After meeting with protest late last week, California Senate Bill 276 (SB276) was heard on the Assembly floor Tuesday afternoon where it passed with a vote of 47 to 17.

The proposed bill would give state public health officials the power to override the judgment of private physicians. SB276 would place the granting or withholding of medical vaccine exemptions for patients in the hands of state employees, rather than in the hands of private physicians who personally care for patients.


The bill now continues to the Senate floor sometime this week where, if passed, will move to Governor Gavin Newsome’s desk. Shortly after the vote, the official Twitter account of the Governor of California posted this two-part message:

Last week over a thousand people gathered in Sacramento on the steps of the state capitol to protest SB276. The peaceful protest saw speeches by HighWire host and founder of the Informed Consent Action Network Del Bigtree, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and others.