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  1. Wtf!…This guy continues to propagate that the shot is a “vaccine”…deception…These shots are Gene Therapy Technology…they are synthetic and contain nothing resembling a virus…The virus has not been isolated/identified…therefore neither will a “variant” be identified…”PCR”? please…The variants are NOT variants, but is your body reacting to the shot…STOP giving this guy a platform…He’s a Trojan Horse.

  2. Dell, why don’t you bring up an even more likely possibility: Sarc-C2 does not exist (it has never been purified proven, it has only come from a computer data-base), variants thus also don’t exist (they’ve also never been purified proven), and that the vxs are intentional bio-toxins. There are many papers and studies shoeing this. This would explain all phenomena we see (like vxxed are the sick) and don’t need to argue about immunity.

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  4. Del, I think(just saying) you should focus on the idea that our immune system gets trained to identify the virus when we acquire it naturally, and thus develops the required antibodies and killer T-cells that are locked into memory by our immune system for life.
    Plus this memory can detect any form(variants) of the original virus
    that come around in the future.

  5. I have been asking myself on vaccination against Measles and SARS-COV-2 comparison. Paul Offit’s response was oversimplified and incomplete, narrow in perspective. I am so glad that Vanden Bossche addressed and explained the comparison comments made by Offit that Measles hasn’t mutated much for the past 60 years despite mass vaccination campaign.

  6. Why are cases rising? The test DOESN’T WORK. Why can’t we get beyond talking about cases…the numbers are BOGUS, aren’t they? People, STOP TESTING!!

  7. Thank you so much for this interview. I really appreciate being able to hear not only the layman’s version from Dell, but the full scientific explanation as well. I get a much more complete and deeper understanding of the issue. Please continue to “geek out on the science” as Dell says. It’s really important that we all hear this. Thank you for everything you do ICAN!

  8. Watched Gere Vanden Bossche’s first interview, early 2021. Even though some of it was a bit too much to process, I still felt that what he had to say was Truth and his was the voice of reason. This interview was even more riveting for me and, at the same time, gave even more context to the knowing I have inside of me.

    The fact that my own adult children have opted to follow the narrative, pains me, sometimes to tears, as I raised my kids with natural remedies, such as Homeopathy in order to support a strong immune system. I began to question the entire idea of childhood v*xs and did my research and once the info and evidence corroborated with my instincts, I said no to them, 30 years ago.
    Fast forward, this entire current situation continues to concern me.
    As a holistic, immune enhancing option homeopathy might be something to consider.

    Here is a snippet from an article about homeopathic prophylaxis (remedies/nosodes) as an option to v*xs: https://www.townsendletter.com/article/444-online-homeopathic-vaccination-and-prophylaxis/

    Conventional vaccinations work primarily on the adaptive immune system, the immune response being measured by the formation of antibodies, whereas homeopathic nosode preparations affect the innate as well as the adaptive immune system. This is probably the reason that antibody titers are generally not found following nosode administration because the immunity developed by the cell occurs primarily through the innate mechanism. However, it has been my observation/experience that a subset of patients will in fact develop antibodies following the administration of nosodes. This probably occurs due to subsequent exposure to the virus; but because of the protection and enhancement of the innate cellular defense mechanisms imparted by the nosode, the patient does not develop the disease, only antibodies. This seems to parallel the work conducted by Chavon, Boyd and Patterson when they demonstrated immunity to diphtheria following nosode administration as they too utilized high potencies.

  9. My cousin injured with congestive Heart failure 4 days after booster jab but the hospital told her it wasn’t the vaccine and she believes them. She states, “The hospital is the science and she is following the science”. The hospital told her she did everything right and it wasn’t the vaccine. She said she will keep taking all the boosters they come
    out with and she doesn’t believe anything I tell her. She calls me misinformed and gullible.

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  11. @ 1:35 min.

    The Boot Camp/training BEFORE war vs. NO Boot Camp/training analogy might be better as:

    Mass Vaccinating DURING a pandemic — when many/most people are already infected — is like subjecting soldiers to Boot Camp/training WHILE they’re already in combat (being attacked by the enemy); you’re kicking them (training) when they’re down (already fighting).

  12. Firstly, the original virus is not a natural pathogen, but a deliberately manufactured product of gain-of-function bio-weaponisation, having been given a very specific purpose for its infection and lethality. Secondly, the ‘vaxxine’ is NOT a traditional vaccine, since it claims to be working to try to get human cells to manufacture specific marker proteins of a specific virus and traditional vaccines did not have such methodology or purpose. Thirdly and most importantly, viruses are non-living particles, but all of our scientific thought and language is about them being living and intelligent. We will understand and respond to the situation better when we stop using the deliberately inaccurate language.

  13. Thank you so much for that episode!
    I enjoyed the entire thing and the solidity of the information shown gave me hope and faith, in a moment where I was lacking of it. Thank you so much for being there. Love love love love from a cold Quebec under its first snow.

  14. Amazing interview – we need sue and sack our regulatory agencies and replace them with people who actually know the science. The science is clear but the regulatory agencies ignore it and pretend the failures are not happening.

  15. great investigation – its all about control vaccines and profit from sale of medical new products – in the uk in 2018 new agenda was already put into action – selling new medicines and vaccines not selling antibiotics !!!

  16. CDC Investigation – Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson (2-5-2021)

    Today we begin with an investigation regarding the Covid-19 vaccine shortages. There are serious questions about an incorrect claim made by top scientists at CDC: the nation’s premiere public health institute. Critics call it misinformation. CDC chalks it up to an “honest mistake.” Whatever it is, it resulted in vaccines going to some who are said to need it the least depriving others who are said to need it the most.

  17. Vanden Bossches prediction is all too likely. The one thing that is rarely talked about is that this virus was designed in a lab. It did not evolve in animals and then jump to humans. It either was a ‘gain of function’ or a bioweapon that escaped. It is designed to be highly infectious to humans and very mutable.

    Because of that, the scenario that was sketched out is highly likely. Wipe out, by vaccination, the innate immunity of millions of children which increases the pool of humans that the vaccine can mutate in. And once the innate immunity is gone, the virus can bypass the immunity provided by vaccination.

    So, not only do we need to recognize the harm from side effects of the vaccine. We are facing, potentially, millions of sick or dying children all because of the vaccines.

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  19. Is it possible that COVID-19 is a bio-weapon made in a lab, and could this is why our immune systems are not geared to make anti-bodies from a man-made disease?
    It would be interesting to hear some scientifically based answers to this question : ) Seriously Curious!

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FDA to Disclose Pfizer Data…in 56 years?!; Biden’s Mandate On Hold; CDC Whiffs On Natural Immunity; Vaccine Expert’s Dire Mass Covid Vaccination Warning

Guests: Aaron Siri, Esq., Geert Vanden Bossche, PhD, DVM