By Jefferey Jaxen

It was in late February when Oregon officials heard testimony on House Bill 3063 (HB 3063), a new bill seeking to eliminate all non-medical exemptions to vaccination in the state. At the time, much of Oregon was still reeling from a historic winter storm that caused an airport closure, brought cities to a standstill due to massive snowfall, and caused the Oregon Department of Transportation to shut down several highways. Despite the weather conditions, the bill’s hearing was moved up a full week and residents were given only two days notice to attend. Nevertheless, the hearing drew hundreds of parents as wrote, “Normally sedate hallways were packed with giggling kids…Two overflow rooms quickly filled with people — many wearing stickers opposing House Bill…”

On-hand to testify in opposition of the bill was Portland pediatrician Dr. Paul Thomas, M.D. His testimony included two newsworthy admissions, each of which were completely ignored by the frenzy of media outlets who later reported on the hearing. Dr. Thomas recently appeared on The HighWire with host Del Bigtree to further explain both of those significant findings. Dr. Thomas explains:

I’m in my office a few weeks ago, there were 49 cases [of measles] already proven in Vancouver and we had just gone from one to four in Portland. And I have a child come into my office who has cough, congestion, fever and then a rash. Definitely could have been measles, and they’d been at the Moda Center which was listed as one of those places. So my doctor calls the health department…They told us specifically there had not been a single case of community acquired measles the entire outbreak. Don’t send us your sample.”

Why is the experience of this one pediatrician important? An unsensational number of measles cases in the last few months has been the impetus to force through legislation to mandate all vaccines in many states. Perhaps more importantly, the measles cases are being used to justify the unAmerican censorship of speech, debate, books and videos that run counter to the incomplete Big Pharma and government talking points concerning vaccines.

Dr. Thomas can not be labeled ‘anti-vaccine’ because in his practice, most of his patients do indeed vaccinate. Yet he was approached by authorities who asked him to prove that his vaccine information and ‘vaccine-friendly’ plan is safer than the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) schedule. In response to the request, Dr. Thomas commissioned an independent quality assurance project. The individual who ran the project had set up health informatics systems in 45 counties and proceeded to do a deep dive into the data from Dr. Thomas’ practice. The data processing started by identifying a total of 3,345 patients born into his practice in nearly eleven years. What initiated from there was one of the first, true vaccinated versus unvaccinated analyses of American children ever conducted. Why are the findings of this data important?

With the daily barrage of headlines extolling settled vaccine science and safe and effective assurances, many Americans may be shocked to know that there has never been a vaccinated versus unvaccinated study comparing total health outcomes of fully and partially vaccinated children and adolescence with completely unvaccinated.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), who was commissioned with improving vaccine safety by the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, has never conducted such a study looking at total health outcomes. When challenged, HHS recently tried to claim they had identified 59 vaccinated versus unvaccinated studies of children and adolescents looking only at certain individual vaccine types. A deeper look into those claims showed HHS was misleading because the “unvaccinated” control group in each study almost always received another vaccine and/or an active ingredient found in the vaccine.

HHS and much of the medical community currently hides behind the claim that to conduct a truly vaccinated versus unvaccinated study would be unethical because it would deny children vaccines. In short, HHS continues to promote its childhood vaccine schedule as proven safe when the agency lacks the scientific studies necessary to validate the safety of its childhood vaccine schedule.

So what did Dr. Thomas’ health outcome data show? There were 715 patients who were fully unvaccinated. In that group, there was only one case of autism identified. 2,645 patients were found to be partially vaccinated meaning slower and less aggressive than what the CDC recommends. Dr. Thomas states they received “anywhere between 7 or 8 vaccines up to about 16 or 18…” compared to most kids that age “receiving anywhere between 25 to 40 following the CDC’s schedule.” Of those 2,645 partially vaccinated, 6 cases of autism were identified giving a rate of 1 in 440. The CDC currently pegs the rate of autism somewhere between 1 in 59 and 1 in 45 depending on which collection of data is being looked at.

While some may attempt to dismiss conclusions from Dr. Thomas’ data, the bottom line is the real world data information is pointing to signals that should, if HHS was properly adhering to its Congressionally-mandated vaccine safety duties, be followed up upon and further investigated.

Pointing the the rise in most chronic diseases among children and adolescence and armed with his recent data, Dr. Thomas stated that pediatricians need to “at least entertain the possibility that what we were doing was actually part of the problem.” As for the overall vaccine debate, Big Tech social media corporations, journalists and the outlets they report for are showing little sign of slowing the rapid push to censor the vaccine discussion wherever it is found.