On Wednesday, May 1, the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government reinforced the tyrannical manner in which the Biden administration played a crucial role in covering up the actual lab origin of COVID-19The GOP-led hearing examined the pressure Biden and his cohorts put on tech companies like Facebook to censor online content that questioned or went against White House directives on the pandemic. Much of the evidence presented came from internal company texts the lawmakers acquired through a congressional subpoena. One significant text, read to commence the hearing, revealed Mark Zuckerberg asking, Can we include that the White House put pressure on us to censor the lab leak theory?” 

The implications of Biden’s actions are profound and suggest the potential weaponization of the federal government. As anticipated, Biden officials defended their actions, with former White House Director of Digital Strategy Rob Flaherty declaring, “To be sure, those companies are the ultimate decision-makers about what goes on their platforms,” adding, “But that does not mean that communications staff cannot ask or even implore those companies to address misinformation on those platforms.” Not surprisingly, many of the Biden administration’s requests to Facebook included suppressing online discussions about the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 jabs, which have proven unsafe, ineffective, and down-right dangerous.  

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) shared highlights of the explosive hearing on X related to the Biden administration’s bullying of Facebook (along with its manhandling of YouTube & Amazon), noting that Zuckerberg’s question, “Can we include that the WH put pressure on us to censor the lab leak theory?” was texted to three of Facebook’s highest-ranking executives, Joel Kaplan, Nick Clegg, and Sheryl Sandberg. Like a dictator determined to see his mandated campaign to vaccinate every American succeed, President Biden himself had accused Facebook of “killing people” earlier that day. The company was furious following Biden’s comment and felt it was being scapegoated because Biden was not meeting his vaccination numbers. An aggravated Clegg texted:

“The behavior of the WH over the last 24 hours has been highly cynical and dishonest. I am trying to speak to WH over the weekend – the team is in meeting with the surgeon general right now whose team has privately been telling us that we’re doing a decent job. Infuriating.”

Thank you to Nick Clegg. What two better words describe the Biden administration throughout the pandemic than Clegg’s choice of cynical and dishonest?

The Verge, which apparently supports online censorship and the suppression of the truth, chalked the hearing up to nothing more than Conservatives “pushing a story about Biden, COVID-19, and content moderation on social media platforms in both the court of public opinion and the Supreme Court.” The Verge accused the Republican-led House subcommittee of holding the hearing to “establish this narrative” in line with the pending Supreme Court case Murthy v. Biden (formerly Missouri v. Biden). The case highlights serious allegations that the Biden administration violated the First Amendment in its backchannel communications with platforms, including Facebook.

Splitting hairs, the Verge remarked that the committee’s 98-page report, released on May 1, 2024, titled The Censorship-Industrial Complex: How Top Biden White House Officials Coerced Big Tech To Censor Americans, True Information, and Critics of the Biden Administration, has leaned away from the word “collusion” in favor of the word “coercion,” with the word “collusion” appearing in the report just once. The article insists this matters because Jordan’s shift in language is more aligned with the core arguments in Murthy v. Missouri—the most important civil liberties case in history. So what if it is more aligned? Let’s hope it helps because our freedom is at stake. Do these platforms care that society has been grossly manipulated and lied to? And what do they think about all the people who have “died suddenly” or whose life is forever changed by the experimental mRNA COVID jabs?

As an unhealthy and broken nation deserving of the truth, it appears imperative that the Supreme Court consider the text exchanges between Facebook executives as it deliberates Murthy v. Missouri, likewise with the committee’s report. As pointed out by John Leake in Courageous Discourse, the texts reveal that the Biden administration was not only exerting power to censor U.S. citizens, it was doing so to conceal evidence that humanity had not been horribly damaged by nature but by human agency. Significantly, Leake wrote:

“In other words, the White House actively participated in a massive conspiracy to conceal the truth of a matter that adversely affected all of humanity.

This raises an important question: Why do Democratic Party leaders and their friends in the media, such as the New York Times, wish to conceal the true lab origin of SARS-CoV-2? What is their interest in covering up the truth of this momentous matter? Are they merely the instruments of the Military-Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex?” 


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Tracy Beanz & Michelle Edwards

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