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  1. From the Disinformation Primer/planner

    What could education ministries do?

     Work internationally to create a
    standardized news literacy curriculum.
     Work with libraries.
     Update journalism school curricula

    I have never encountered the US Institutions of education referred to as Ministeries.

    I find this interesting

    What could national governments do?

     Commission research to map information
     Regulate ad networks.
     Require transparency around Facebook ads

    Why is Facebook the only SMP mentioned? Is it a Covert Threat?

    Well, the “Government” has put this primer to effective use over the past 4 years and counting

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Leave a Reply

A new document from America First Legal shows USAID’s role promoting censorship promotion strategies for NGOs, government, and the private sector against disfavored speech online.

POSTED: March 22, 2024