the portion of the testing focused on the veterinary drugs and hormones results in the top ten brands: McDonald’s, Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, TacoBell, Wendy’s Dunkin’ Donuts, Burger King, Subway, Domino’s and Chipotle.

With a collective annual gross sales of $134,308,000,000, these food companies can surely afford to find ways to avoid poisoning their consumers, including our nation’s school children. A whopping 30 million school meals are served to our children each day, and for many kids, these contaminated meals are their primary source of nutrition. But alas, looking the other way and coveting its windfall profits, like other corrupt industries, including Big Pharma, the fast food racket is no different. Moms Across America noted that the 2017 salary for the CEO of McDonald’s was $21.8 million, or $1.8 million a month. Meanwhile, the average fast-food server makes roughly $25,620 yearly ($2,135 per month).

Shockingly, 40 percent of the fast food samples contained the animal antibiotic Narasin, which has been shown in animal studies to cause anorexia, diarrhea, dyspnea, depression, ataxia, recumbency, and death and pathologically by degeneration, necrosis, and repair of heart and skeletal muscles. Even worse, 60 percent of the food samples contained the antibiotic Monesin, which is not approved by the FDA for human use and has been shown to cause death or severe harm when consumed by humans.

The FDA has approved Monevet 90 (Monesin) for use in cattle and goats fed in confinement for slaughter. That fact—knowing that sentient beings are treated in such a manner—is hard to think about. And realizing the deadly poisons entering their bodies is sickening. Even though they declare it poses no risk to humans if used according to directions, the agency warns humans to wear protective clothing, waterproof gloves, and a dust mask when mixing and handling the product. Monovet 90 is toxic and lethal to horses, with acute toxicity progressing so quickly that, unsteady and immobile, horses die before exhibiting other gross signs.

And just like the deadly mRNA jabs, the poisons in our food—the focus here is antibiotics and hormones, but the list is long—are orchestrated by the same deep-state cabal seeking to control the world’s population by 2050. Big shocker—Monovet 90 is manufactured by Bulgarian animal and human health and nutraceuticals company Huvepharma, which works closely with both the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative. With its products distributed in over 100 countries, the group is currently infiltrating animal protein production farms across Africa to ensure their hormone-disrupting and toxic poisons are spread to humans around the globe.

Significantly, both Monesin and Narasin are ionophores. Moms Across America notes that while some ionophores like quercetin and hydroxychloroquine are beneficial, antibiotic ionophores like Monesin and Narasin are not. By being present in America’s food supply, the damage these poisons are inflicting on men, women, and children must be examined. One thing is certain: long-term exposure to antibiotics and hormones in foods can cause serious health problems like antibiotic resistance, the rise of superbugs, death, heart problems, memory decline, and infertility. The group’s press release urged regulatory agencies in the United States—like the FDA and USDA—to conduct further testing and disallow the use of these drugs in our nation’s livestock, remarking:

“Moms Across America is gravely concerned about our population, especially children, unknowingly eating unprescribed antibiotic ionophores livestock, even at low levels, consistently because of potential damage to the microbiome as well as the risk of antibiotic-resistant bacteria growth.

We question if the side effects of these ionophores in dogs and horses, leaving their hind legs dysfunctional, might be related to millions of Americans presenting with restless leg syndrome and neuropathy, conditions unknown to most humans just a generation or two ago. Further testing must be conducted on the side effects of these drugs in our food and the effects on humans.”

Summary of Test Results

  • Three veterinary drugs and hormones were found in ten fast food samples tested.
  • One sample from Chick-fil-A contained a contraceptive and antiparasitic called Nicarbazin, which has been prohibited.
  • Six out of ten, or 60%, of the fast food samples contained antibiotic Monesin, which is not approved by the FDA for human use and has been shown to cause severe harm when consumed by humans.
  • Four out of ten, 40% of the samples contained antibiotic Narasin, which has been shown, in animal studies, to cause anorexia, diarrhea, dyspnea, depression, ataxia, recumbency, and death and pathologically by degeneration, necrosis, and repair of heart and skeletal muscles.
  • Monensin and Narasin are antibiotic Ionophores; toxic to horses and dogs at extremely low levels, leaving their hind legs dysfunctional.
  • Ionophores cause weight gain in beef and dairy cattle and are therefore widely used but also “cause acute cardiac rhabdomyocyte degeneration and necrosis.”
  • For many years, ionophores have also been used to control coccidiosis in poultry. However, misuse of ionophores can cause toxicity with significant clinical symptoms. Studies show that ionophore toxicity mainly affects myocardial and skeletal muscle cells.
  • Only Chipotle and Subway had no detectable levels of veterinary drugs and hormones.


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