A move by the Trump administration may turn vaccination into a serious financial burden for many families. Obama’s Affordable Care Act, among other directives, requires health insurance plans to cover federally recommended vaccines with no out-of-pocket costs. A federal lawsuit was brought by a group of state attorney generals challenging the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate — the requirement that all Americans buy health insurance or pay a tax penalty. The group is contesting the constitutionality of the entire Affordable Care Act based on the 2017 move by Congress to reduce the mandate’s tax penalty to $0. 

A Texas Federal judge ruled that the Affordable Care Act was unconstitutional in December 2018. That decision is currently on appeal.

STAT news is reporting, “If this bid is successful, it will strip 20 million Americans of their health insurance. Without coverage, they will have to pay full retail price for vaccines. Even for families that keep their coverage, insurance companies will no longer be required to pay for vaccinations with no out-of-pocket costs.

Once considered a loss leader, vaccines are now a rapidly expanding, multibillion dollar industry thanks impart to liability protection granted to the vaccine industry shielding them from costly legal action. The New York Times reports that since 1986, “Even with deep discounts, the costs for the federal government, which buys half of all vaccines for the nation’s children, have increased 15-fold during that period.” Similarly, the U.S. government’s recommended vaccine schedule increased exponentially after the normal legal checks were removed from vaccine manufacturers by Congress.  

Without the Affordable Care Act’s financial relief upon Big Pharma’s liability-free injectable products, the out-of-pocket estimate to vaccinate a child up to the age of 18 following the CDC’s schedule would be approximately $2,192. Would the financial burden be enough to get some to begin weighing the potential benefits and harms of vaccination?

While the Affordable Care Act clings to survival, other legislative ideas to vaccination are also experiencing ebbs and flows. Headlines are continually popping up telling of both eliminated bills and active bills making being signed into law by state governors. Oregon and Colorado successfully killed their overarching vaccine bills aiming to severely limit exemptions to vaccination. While Maine recently became the fourth state failing to offer religious and philosophical vaccine exemptions as its LD 798 vaccine bill has recently been signed into law by Gov. Janet Mills. Meanwhile, California has moved one step closer to its full bureaucratic assault on the doctor-patient relationship as its Senate Bill 276 passed the full Senate and now moves to the Assembly. The bill aims to put nameless, faceless government officials in charge of medical exemptions for vaccination with the ability to invalidate a doctors’ decision. 

With the corporate media and public endurance waning towards more tired measles red scare reporting, states and organizations are dropping the cover story and racing for the full vaccine push finish line.

In the face of one measles case at the time, The Massachusetts Medical Society jumped the gun and announced it will push for legislation to end all non-medical vaccine exemptions for school attendance. After not having a previous position on vaccines, the society adopted the policy during its annual meeting this May.

Meanwhile, New York is racing to fully abolish the longtime medical ethics pillar of parental consent. Bill S3899A would allow health care practitioners to vaccinate any child under 18 years old for sexually transmitted diseases without the knowledge or consent of the parent or guardian. This would include the highly controversial and potentially dangerous HPV vaccine, hepatitis B vaccine and automatically include any other vaccines licensed for additional sexually transmitted diseases in the future.  

The natural American spirit to recoil against big government overreach and corporate corruption is once again becoming rooted in the present. The free flow of information amplified by the introduction of the internet, and later social media hubs, has forever changed the consciousness of the man and women in the street. Where once we faced headwinds for being right at the wrong time, we now are tasting victories propelling humanity towards healing and justice. 

Bayer’s current billion-dollar-bleed-out in full public view is just the latest example of a quickening of events revealing the extend unchecked corporate greed can compounded human injury. With much of science firmly tucked away in the pockets of industry, a steer towards open data sets and public access to studies is becoming a prime directive to checkmate the current controlled and incomplete scientific paradigm. Within the last decade an addictive opioids, faulty medical devices, contaminated talc powder and other inferior products were all given an official  stamp of approval exposing the crushing influence industry wields with regulators and the health community at large. Gaping holes in the ‘settled science’ and safety profiles of such products have left the public stunned at the ineptitude of agencies like the FDA and CDC.     

The current, forced government vaccine paradigm in the face of incomplete science, serve adverse reactions and broken reporting systems is being seen for the limited solution it is. Censorship of debate and facts is the last bastion of history’s most corrupt and evil regimes. As both Big Tech and government officials willingly embrace such tactics ‘in the name of public health’ and ‘for the children,’ while siding with a multibillion dollar vaccine industry, many in America have had enough. Packed state houses and never-ending testimony against overreaching vaccine bills have become the norm in every state they are attempted. Shows of true grassroots activism show no signs of pulling back. As government applies more force while simultaneously invaliding the vaccine injury experiences of children and adults, a rapid mass awakening seems palpable and inevitable.