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Episode 307: UNSILENCED



  1. Del, thank you for taking this away from Left verses Right. That is a losing strategy and that is why those in power push that divide. We are stronger together both Left and Right. Environmental issues are all of our issues and we need rational, uncensored and transparent debate to address these. I’ve watched you before Covid because you really care about truth and change for the sake of individuals and humanity. Thank you so much for staying on target and true to that mission. God bless you always.

  2. What are Fauci and Gates up to? These admissions while true they knew all along while forcing us to take these terribly unsafe gene altering products into our bodies in order to have jobs, go to school or live freely. How dare they admit this now?! They are disgusting excuses of living beings.

  3. Walensky says they had 2,000 pediatric deaths and mentions a recent JAMA article, I looked at that JAMA article and it wasn’t ever mentioned in the study. So where did she come up with that number? Outright lie to the committee.

  4. This sounds like how they treated Paradise California Fire suvivior residents and the Oroville dam residents, that they never evacuated. The Oroville dam is not in good sahpe because money is not being applied to the infastructure.They treat people like things, you don’t matter because your a useless feeder
    . By the way, WHERE IS FEMA, The RED CROSS?

  5. Walensky makes money by lying.. the same as all the former CDC directors that typically get hired by Pharma.. she’s being threatened and making money in the process

  6. “Deal ye one with another with the utmost love and harmony, with friendliness and fellowship . . . This goal excelleth every other goal, and this aspiration is the monarch of all aspirations.”
    -Bahá’u’lláh, Gleanings from the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh, p. 288

    And for the love of God donate some money to this cause please. Even If it’s 50 cents a month.

    Friends!! To take and not give is stealing And one acquires no merit by stealing

  7. @Julespieper

    Environmental issues will always be a joke as long as the refusal to hold big corporations accountable for their harms to the environment continues. Without that, it’s just another way to control people for a “good cause” and most don’t even realize it. No amount of what individuals can do is going to make a difference until the corporations clean up their act.

  8. YES, holding on HOPE! That is what The Highwire gave me all through this ordeal. Though I can’t help having moments of rage watching a Walensky lying to our face or hearing about Fauci & Gate’s false “turn around”.
    I have to walk my talk, breathe and hold on HOPE!
    I am so happy to live in the PURA VIDA land (Costa Rica) for the past 30 years and not in my own home country, Canada.
    It was such an honor to be able to hug you at The Greater Reset in Moreliaand get a wonderful photo! 🙂

  9. We did Spell to communicate after watching this program. It was very bittersweet. I found out that my daughter wasn’t really answering the questions but reading my mind. She is very telepathic. I would like to try it again but if I spell something incorrectly in my mind she follows suite. She never did spontaneously speak in this process. She is verbal though so we started working more on that. Very interesting though and I wish all the parents of kids with autism the best!

  10. My heart goes out to every parent with a child on the spectrum. I know a few personally and they are all wonderful people. It’s by Gods grace that I don’t share their experience. To all those parents, I pray Gods blessings on you and yours. Keep the faith, we see you, we love you.

  11. Yesterday, as I watched the first part of the show, I asked, and answered “What happens if a case of autism is cured?” And the answer was “Nothing.” Autism cured is not medically defined. I was surprised/notsurprised to see, later in the show that “autism cured” was not just ignored – it was outright denied and punished. When we study cures – when we cure, even if some cures are only partial and some are better than before the illness – our medical systems are challenged. They failed. We succeeded. There are many more diseases that are “not allowed to be cured. To your health, tracy. Author: A New Theory of Cure.

  12. Gates made his money from the vaccines and now he’s moving on. This is history repeating itself when it comes to Fauci. Pushes and pushes for a vaccine then backtracks… I mean these guys haven’t repented.. they aren’t sorry this is simply a case of they’ve done the damage an now it’s time to move onto the next thing. This isn’t a win for us them backtracking, they’ve got other plans for us. Far worse probably. Sorry to sound negative but I have zero trust in governments or agencies. Also Del is sooo right we can send funds overseas and also provide for illegal aliens but we can’t help the people in our own country? I’m from Australia but it’s the same thing here. Thanks for your quick reporting Del an the team ? ?

  13. This is why , right, left, democrats , republicans, whites and Blacks and everyone in between need to ban together and start getting rid of these scumbag users. People they have divided us long enough. Don’t forget the rally in Washington DC on 02/19/23, let’s stand together NOW

  14. With the CDC talking head saying 2k died last 3 years- what is the total # of kids in America? Quick google search came up w/ 83 million 0-18 yr olds! That is 0.00002% Are you really going to say the death shot must be on the child. Imm schedule?!?! I am sorry even 1 died, but how many of those 2k were vaccinated or were miss labeled & died w/ CV not because of it. I wished the Representative would have been armed with this total number. It would have helped put the CDCs talking head in perspective.

  15. My God!!! People! PLEASE GIVE TO I CAN!!

    I am PISSED! They are forcing that shot so the uninsured can receive it? Seriously? THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT THE UNINSURED! All they want to do is make more money.

    GIVE TO I CAN TO FIGHT THIS! My teeny donation every month just ain’t gonna do it and I can’t give any more because I’m a single Mom and can barely afford eggs!.

