With little accountability or transparency, Africa has been Bill Gates’s pet project since starting the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2000. To date, Gates has committed nearly $29 billion in grants towards topics including family planning, climate change, agriculture development, polio, malaria, public health, mRNA vaccine development, and now a lifetime Digital Identification program in Kenya known as Maisha Namba.

Following a series of “closed-door meetings,” Gates will support Kenyan President William Ruto as the nation upgrades its ID system to enable it to conform with global requirements and align it to a digital economy that is long overdue, according to remarks by Immigration and Citizen Services Principal Secretary Julius Bitok. Earlier this year, Gates established a Sub-regional office in Nairobi, solidifying and strengthening his alliance with the Kenyan government.

Less than a year ago, George Soros-backed Ruto hosted Gates at State House, Nairobi, where he announced that his government would collaborate with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to realize food security and universal health coverage. Which, with the latest digital ID news, will undoubtedly be tracked with the new digital ID system. Ruto, noting how privileged he was to host billionaire business mogul Gates, remarked in November 2022:

“We appreciate the support the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation continues to extend to Kenya in realizing our developmental goals, especially in the areas of healthcare, agriculture, and the ICT sectors.

We will continue to collaborate towards the realization of food security and universal health coverage in our country.”

Describing how Maisha Namba will work, an immigration department official told Kenyans.co.ke that “Maisha Namba will be a number that will replace the current birth entry number which is currently issued with birth certificates.” Moreover, “Maisha Namba will be the reference number for future identity for all subsequent stages of life: school, national ID, KRA pin.

Indeed, Masha Namba connects all aspects of life. The digital identification is expected to address numerous challenges, like identifying and authenticating citizens, safeguarding primary registration documents such as birth certificates and national identity cards, and improving the management of social programs and government operations. The number will also be used to register for government services, including education, health insurance, tax, and social security. Deputy County Commissioner (DCC) Rukia Chitechi explained:

“At the heart of this digital transformation is the Maisha Namba, a unique Personal Identification Number assigned to every Kenyan citizen upon birth registration. Maisha Namba will serve as a lifelong identity from birth to death and will replace traditional birth certificate numbers.”

A “Maisha Card” will be issued under the new system, and a National Master Population Register will be established to consolidate government databases. This aspect of unification was a critical takeaway recognized by Bitok following a visit to NADRA in Pakistan. Bitok explained that the National Insurance Fund and Kenya Revenue Authority will also use the digital ID system.

These ties will no doubt open the door for a social credit system similar to what is feared by those paying attention in the United States to take hold of life in the vulnerable and naive land of opportunity for the likes of deep-state charlatans like Bill Gates. Plugging the new digital ID, which intends to ensure “a whole society approach,” Bitok tweeted in August:

“The digital identity system will provide Kenyans with a secure and reliable way to verify their identity for a variety of purposes, including accessing gov’t services, opening bank accounts, and traveling. It will also help to reduce fraud and corruption, and improve efficiency.”

Along with funding from Bill Gates, Kenya’s digital identity program is supported by the United Nations Development Program. October has been a busy month for Gates in Africa. His foundation announced a $40 million investment on October 9 aimed to help several African manufacturers produce new mRNA vaccines, so the “next time there is a pandemic,” instead of being “last in line,” Africa can make its own gene-damaging vaccines.

With $8.3 billion to give away in 2023, the AP pointed out that the Gates Foundation—with its $70 billion endowment—is the largest private philanthropic donor, with spending to continue for “many decades.” Yes, who holds Gates accountable as he brainwashes Africa while using it as a global test ground for his disturbing experiments on humanity?

As Gates’s abnormal goals for the future of humanity continue to be exposed—thanks in large part to the pandemic he holds so dear—there is little doubt that he honestly doesn’t care about the people in Africa or women’s safety. For example, look up “conflict minerals,” essential natural resources in cell phones, laptops, etc., mined in Africa and heavily used in Microsoft products. Connected to violence, the criminal activity around mining conflict minerals funds the war, violence, and rape in Eastern Congo.

Besides that, leading experts in food security and many groups in Africa and around the world have criticized the Gates Foundation’s push to throttle small farmers and expand high-cost, high-input, chemical-dependent agriculture in Africa. Indeed, well-informed critics like US Right to Know (USRTK) say this synthetic, toxic, GMO-riddled approach is exacerbating hunger, worsening inequality, and embedding corporate power in the world’s hungriest region.

Undoubtedly, the high-stakes issues facing Africa, including food, medicine, health, and overall well-being, are being hijacked by Bill Gates in cahoots with the UN. And there will be no turning back or shutting off the control that these deep state tyrants will achieve from a digital ID. Summing up the lack of accountability surrounding Gates, USRTK recently reported:

“The Gates Foundation has sidestepped accountability, avoided a reckoning with race and power given to the rich, while claiming to help the poor, and evaded serious scrutiny for a long time.”

Considering the across-the-spectrum damage Gates has already inflicted as he selfishly tinkers with Africa and his fixation on mRNA vaccines, Dr. Wahome Ngare, chairman of the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association, shared with The Defender that Maisha Namba will operate as a vaccination tracking program. No shock there since Gates has supported biometric digital ID initiatives for years. Similar to Ngare, privacy attorney Greg Glaser is concerned about the intentional path being laid to reach the endgame, which he remarked is transhumanism. Glaser noted to The Defender that “controlling people means controlling ID,” adding:

“Biometric ID is to future dystopian society as batteries are to your TV’s remote control. Without the batteries, the remote control does nothing. Without biometric ID, dystopian technology fails: social credit scores, central bank digital currencies [CBDCs], smart devices in the Internet of Things.

All of these are rendered useless without the ability to integrate the masses into new technology systems through biometric identification.”

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