NOTES FROM THE FIELD – by a concerned M.D. in Colorado, who attended the recent hearing and was shocked by what she saw and heard.

This was my first time attending a legislative committee hearing and boy did I pick a doozy. The bill being heard was Colorado HB 1312, which essentially plans to treat vaccine injured families who now want to decline even one shot, as ignorant criminals that need to be entered into a registry and tracked, forced into in-person meetings with state bureaucrats to be “educated” and forced into compelled speech by signing a form stating they are harming their child. People who decline one or more of of the 72 required doses, would have their private medical information revealed to the state but those who accept all 72 doses get to keep their medical information private. It also wipes out 99% of medical exemptions, replacing the doctor’s authority for the state’s. It doubles the number of required vaccines and also applies to homeschooled children. This bill is a big stinking pile of garbage.

The hearing room was small, holding about a hundred seats. One thousand parents showed up in opposition, packing the halls, rooms and walkways, with kids in tow, many disabled and vaccine injured. They were there hours ahead of time to stand in line for a seat in the hearing room. 575 of those parents signed up to testify. The establishment made sure the people (peasants?) knew their place as most of the chairs were tied off and reserved for lobbyists, vaccine researchers and medical types. Those elites also had their parking and food provided. They showed up late, waltzed in right past the lines of defiant families and left after giving their testimony. Only about 20 parents were allowed in the hearing room initially. The rest were ushered to different parts of the building and gathered in groups around their phones to listen to the proceedings. The chair announced that she would call panels of 4, each person would get 2 minutes to speak, followed by 10 minutes of questions/discussion. I calculated that this format would be 42 hours of testimony just for opposition. Clearly many of us would not be heard today.