A study found youngsters with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have a unique make-up of bugs in their stools. Researchers believe these bacteria may produce substances that block the delivery of chemical messages, which could trigger ASD’s onset. 

The condition [autism] is notoriously difficult to diagnose and treat because the cause is currently unclear. Its prevalence is on the rise worldwide.Emerging research links ASD to genetics, however, DNA alone is not thought to be the ‘underlying cause’ in most cases. Obesity, stress and infections during pregnancy have been linked to ASD’s onset. However, none have been proven.A mother’s bacterial gut make-up may also influence her child’s risk of the disorder, studies are also beginning to suggest. 

This is thought to occur via the ‘gut-brain axis’, which communicates through our nervous, hormonal and immune systems. It has been suggested an imbalance to an expectant mother’s microbiome may affect her child’s central nervous system, which could lead to ASD. Human and rat studies have also shown altering the microbiome by introducing ‘good bacteria’ can reduce ASD symptoms.” 

Recent FOIA documents have revealed the pre-licensure studies the U.S. Food and Drug Administration relied upon to green-light Merck Sharp & Dohme’s MMR vaccine. The findings may provide a clue to those who refuse to consider vaccination in any way contributes to ASD. According to the documents, almost thirty percent of the children in all of the combined studies acquired “upper respiratory illnesses” and over twenty-one percent experienced “gastrointestinal illness” after MMR vaccination. With the Daily Mail admitting about ASD that the “cause is currently unclear,” how can the science be settled to absolve vaccination when continual rounds of new studies link ASD to disruption and/or imbalances in gastrointestinal bacteria make-up?

Shocking new information, & candid admissions, reveal the real fraud in the case of Andrew Wakefield.