    Please. And Mr Hamlin. YOU, Sir, could bring this whole, evil house of cards down. Think about the children and not about the money. You can write a book in two years, after all these freaks are in prison and triple what they offered you ?

  16. I can hardly believe what I am about to write but wether it is putting the Covid vaccine on the children’s schedule, adopting DNR orders for young healthy handicap Covid patients, giving Remdesivir against all scientific evidence, forbidding and censuring effective early treatment protocoles, allowing hundred thousands of immigrants bringing drugs into the country, putting bisphenol A in plastic, sending billion dollars worth of arms to Ukraine, it all comes down to a plain depopulation strategy.

    Vera Sharav clearly stated it. It is more than appropriate to compare what Fauci, Walensky and the likes are doing to what the Nazis did. She said it is even more horrendous because it not only concerns the Jews, the homosexuals and the handicaped people but the whole of humanity.

    Thank you Del for all you do. You are a gift to humanity. Your interview with Jamie and his dad moved me to tears. I am so happy for him and his whole family and I am very looking forward to seeing the movie.

    Please people, support ICAN. Those Covid vaccines absolutely ought to be taken away from the children’s vaccination schedule. We can set an example for the world. We also must stop the roll-out of the Gardasil vaccines.

  17. What is interesting is with Covid, the government did want to instill panic and fear in the public. They’ve continued to try to do so with all the false data they’ve communicated through the complicit media, while withholding actual facts about the real Covid death rate. They didn’t want their emergency to go to waste.

    Meanwhile, millions of people are being harmed and killed by the vaccines while the government says there is nothing to see her.

    Horrifying watching the response to the chemical explosion and the shocking arrogance of the government officials. That EPA guy was infuriating.

  18. UNBELIEVABLE Fauci now contradicting all the propaganda LIES he forced on the public!!!NOW that millions are getting sick,dying from inflammation of the epithelial lining of the vascular systems,causing myocarditis and bizarre blood clots causing Sudden Adult Death from stroke and heart attacks in young people with no prior heart problems! OUTRAGEOUS that this evil Fauci, that has caused so much damage and heartache and DEATH to millions!!What GALL to come out NOW and start telling the truth,a truth he knew all along when he lied to everyone and contradicted all the best scientist and genuine doctors that tried to warn him and the American people!HE TURNED A BLIND EYE TO ALL THESE EXPERT VOICES AND KEPT LYING TO THE PUBLIC.!No Tony,you don’t get to take it back the LIES YOU PROPAGATED to cover your cowardly despicable evil ass! My hope and prayer is that you will rot in a jail cell for the rest of your life where you belong!

  19. By the way, there was never a Chinese spy balloon, nor any unidentified objects. They were ALL private research balloons for meteorology, climate change, and balloon stability research. All of which were shot down using very expensive overkill military weapons! so YES, our country is ran by a bunch of morons!

  20. The cliip from Damar was so distressing. It certainly looks like he’s been coached to say nothing, and MS didn’t even asked him about the vaccine! He only asked what he thought caused the injury. No real journalists anymore as they don’t ask the obvious questions, nor do they follow-up on non-answers. But maybe Michael tried and it was edited out. It’s hard to know.

    We are watching a mass deception on a Biblical scale. People are so afraid they won’t even use common sense. No one is talking about the elephant in the room. They are all being either coerced or paid off.

    The emperor has no clothes on. He is naked! Wake up people!

    1. Some people are speculating that this guy isn’t even Damar and he actually died. This it out there even for me. But they’re bringing up stuff such as tattoos he had that are not gone. I don’t know if I believe this, but it shows how much the level of trust has declined.

    2. I always said the scariest thing about the whole thing is the passivity of the people when their rights were do obviously being violated by a corrupt government.A healthy culture would have said NO!WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS!How in the world did we breed such a submissive people ,with such an atmosphere of non-critical thinkers?What happened to us?And how do we re-empower ourselves and others to be a more assertive,empowered community capable of critical thinking?

  21. Ok…I get it Del…you have this perverse attraction to that dirtbag “never saw a vaccine” he didn’t like(except during a “pandemic”…Geert Van den Boche…AGAIN you drone on about “VARIANTS”…please, please…for the love of science…prove that “VARIANTS” exist…I’ll tell you what I think(unscientifically speaking)…”VARIANTS” are a bullshit cover story for vaccine injury…and…to propagate fear to advance the uptake of…MORE FAKE VACCINES!!

  22. WOW, so much emotion, my anger about Ohio, my anger about faucci and others of his ilk, trying to save face, my anger over the attempt to take down the Highwire specifically, then to hear and see the heartwarming miracle about Jamie, I learned stuff about autism I didn’t know. Thanks Del & the H

  23. I’m late watching this episode but just had to comment. I think the reason the residents in that Ohio town were not evacuated and sheltered away from the disaster (as were Hurricane Katrina and other disaster victims ) is because it was done on purpose.

    It was done on purpose!

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Episode 307: UNSILENCED

On The Ground in Ohio: Environmental Experts Investigate the Disastrous Impacts of the Ohio Chemical Disaster; Damar Hamlin and the Silence Heard Around The World; Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Attacked?; A Revolution for Non-Speakers and the Nation Ignites with the Documentary, ‘Spellers,’ Coming Soon