On Thursday, several New Jersey Senators voiced opposition to a bill seeking to eliminate the religious exemption to vaccination for school attendance.

Capacity protests at the state capitol accented the day as families packed the capitol to testify against the bill in the Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens. Rabbis, priests, lawyers, parents and others appeared to testify against the bill.

Commenting on the bill, NJ.com reported, “The state Assembly avoided a public hearing in January when it took an existing piece of legislation that would have made it harder to qualify for a religious exemption and amended it during a voting session to abolish the exemption entirely.

Before the final vote was taken, several New Jersey Senators went on record to oppose the bill yet their voices proved to be in the minority as the bill moved forward for a full Senate vote on Monday.

Del Bigtree and The HighWire was live during the event to cover the testimonies and final vote.